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Review #1, by blueirony The Picture of Florean Day

23rd December 2009:
Again! Another really interesting, well-thought out and utterly hilarious chapters. Your writing style is just... argh. I can't find words to describe it. But I absolutely adore it.

The beautiful thing about this that you have chosen Lucy Weasley. So many Next Gen stories focus on the Potters or Rose and Scorpius and completely neglect the other cousins. I love that you're using a non-conventional Next Gen character. I really do!

The strength of this is definitely the characterisation. All the characters are just so well written. And it's amazing, since the majority of all of them are OCs! And nailing an OC is hard enough to do, let alone littering an entire story full of them. You've done well with them all. You really have.

Another thing I love about this is the dare. You have managed to build an entire story around a simple dare. And that takes talent. Something so simple and you've managed to get so much out of it.

Amazing, amazing stuff. Really. I'm going to go back and read this again and again. I absolutely love it.

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Review #2, by blueirony The Importance of Being Ernest

23rd December 2009:
I am officially in love with the way you write. You have this style in your prose unlike anyone else on this site. And it's absolutely hilarious. On the surface, you don't really see it, but once you start reading it, you start realising just how good this is. And I absolutely adore it.

Ernest sounds like such a pompous upperclassman. And his voice comes through really clearly. You said that you found his voice and you did. You really did.

All the characters sound like a really well rounded ones. Particularly form the point of view from Ernest - they're all really well written. I can tell that you spent time thinking about each of them.

This is really a lot of fun to read. It reminds me of plays. I don't know why. But you know those old plays that are just full of wit? Those. I absolutely adore those. As I absolutely adore this.

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Review #3, by blueirony To the Treehouse

23rd December 2009:
Hey, here I am with the first of your reviews as promised. It's terrible that I have taken so long, I am so sorry!

This, admittedly, did confuse me. Particularly in the very first few paragraphs. But, after reading the whole way through and then reading it again, I realised just how clever it is. You have this way of writing that just draws me in. It's humorous, interesting and very, very clever.

Now, as far as grammar goes, I did find just one small thing you might want to consider. The first sentence: Precisely sixty-seven days, five hours, and thirty-eight minutes after Rose Weasley had completed the most audacious Weasley Dare yet - and how she had pulled it off!
If you read it carefully, you will notice that it isn't actually a complete sentence. If you cut the sentence right back down, it says this: "Precisely some time after Rose had completed a dare (and how she had pulled it off)." Do you see what I sort of mean? It just might be something you would want to consider changing.

I really do like this, though. I can tell that they are a really close knit bunch. And it sounds like they must get up to a lot of fun!

This was a really intriguing prologue and off I trot to the next chapter. *whistles*

Ju :]

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Review #4, by Strikea To the Treehouse

11th November 2009:
Although the chapter was a bit confusing in the beginning, after re-reading it I saw the creativity and unique quality it had. In fact, it inspired me to make a chapter image of Lucy! =)

I'm almost positive off-site links aren't allowed here so contact me somehow and I will figure out a way to get it to you. (you don't have to use the image though)

Well, I'm off to read the next 2 chapters! Which I am sure are also wonderfully written.

- Gwen

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Review #5, by littlealice The Picture of Florean Day

2nd November 2009:
i'm going to be really cheap and leave one review for all three chapters because i'm... sorta supposed to be doing the work that's SO not due in this afternoon...

omg. kali. how could you not kick me over to this fic? HOW have i never read it before?! this has got to be the greatest collection of OCs the fanfiction world has ever known - i loved every single part of it. it's my new favourite fic.
plus; your writing is FANTASTIC. it shines through this fanfiction like... idk, simon baker's bouncy blonde hair catching the sun and then reflecting off an oscar. quote me.
in short; it's amazing. everything about it is fantastic. i love it all.

Author's Response: You could never be cheap, Jenny. ^^ *hugs* I appreciate all of your reviews, and this one is no different! Don't apologize, I'm very pleased that you read the story at all. :) (Speaking of, I really need to R&R Goblin, because that looks fantastic!)

Uh. How could I ... what?! I, uh? Bah. Maybe you didn't scroll down on my author page? It takes me forever to update this story, LOL. :P Oh, my goodness! *blushblushblush* Thank you so much, Jenny! *dies* And LMFAO at the imagery, because Simon Baker's bouncy blonde hair is very attractive indeed. 8D You're amazing, you know this, right?

