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Review #1, by weasleygirl727 A Proposal

27th March 2011:
Yeah i kinda thought from the title that george was gonna propose...hehehe that wold have made it aquard between him and alana.

Author's Response: :) I wondered if anyone would... It totally would've been awkward after - as she obviously would've been like, heck no! I just started talking to you again! :)

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Review #2, by HogwartsGirl618 The Beginning

11th June 2010:
I realized, while rereading this story, that I never reviewed this chapter. Which is an atrocity, because this chapter is one of my favorites in the entire novel! ^_^ Forgive me for my lateness? It really does qualify me as a terrible person. :(

I loved Alana's opening. Her determination really radiates from the page - as she tries to choose - but then comes to a decision. One of the things that I've always liked about her character is that no matter what position she is placed in, or what she's done, she stands up for herself. But it's more than that - she's willing to accept the consequences.

And when George stepped out of the fireplace! He's grown so much through the course of this story - it's easy to remember just how lost he was when I read his dialogue now. Alana gives him such a tone of rightness and conviction - only you could write it :)

That said, I don't think she made the right decision. Wait - no. I don't think she initially made the right decision in going to see him. She makes the right decision after she sees him. But she did not think she was going to be able to choose. And carrying on a relationship with someone you cheated on your boyfriend for is questionable. Even though they were friends. If I were her, I would have ended it with George before I carried on even a friendship with Ernie.

That sounds really harsh. Maybe I'm not saying this right. Gah! See! You writer of a complicated story! You have me fidgeting and muttering about it! :) Because the whole point is that it is so much more complicated than that! :)

And George! JILL! JILL! *pokes*

*pokes more rapidly*

He asked her to marry him! Because he wants to know he won't lose her? Because he loves her? Because he needs her and Ernie made him feel as if she were slipping away? Or all of the above?

And she just dived in. SHE SAID YES. But she was so scared! Maybe I was supposed to get giddy excitement from it, but I also feel a sense of foreboding. Like this isn't going to end wrap-it-in-a-box perfectly?

Maybe I'm just crazy? Reading the work of an author who makes such an exceedingly twisted and wonderful novel la does that to you! :) I've loved every single twist and turn of this story! Thank you so so much for writing it :D

I'm off to reread again. :) Hope you're doing well! xoxo

PS. I'm going to be annoying. Sequel? ^_^

Author's Response: SARAH! I LOVE YOU. This review just made me giddy. Seriously.

I love how much you love this story and how you react to it. I think it's actually what kept me plugging away at it as much as I did :D I think I unintentionally set this up for a sequel (which I do intend to write, eventually :P) but I also wanted to leave you questioning! A good author always makes the audience yearn for more, yeah?

I'm so so so so so happy that you like this so much! It really does make me giddy and definitely inspires me to write! And any questions on the sequel cannot be answered a) because I've only got oneish chapter done and b) because I think there will be a one shot between this and the sequel and c) because that's just no fun at all :P

Thank you so much again!

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Review #3, by lilgnome3 The Beginning

9th June 2010:
Ah that was lovely! I thought Alana was gonna mess it up at one point! But I'm glad it all worked out in the end.
You're a fab writer and this was a great story. :D

Author's Response: aww! thank you so much! I'm really pleased that you like it and that you think I'm a good writer! This totally made my day, so thanks again! :D

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Review #4, by Nissy The Beginning

16th March 2010:
good stoy- will look for sequels.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it enough to be on the lookout! :D

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Review #5, by Estelle Black Courage

7th March 2010:
Very nice, I must say.
YAY YAY they kissed... again lol,
This chapter was so cool,
Ernie is AWESOME I must say, he is such a great friend.
Um... With my reviewing because it was getting a little harder with the length of some stories, I changed my rules a little bit saying that I would only review three chapters on a story now, and after that you would have to request again. I'm sorry but I do hope that you request again.
I have loved this story so far
Well done
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: Thanks once again for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying the story! I may hop back over when I have a bit more free time ;)

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Review #6, by Estelle Black Avoidance

7th March 2010:
WOW that was DRAMATIC...
but oh so sweet, I love this story it is so cool,
George is such a sweetie pie, isn't he?
wonder what will happen next I wonder?
Well best get onto the next chapter.
well done
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: It is a drama :P haha, I'm really glad you're getting what I hoped out of this story! Sometimes I wonder... But yes :) I love George!

