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Review #1, by dramioneinevetable Draco is cool

28th May 2012:
that's awesome i was really looking for something to make me laugh and you hit the spot. way to cheer someone up after a bad day. i love it!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Draco is cool

15th February 2012:
Draco is good but I don't think he's that good haha.
I bet this is something that Draco would write himself.

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Review #3, by kenden Draco is cool

29th July 2010:
agreed. agreed. agreed. aggreeed gosh i love you!!

gahhh i just loed reading that (again and agaiin)
hey, just wondering, how did you ge this story validated? O.o

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Review #4, by Andy Draco is cool

27th December 2007:
i hope angel of the night is a lot better than this otherwise i'd be very scared - good essential idea but you could kind of make it more complicated than listing what draco is for example could you write a love poem? i am sure that you would be good at it

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Review #5, by weluvjamesandcharlie Draco is cool

10th December 2007:
I know one of those things is true. Draco is so much better than Harry Potter. Stupid Harry Potter he is really worthless

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Review #6, by HannahGranger Draco is cool

26th November 2007:
i dont want to be draco...maybe date him!!!hahahha

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Review #7, by marnandjenn Draco is cool

9th October 2007:
Wow, this seems like the kind of propaganda that Draco would post all around the common room... no wonder so many people like him! Overall, this is an interesting concept and well written. A little short and lacking on actual story, but cute and funny.

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Review #8, by Helix13 Draco is cool

27th January 2006:
heheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........i.....luv...this.....story......finally some material that i can show 2 my friends and prove that he ROCKS!!!!!!!!( sept 4 the whole death Eater thing.....)

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Review #9, by h Draco is cool

18th July 2005:

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Review #10, by Andromeda Draco is cool

2nd December 2004:
I love your literary style, its an amazing, glorius, astounding, magnificent im moved.....lolololol.

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Review #11, by lilli Draco is cool

22nd May 2004:
i love it ! wonderful pointlessly wonderful i love it

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm delighted you thought it was "wonderful pointlessly". ~Ryo

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Review #12, by Riyo Draco is cool

20th May 2004:
Ok, that was indeed very pointless, but quite entertaining.

Author's Response: I happy to hear you thought it was quite entertaining.^_^ ~Ryo

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Review #13, by me(duh) Draco is cool

20th March 2004:
i agree. draco is sexy!

Author's Response: Yes, Draco is sexy and he will as ways be, at lets to me. ~Ryo

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Review #14, by Hope Draco is cool

6th March 2004:

Author's Response: Hey, Thanks!^_^ . . .What kind of "Interesting..." I hope it was not a bad kind.(please don't let it be a bad kind) ~Ryo

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Review #15, by The insulter *not* Draco is cool

28th February 2004:
*coughDracocough* I mean.. it was funny, what i said was cough draco cough.... well, we could all tell you have an obbession with Draco, and did you see Draco with the orangami bird....*laughs head off*

Author's Response: (Chuckles at reading this review) Yes, I guess you can say I have an obbession with Draco and no I did not see "Draco with the orangami bird"(the chuckles tunes into a full on laugh) Thank for the review. ~Ryo

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Review #16, by chelseaalmighty Draco is cool

27th February 2004:
FUNNY!!!laughing with the part about giving u my I would ever do that

Author's Response: Well I was kind of hoping someone would fall for it and send me thier credit card and pin numder, but no. No one fell for it I'm sad to say. ~Ryo

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Review #17, by lizzya Draco is cool

27th February 2004:
LOL, stupid, pointless, yet funny

Author's Response: Stupid? Pointless? Yet Funny? I'm glad I got it right, I thought it was just stupid and pointless but Funny, well I'm happy you thought it was funny.^__^(big smile) ~Ryo

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Review #18, by kat Draco is cool

27th February 2004:
y did u write all that stuff. its not true but its funny

Author's Response: You answer your own qus. it's not true but it's funny and piontless. ~Ryo

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Review #19, by Selena Draco is cool

26th February 2004:
Wow that WAS pointless!!! You were right...And it sucks, a lot!! lol, don't take me too seriously, no hurt feelings I hope, but I a, bound to tell the truth. Please don't add any chapters to -this-. It's really bad enough as it is...

Author's Response: Um...Thanks, I guess. ~Ryo

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