Thank you so, so much for this review, my dear. *hugs* You know how much it means to hear from you. :)
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #6, by miss_aurora The Picture of Florean Day

1st November 2009:
I love Dominique so much, I really do. The idea of having the challenge is so hilarious, moreover since it's Lucy's time. What I mean here, Lucy rarely takes the main spot, well you see the point..

Can't say much yet, but I can't wait to see the hook-ups between Griffith and Myrtle (simply because I've predicted how priceless it would have been.) Love this

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Dominique! She isn't the center of the story, but I really like her as a next-gen character. :P And Lucy did need a little love, so I attempted to give it to her. I hope that worked out well! Thank you very much for your review. :)

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #7, by heyITSme The Importance of Being Ernest

20th August 2009:
i like ernest a lot. all your characters are really unique and so not mary sue. its great!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you! I'm happy you like Ernest, he was a great deal of fun to write. :) Thank you very much for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by collette michelle The Importance of Being Ernest

14th August 2009:
Another enjoyable chapter, I am really looking forward to more of this. It seems light hearted and quite humourous.

I love the voice of Ernest, he strikes me as being very 'le bon ton', very aristocratic. That is, from the voice and mannerisms put out in this chapter. But still, he seems very much likeable.

The others are interesting too, I am looking forward to learning a bout more of them.

Excellent chapter, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hey there darling! I'm very happy you liked the chapter!

Ernest is very aristocratic indeed. I'm pleased you liked him, as I was worried his somewhat snobbish tone could be a little off-putting to any readers.

Thank you so much for reviewing!
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #9, by collette michelle To the Treehouse

14th August 2009:
I really enjoyed this first chapter! Though it is just a little bit, I can tell the relationship between those in the Elite Weasley Society Club (Absolutely No Boogie Eaters Allowed) is going to be very strong. I am looking forward to learning more about this Society and about Lucy's dare (also, what Rose's dare was?).

Excellent job, I cannot wait for more.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading & reviewing! I'm so happy you liked it - the Elite Weasley Society Club was something of Llyralen's (Rita's) idea. If you have time, I highly recommend checking out Flush's companion story, which would be Llyralen's story Spin. :)

Thank you so much! I'm very pleased you liked it!
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor The Importance of Being Ernest

8th August 2009:
This chapter deserves a giant LOL! It's hilarious! And if you're going to steal Grimm from me, I'll just have to steal Nessie. He's a modern Oscar Wilde in style and flair, not to mention a Hufflepuff (his list of reasons why it's great to be a Hufflepuff made me proud ^_^). I can see why you chose Ed Westwick to portray him - the whole Chuck Bass thing is going on, though Nessie's far more innocent about it all. XD He's a delectable OC, from his pretentious name to all the little details you revealed about him here. Brilliant work in creating him!

It was surprising at first to get a chapter not from Lucy's perspective, but it did provide a fresh outlook on the group of characters. Nessie has a different way of looking at things, more observant about the details, and that makes it much easier to get a grasp on all the characters you've introduced, as well as Lucy herself. His style of narration worked really well for this chapter. :D

Gosh, I so want to see what happens next! That poor puffin, and poor Myrtle! It's going to be madness, but a completely fun sort of madness. ;) Once again, you've written something amazing!

Author's Response: Aw, Susan! -blushes- I must say I wasn't expecting this review, which makes it all the more pleasurable to read. I'm so happy you liked the chapter, and Nessie. I had simply /so/ much fun creating him, it's actually becoming illegal. Steal him away, my dear! Steal steal! :P Haha - I'm happy you liked his list. I thought, well, Hufflepuffs are simply SO underrepresented in fanfiction, so here's one that will throw at you the reasons WHY to be a Hufflepuff, and what reasons they were! LOL! I actually just threw out the first things that came to my brain. :P

Ed Westwick - yes, he was perfect. Chuck Bass but minus the debauchery. He's preppy, he's snobby, he's ambitious. I'm so happy you enjoyed reading Nessie!

Actually, every chapter will be from the perspective of a different OC - including all of the ones you've met here. The epilogue will again return to Lucy. :D

The next chapter is from ... -consults list- Pippin's POV, and will be titled ... well, I don't want to reveal that yet. :P You'll see! Yet more Oscar Wilde love, that I will mention. XD Myrtle is officially introduced in the next chapter!

Thank you so much for this amazing review, Susan. -huggles- I'm so, so pleased you liked it, and, as ever, you always make my day. ^_^

XOXO, Kalina.

