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Review #1, by TreacleTart The Lowlands

26th August 2016:
Hey there!

Back for another review for the gift thread!

Wow! You really have a way with these emotionally charged moments. I think I mentioned in my last review that I love that you don't write these big dramatic screaming fights or melodramatic crying. You write it in a way that is true to how life is.

The tension between Freddy and her mother is palpable in this. Even before her mother starts to speak I could tell that things wouldn't go well. There was just something about how Freddy bristled and her cool response. It spoke quite clearly.

I like that Freddy is sort of coming to terms with her own psychic abilities. I almost wonder if that's more what has her running around the world than anything else. It seems to me she's trying to find herself and who she is. I think having seen her dad die, maybe she's sort of resigned to divination.

I do hope that maybe somewhere down the road, when Freddy is a little bit older, the two of them will be able to reconcile their differences. With her father out of the picture, it would be quite unfortunate if they went on angry with each other forever.

Another story that's sort of left me feeling conflicted, but in a good way. Lovely writing.


Author's Response: Hi Kaitin!
Thank you once more for the very lovely gift/review! You know, I never noticed how emotionally-charged my stories really were until you mentioned it. I know my dad always says that my characters have hidden agendas or ulterior motives, but I guess I also enjoy writing these intense exchanges too. ;)

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that Freddy's constant need to be on the go, traveling around the world, has a lot to do with her running away from who she is. Although traveling is definitely something important to her and in her blood, I think she's the type of person who has trouble settling down in way place because she's unhappy with herself. And her psychic abilities, I feel, play a big role in it. In this one-shot at least, Freddy is certainly not ready to come to terms with the fact that she is gifted in the art of divination. Just as she definitely isn't prepared to completely make peace with her mother. I think of all the stories I've written about Freddy, she appears at her most emotionally immature in this piece.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and review this one-shot, Kaitlin! Your feedback is always so thoughtful and insightful. I don't know how I can possibly thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I hope you're well!

Lee Anne

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Review #2, by Indigo Seas The Lowlands

21st March 2009:
Here as requested. ^__^ Sorry it took me a bit to get here.

Ah, this was so great. So new and... refreshing, you know? It's nice to see a unique one-shot every once and a while, and this one definitely did it for me. Kudos to you for that.

I absolutely loved your first paragraph and the descriptions at the top. It highlights what the story's going to be about! It gives you a good impression. Like a good taste in your mouth after biting into a cake, right? XD Ha.

And your characterization stayed straight all the way through. Your character never fluctuated, never changed their feelings or actions. That sometimes bothers me in a one-shot, when a character acts one way and then says something totally different. So well done with that!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Really, it was a great fic, and thank you so much for requesting! 10/10

- Rin

Author's Response: Hi Rin!
Sorry it took me a few days to reply. I realized I had a major project due and had to drop everything to complete it ;) I do sincerely apologize for the delay.

Thank you so much for the fantastic review. I wasn't sure if the fic itself could be a stand-alone, as it is tied in with a novel of mine. Your comments, however, were so kind and encouraging ^_^

"Like a good taste in your mouth after biting into cake."-that's a great metaphor. I love it! Haha

Again, thanks for everything. I really appreciate your feedback. I hope you have a great week!


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Review #3, by Phoenix_Flames The Lowlands

15th March 2009:
Hello, there, dear! I'm here with your review.

I'm so sorry this took me so long to get around to. Life just catches up with ya, you know? :P

But this was very good. It's new and refreshing. Completely unique and all its own story. It's moving and very interesting. You had me going from the very first paragraph. Wonderful story.

Freddy and his mother's relationship really stuck out to me. You don't see those kinds of things. It was portrayed wonderfully.

Everything is so nicely spaced in this story. You don't linger on descriptions. You keep the story alive and move on. And it is interspersed fantastically with dialogue and actions and emotions.

This was very great. Good job! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Hi there Phoenix Flames!
Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I'm so glad you were able to understand and enjoy this story even though you haven't read my other fic.

Your feedback was so helpful. I really do appreciate it. I'm happy to hear you liked Freddy's relationship with her mother and the descriptions of Scotland. I was worried the imagery might be a bit overwhelming ;)

Again, thank you for everything! I hope you have a great week ^_^


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Review #4, by Violet Gryfindor The Lowlands

11th March 2009:
This was a very heart-felt story, and it definitely gives insight into Freddy's character and past. What I loved most of this was the way you bring readers to the setting and make it come alive. The descriptions weren't long-winded, but they were powerful.

It's interesting, though, that Freddy's mother isn't excited that Freddy's finally getting a job - I wonder what she wanted Freddy to do with herself, get married? work for the Ministry? do something more useful? They have a strange relationship, and you portray that well here.

Author's Response: Hi Violet!
Oh, your reviews are just delightful! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I was so anxious to receive feedback from someone who had read "Consumed" and was familiar with Freddy. I was worried that perhaps she wouldn't translate well, being younger and less-experienced in this fic than she is as a Hogwarts professor. Well, you've definitely allayed my fears...thank you!

As far as Freddy's mother goes, I think she's just as confused and lost as her daughter is. She wants her to get a job and be independent, but she's not exactly sure what would suit her daughter. Also, I think Mrs. Fotherby thought a position at Hogwarts was a bit above Freddy, since she can barely manage her finances not to mention such a challenging career.

Again, thanks a million for the great review! It was wonderful hearing from you. I hope you have a great weekend!


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Review #5, by ParadoxTremors The Lowlands

9th March 2009:
A pretty fair write my friend; and it did seem to indicate a great and fine story in the waiting to be told. Enjoyed it very much.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, my dear! Your feedback is highly appreciated. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot ^_^

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