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Review #1, by Kim Found it!

9th August 2011:
You seriously nwe'd to continue with this story! It has AMAZING potential!!

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Review #2, by Anne Found it!

7th July 2010:
Please, please, please write more! This story is too funny and original to be abandoned!

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Review #3, by CoalBlackCat Found it!

31st March 2010:
I really really hope you havent abandoned this! It was so funny! I was looking forward to the next bit :'(

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Review #4, by amy Found it!

18th December 2009:
it is such a shame this story was never finished because you had come up with a really good story line

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Review #5, by kalakady8 Found it!

2nd August 2009:
Ah no! Please don't abandon this! It's absolutely brilliant. I loved the part in OOTP when Harry when into Snape's Memory and saw his parents and the other maurauders. This reminds me of that and you really should keep writing them. It would be amazing to see the kids' reactions.

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Review #6, by Rosalie Beckett Found it!

3rd June 2009:
I hope this isn't really abandoned! It's absolutely hilarious!
I can't wait to see how they react to what they see.

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Review #7, by I'm WAY too obsessed Found it!

15th May 2009:
OMG you HAVE too write more, and do they know much about their parents past because in Deathly Hallows they all asked "Why are they staring" so obviously they didn't know but if James is 17 I guess he might know a bit more now but still

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Review #8, by Sarcastic_Bones Found it!

9th May 2009:
I really like the idea of the plot for this story. It's, like, genius. =]
Can't wait for the next chapter. =]

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Review #9, by lyrix82 Found it!

15th April 2009:
Absolutely bleeding excellent! What an original concept, delivered in a light and refreshing style. Highly commended! Awesome job, thanks for sharing, I look forward to more from you! xx

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Review #10, by hannahdaspannah Found it!

10th April 2009:
This is fun - more please!

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Review #11, by Nici Found it!

7th April 2009:
Great beginning i realy loved it, but please update soon!

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Review #12, by readergn Found it!

31st March 2009:
abandoned? No! I was looking forward to this! Would have been hilarious!

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Review #13, by LucyLovegood Found it!

21st March 2009:
Dude, Where's My Pensive is potentially the greatest title ever.

I look forward to where this goes...

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Review #14, by anna75 Found it!

14th March 2009:
Such a fantastic start, cant wait for more.

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Review #15, by RonsGirlFriday Found it!

13th March 2009:
"It's the love scene, James! The love scene!" - you're hilarious!

This is really cute, and a great idea. I think you're writing a great dynamic between a bunch of teenage cousins. I'll definitely keep reading to see the kids' reactions to Harry's memories.

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Review #16, by scarlett nixon Found it!

13th March 2009:
First of all, I love the title to this story. It was basically my selling point.

But now that I've read the first chapter, I'm here to stay! Great work!


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Review #17, by Harry and Ginny Found it!

13th March 2009:
wow! Great start 4 the 1st chapter Are u making a chapter of when Harry and Ginny kiss 4 the 1st time? what's going to happen on the next chapter? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Yeah, I will update soon. The first thing they're going to see is the first Triwizard task...
Thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #18, by Childish_Fairy Found it!

13th March 2009:
Oh, I love them!
You play the kids off eachother so well, there such a family!

perfect 10/10

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Review #19, by collette michelle Found it!

13th March 2009:
Oh, this sounds very interesting!!!

I really enjoyed the first chapter. It's such an original idea. I cannot wait for the next chapter. I think my favourite line was Oh, shut up, Hermione, said James, in a perfect imitation of his Uncle Ron. I like how you portray each of these characters in Next-Generation. It will surely be interesting once they begin to watch the memories. They are in for a treat, to say the least...

Update soon!

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Review #20, by Leonidas Nemo Found it!

13th March 2009:
I am muchly liking this!

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