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Review #11, by teezee The Importance of Being Ernest

3rd August 2009:
i so so so glad you updated! i was like checking everyday!
it was a good chapter, but i must admit that the whole ernest nessie thing confused me in the beginning. i can't wait for more though. please update asap!

Author's Response: You were? LOL! I'm glad the story has caught your attention in such a big way - it's very flattering! *blush* Aha, Ernest and Nessie are the same person, don't let that confuse you. ;) Sorry if it wasn't entirely clear. The third chapter will come soon - I've been recently made Trusted Author (I can't help but squee) so the queue won't be a problem anymore.

:D Kalina

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Review #12, by onestop_hpfan18 The Importance of Being Ernest

3rd August 2009:
This chapter was just as good, if not better, than the first. I like the way you've characterized Ernest (Nessie) as his thoughts/narration was very amusing to read. And the dialogue between the group of friends was quite humorous in some parts, like when Lucy turned to the boys to ask who would be Myrtle's boyfriend... and Gryffin ended up being the unlucky one. Very funny though, Myrtle having a boyfriend, that is (almost more than Myrtle crushing on Harry xD). Overall, great chapter, and let me know when you update. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reviewing both chapters! (I seriously was expecting only one.) Haha, Ernest is a little baby of mine. His voice came very clearly to me, and I'm so pleased you liked his rather random train of thoughts. Griffin is unlucky, isn't he! You'll see if you continue reading that he's going to get more than he bargained for. XD Or Lucy is, depending on how you look at it. Thank you so much for reviewing once again, and I'm so happy you liked it!

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #13, by onestop_hpfan18 To the Treehouse

3rd August 2009:
Hey, Leslie from TGS here to review as requested :D I like this so far, it definitely as the markings of a great humor story in the works (and I'm sure you're relieved to read that). I also like how you've characterized Lucy and the way you've written the narration. The narrations is actually similar to the way Gubby's narration in most of her stories are written... though the styles are different, of course. Overall, great job so far! 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Leslie, thanks so much for stopping by to review! Hah, that's a huge relief. I really rarely write humor so this is me going in blind - I tend to gravitate towards darker stuff in general. I admit, I was inspired by Gubby's style - but honestly, who isn't? The girl is a genius. Thank you so much for this amazing review - I'm very pleased you liked it!!

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #14, by teezee To the Treehouse

18th June 2009:

Author's Response: Haha, hey teezee! Thanks so much for such an enthusiastic review! Rose's historic Dare ... haha, you'll have to wait and see! Do check out Spin - it's quite brilliant. Thank you so much again, I'm so happy you liked it!

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Review #15, by Violet Gryfindor To the Treehouse

12th May 2009:
This is so light and cute and bubbly to read, bringing a smile to my face the more I got into it. I'm half-and-half about the next generation, preferring them to be written without all the romantic stuff that gets in the way. That's what makes your story a more interesting read - it's just kids (albeit big ones :P) having fun and being a family. There are rivalries, crushes, dares and no drama. :D

I love it.

The writing style is even more interesting - the short sentences and random thoughts that Lucy keeps slipping in add to the humour and lightness. One thing, though, watch out that you don't get too choppy or try to put too much detail into one sentence, especially with all the numbers. I was getting a bit lost at points, trying to distinguish between the ticking seconds (which I liked) and the numerous dates and sizes that trickled in.

I also have a question - are the three Potter children included here? You did mention Albus, but I'm guessing that they aren't physically there. Is it because they're not official Weasleys, or something else? They are first cousins of all those present, so I'm just curious.

Anyway, this is a sweet story so far. I can see how it ties into Rita's story with Louis. :D Will Lucy be able to follow through with her dare, I wonder? And to what consequences? It should be a funny read, that's for sure.

Author's Response: Oh, Susan. Your reviews always bring a smile to my face, and I'm so glad I could return the favor in this. I was trying to keep it light and humorous, and since it's my first foray into humor apart from satire, it's refreshing to know that I've pulled it off at least somewhat adequately.

It's not going to be terribly romantic for Lucy - the fic has also been entered in Rita's Jane Austen challenge, for which I got the Emma characteristic. Lucy must now pair everyone up but herself. Should be a great deal of fun.

