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Review #1, by american wizard Is this the end of bad and start of good?

19th August 2009:

but you definatly had your imagination working overtime,

but one question

WHY did you have hermione and ron break up?

10 outa 10

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't like Ron so much. I'm not criticising JKR that she put Ron and Hermione together, but I don't like them so much as a pair.

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Review #2, by pottyandweezlbe89 Here we go again

27th July 2009:
WHAT THAT WAS SOOO SHORT!!! Please please please please update APAP

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Review #3, by Stephanie Here we go again

27th July 2009:
I mean I can't wait for the next chapter! PLEASE UPDATE SOON, THE SUSPENSE IS TOO MUCH!

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Review #4, by StJack The Vision

26th July 2009:
overall good, but more descirbing would be good.

Author's Response: I know, but unfortunately I'm no good in describing =/

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Review #5, by american wizard Get's even worse!

8th July 2009:
wow, no stop reading feeling instead i got a what is going on here feeling, you have a strange imagination my friend

Author's Response: Yeah, I\\\'ve heard that a lot before xd

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Review #6, by american wizard Could it be true?

8th July 2009:
again i have said this to many authors, are you jk rowling, i mean i want to stop reading but it is so good and suspensful that its hard to

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Review #7, by american wizard Masquerade

8th July 2009:
you are making too many mistakes, you need a beta reader, but still suspensful

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Review #8, by american wizard Is That Really That Bad?

8th July 2009:
ooh its like a car wreck, horrifying but you can't stop reading

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Review #9, by american wizard New teacher

8th July 2009:
ooh, things seem bad from the start

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Review #10, by american wizard Ride to home

8th July 2009:
kinda heartwarming with the kreacher note, you should edit these chapters with all these errors

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Review #11, by american wizard The Vision

8th July 2009:
oh wow. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL RON HERMIONE AND GINNY? that is messed up on top of all that you have voldey rise again, how many times must he rise before he goes down for the count, plus you have lots of spelling errors, sorry but my story got so much of those that i just had to point that out

Author's Response: Um, no, theyr not gonna die, and the end is kinda weird like the whole story. C\\\'mon it was like few years ago that I wrote that story lol
Yeah I know there might be a lot of spelling errors but I try to not do them.

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Review #12, by anonymouswriter Masquerade

22nd May 2009:
I'm a huge of pace and how a story flows and I have to say that yours is one of the best I've read so far. A definite plus for me and it reads really easily that I don't even know that I'm reading until it's finished. It's like a book that likes to taunt me by making me wait. Sorry a slight tangent it's fairly late here.

I like your writing and overall style, you certainly have a unique take on things and I see that as a huge compliment, your establishment of what is to come and the story that we need to go into it is really good and I look forward to the next update of it so I can see it. You don't have to hope that we like it, if it's anything like what you've written so far, it'll be a hit.

Congratulations on the work so far.

Anonymous Writer.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! This means a lot to me! :)

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Review #13, by Karkaroff Is That Really That Bad?

3rd May 2009:
Nice and please update soon thanks.

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Review #14, by pottyandweezlbe89 New teacher

8th April 2009:
Y u break ron n mione up YY??

Author's Response: Actually I don't remember why I did it, cause it was such a long time ago when I wrote that story, but I know there was a reason. Sorry if you don't like it, but that's just the way the story goes! :)

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Review #15, by Karkaroff Ride to home

3rd April 2009:
Cool chapter and please write more as I am enjoying the story. Thanks for updating.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. The next chapter will be out as soon as possible!

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Review #16, by Karkaroff The Vision

24th March 2009:
Excellent start and please write more thanks as I am enjoying the story. So is Voldemort going to come back?

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked :) and yes his going to come back, but not for very long ;) I actually mixed some movies to my storie so it's not ordinary HP fic.

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Review #17, by pottyandweezlbe89 The Vision

23rd March 2009:
sounds good cant wait to

Author's Response: Next chapter will be out as soon as it's validated :)

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