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Review #1, by Person4567 I Could Have a Fairy Tale. . .

13th April 2009:
In case you haven't read the review I left on The Famous Potters I'm the old anynomous! I got an account. Check the famous potters for that if you haven't already.

ANYWAY, about your story, It's good, It could be better though. I like how you wrap the story up in the fairy tale thing, creative. I didn't like some things though. Before I go into more detail though, you must know, I am not a big fan of biographies. Even though this wasn't technically a bio it's written in the same format as one. The story overall was just too sad, obvious, and predictable for even someone who hadn't read the Harry Potter Books. But I like how the title of the story, I could have a fairytale. shows the main idea of the story,GOOD TITLE! If I were you I would have made the story have chapters and had it in first person, Dromeda's view. Then you could go into detail about how she felt giving her a attitude and everything, Being creative. If you wanted to write a short story though you could have had someone like Teddy describing her life and why she was always sad, not laughing, and how her life could be related to a fairy tale, keeping the main idea, a fairy tale, (Since I LOVE that theme so much) and using it in an explenation of the hard and difficult life that Dromeda Tonks had. Again, good story like the title and theme, but it could have been much better, hope you don't take offence to this but I want to be as honest as possible so in future stories you have an idea of what some readers, unless it's only me would rather see.

Person4567 (the old anynomous)

Author's Response: i did read that review and i am happy that u reviewed this i know i have some work to do but i am not sure if i am going to do anything else with it, it was something i changed around a little bit to be based off a harry potter thing cuz i sent ti into a young authours compition and wanted to see the reaction of fans on hp fan fict it did fairly well in the authors comp i think it came in 6th out of like 30 or so stoies like this there might of been more or less i am not sure. . . when i wrote this i was prety upset and it was kind of me writing to my friends letting them know that i was not happy with them though writing so i think i shall keep it in third person . . . i shall keep ur ideas in mind about teddy and the first person though i might do a couppl of other one shots that would be 'sequal' to this one. . . thanks for the long review! oh and dont worry ur review did not affend me in any way i love constructive critisum and love to hear other peoples thoughts cuz if people tell u that they love ur story and dont even really read it, it doesnt get u any where! so never be afraid to give or recive constructive crit. it will always help. but if the person leaves a review like "i hate ur story it was awful and u should take it off. dont continue writing" well that would be a flame cuz that person does not help the writer any and that i would take affencive! anyway long responce! thanks for the review! keep them comming! ur awsome!!

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Review #2, by Sarah_Bee I Could Have a Fairy Tale. . .

8th April 2009:
hiya. just thought I'd read your fic. It's very good. I love how you bolded some words. It's very impactful.
Glad you like the banner. :) But please, credit me as the artist who made the banner. (Sarah_Bee107 @ TDA.). in your story summary. I hope I don't sound rude or demanding. Credit's just nice to have/do. :)
Great fic. It wasn't too depressing for me. It was very powerful. I don't read many Dromeda fics and yours was very good. :)
10/10 for great descriptions, deep thoughts etc. :)

Author's Response: Thanks soo much for your review i appricate it alot, i am glad that you liked it. ya i was just getting around to crediting it my computer freaked out whe i went to put the banner and the credit to you on and so i got on today to do it, sorry it took so long, really glad you likeed it i had so much fun writing it!

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Review #3, by Lalagal I Could Have a Fairy Tale. . .

5th April 2009:
'Ginny' i am going to kill you!!! Of course fairy tales are still real,if you choose to believe in them. But story,so sad i was bawling through the whole thing but i still loved it

Author's Response: y i had fun writing this story!! innocent smile!! xD +D. . . . i am glad u liked it. .. . of corse fairy tales are real if u belive it, but taht is the whole point of the story is it not??? luv u anyway though! see u when i get back!! Jess would not know what to do with her self here dont tell her though! keep reviewing!!

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Review #4, by meggiemeggieinspahgetti I Could Have a Fairy Tale. . .

26th March 2009:
I liked it a lot!
Is there going to be more?

Author's Response: Nope it is a ONE SHOT kittie kat. . . hehe soo silly. . . there will be other one shots but no more for this story. . . it is fin. . . glad u liked it. . .

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Review #5, by obliviatethemoon I Could Have a Fairy Tale. . .

22nd March 2009:
that was really good!! i could really feel the emotions. wonderfully written. keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: thanks so much. . . i love positive feed back it is soo appreciated. . . if you like this story my story Miss Invisible has a similar mood you should try it! thanks for the review keep them up!

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