Oh, that's a very valid point you make! I suppose the effect I was going for a was a stuffy but random narrator, and I may have pushed the random part a little /too/ far, as it seems. The three Potter children ARE included, James and Albus being older than Lucy. Lily, however, is a bit younger, so she was excluded. I had written all three of them into a previous version of this chapter, but since that was so ghastly I decided to scrap it and rework it completely.

Haha! I'm not even sure if she'll pull it off. She has to get the darned puffin (poor thing! I promise you, no harming of puffins will happen in this fic), then she has to actually flush it. Oh well. We'll see how it goes!

Thank you so much for this review, Susan! It truly made my day. :D
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #16, by Romina Stephanie To the Treehouse

7th April 2009:
This was great! I absolutely loved the idea of them having a Weasley Dare and I can really imagine this being something to bring them even closer together. I also think your portrayal of Lucy, as well as the rest of the Weasley kids, is awesome so far and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Awesome idea, Kali - creative and fun. Can't wait to see where you take this! *hugs*

Author's Response: Hey Steph! Haha, unfortunately the Weasley Dare idea was not my own - or rather, it was initiated by Rita and developed by the both of us (I have very little claim to her genius). Thank you so much for this review - I'm happy you like Lucy! *hugs*

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #17, by Padfoot36 To the Treehouse

3rd April 2009:
What a unique, funny writing style you have. I love reading new writing styles, and I've got to say yours is one the more unique ones I've seen out there.

I love everything about it - Elite Weasley Society Club (Absolutely No Boogie Eaters Allowed), exactly sixty-seven days, five hours, and thirty-nine minutes after Rose Weasley had completed The Most Audacious Weasley Dare Yet, ect.

Can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by! Unique? XD I drew most of my inspiration from GubraithianFire - I don't know if you've read any of her fics, but they're absolutely marvelous. Elite Weasley Society Club! That was fun to name. ^___^ Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm very pleased you liked it. :)

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #18, by inkscribble To the Treehouse

24th March 2009:
I loved it. It was brilliant, really. The Next Generation has quickly become one of my favourite eras with fanfiction and when someone writes it well I love it even more. There are so many characters we basically know nothing about and so far I really like the way you've made them.

Lucy is great; I've read a lot of things where she's like a miniature Percy and it's nice to see something that differs from that. I think the way you've characterized all of the Weasley kids is great actually!

Oh and the pranks you listed were hilarious. (; Especially the one James had to do. I honestly don't have any CC right now. I think the chapter lenght was good, the writing style and the characters too. I loved it!

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Review #19, by Inti To the Treehouse

24th March 2009:
First! Yay me! Silly people NOT reviewing -glares-
I can't wait for the collab, major excitement for that.

Okay, this a fairly new style for you, so it's not as good as it could be. Taking that into account this is utterly brilliant.

What I really love is your characterisation of Lucy. That self-deprecating humor is absolutely love.
What you've also done well is introduce this massive cast without going 'Fred Weasley who has black hair and...'

Some very cute lines in here. I especially liked, 'you want me to flush Puffin's puffin...'

Just in terms of some mild CC I think you could work on your flow a bit. I can't even think of a specific example, but at times your sentence structure and phrasing seems a bit lopsided somehow.

Great chapter Kali, can't wait for the collab XD

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Review #20, by GubraithianFire To the Treehouse

24th March 2009:
I loff your lighter fics. Nothing against your darker fics, because they are amazing, but you don't write light humor very often and it's wonderful to see that range, as we do here. Of course, that beginning was very Austen-ish, and it made me think of Emma, how Lucy pairs people with no regard for her own happiness. On that token, the transition from that Austen-ish opening to the treehouse-building was rather awkward, and I think you could work that better so it flows a little more and isn't just two entirely different ideas (matchmaking and the treehouse). And in this part ["Ugh, are you lot being secretive again?" Victoire swung her legs over her lounge chair and shooed her younger cousin away.], I suggest you let the dialogue stand alone, because this way, it sounds like Victoire is speaking, which doesn't sound right at all. Other than that, very charismatic, as usual. I adore Lucy already. She's a very strong, sweet individual and I can't wait for her to come into her own as a main character, because obviously she's a bit overshadowed by her cousins and all. And did I mention I love her full name? -snort- Ahh, yes. I can't stop thinking charismatic, but that's what this is! It's entirely likeable and makes one excited to see where the plot will go. Congrats on the awesomeness of your newest WIP and I can't wait for this collab with Rita! It would SO pwn. I can hardly imagine how amazing both of your talents combined would be. -loves-


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