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by Estelle Black An Unexpected Visit

7th March 2010:
Hi again,
Well she went back to see George after 3 years, wow that is a long time.
I really like the sound of Ernie he sounds like such a sweetie.
anyway wonder what will happen next between the two?
anyway nice chapter.
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: Haha, yes, it's a long time, but it happens! And I'm pleased you like Ernie! You're supposed to! dun dun dun ^_^

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #8, by Estelle Black Prologue

7th March 2010:
Hi it's MissSpitfire, Estelle Black on here with the review you asked for,
I'm so sorry this has taken me this long to get around to reviewing, just i have been in the mood to write my original stories and haven't been in the mood to read anything.
anyway off that subject.
this is a great start to a story, and I love that it is a Weasley Twin story because I love those two pranksters.
I do like the sound of Alana she sounds really cool.
anyway nice start.
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: It's all good, I totally understand ^_^ That's actually why I don't have a review thread anymore... :P

But I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for taking the time to review!!

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Review #9, by Harry and Ginny The Beginning

28th February 2010:
what?! how could u end this story like this? this chapter was amazing but then it ended with her saying yes. too bad she ended her friendship with Ernie but he was asking 4 it. i can't wait 4 the sequel!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: hahaha. I ended it like this so you read the sequel? Nah, I just felt like there wasn't really any good direction for me to take this without the disconnection that a sequel provides. watch for it though! I've got a piece all written out already :)

Thank you for all your reviews on this story! I really really appreciate it - words can't properly describe

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Review #10, by Harry and Ginny Risky Business

15th December 2009:
Hannah is suffering too with all what happened; will she be paired with Neville? i know u must be tired of this question but when will u update that story of Alana and Harry at Hogwarts? or maybe u could do when Harry and Ginny get together and Alana could tease them. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Well, I'm thinking there's only going to be one more chapter in this one, so hopefully I'll be reworking the other one soon! ;]

But no, Hannah won't be paired with Neville... and I'm not sure how Alana would react to Harry and Ginny in the beginning! I haven't gotten to that specific time period in my idea-creating yet... hm... But don't worry, there will be plenty more stories that go along with this, taking place both before and after :)

Thanks so much for your review! As always, I'm very pleased to hear your opinion :D

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Review #11, by HogwartsGirl618 Risky Business

15th December 2009:
George! George! George! Jill! Jill! Jill! Jill!
Alright, I will attempt to sound as if I can think coherently before I dive off into my torn rant. This was a fantastic chapter - if there was a grammar or spelling (or misplaced dash - oh wait, that's me :) I did not catch it! And your sentence structure and word variation makes me quite jealous. This is honestly struck me as some of your best work. It was completely fantastic. I'm not a patient person so I shall now discuss my "which one" angst. But really, don't let my fangirl-ness make you think this was not a STELLAR chappie :)

This is shenaigans! I am so torn right now, it is ridiculous. On one hand, I've always liked Ernie. But this chapter reaffirms my belief that George can, at times, step up to the plate and be an emotionally stable character, for Alana. And whoever provides the most stability is who I think she needs to be with - for the sake of her character. I'm probably going against many a "have an adventure" cliche right now, but hey, this story was never cliche so I don't think I will be, either :)

George is nicely demonstrating his understanding of her character, while Ernie, as he says, is being a nitwit (if you excuse the sophisticated term). At the same time, Ernie has been the one picking up the pieces post-George (or at least, that's how it feels to him). But in the midst of this, I feel as if Alana wants George. She truly, truly does - and her mistakes are not indicative of a faltering in her love for him.

So, this is my conundrum :) I'm so excited to read the next chapter, even though the story is winding down (see, this is me in denial :) I hope you are having a lovely lovely lovely day and I will chat with you later to continue my ranting. :) xoxo

Wait- I'm back. You're summary is so true, by the way.

Okay, now here I go for real now :)

Author's Response: Hahaha Sarah! I always love your crazy reviews, they make me grin ear to ear.

But the whole word variation and stuff was drilled into me during my two years of AP English, so I beat myself up if I get too situated in one style and keep repeating the same words. Thesaurus = best friend :D

And you're SUPPOSED to be torn! Heh. I'm evil, I know, but it's such great fun! :P

I really love how well you know these characters... it seems like you're in my head telling me all this stuff that I want to be happening - it's absolutely fantastic! Only thing is, you don't know who she ends up with :P

And I DID have a lovely day, thanks, I hope you did too and that calc isn't beating you up too much!


ps. summary is totally true. I love that line :D

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Review #12, by HogwartsGirl618 Caught

28th September 2009:
My apologies for taking such a heinously long time to review! *tackles with hugs* I put away all liquids in the near vicinity before starting to read this, by the way :) But I've hardly ever seen a chapter that made me smile and want to cry at the same time! So I think I'll have to take the precaution again next chapter because this time, I wasn't even tempted! :)

I LOVED the dynamics between the characters. The witty banter between Ron and Hermione coupled with George's relationship to Alana - all of it was simply amazing :) Ron's "I'll take you back myself" made me so hopeful before I remembered what going back would mean! And I really couldn't decide whether I wanted George to walk out. I really wanted Alana to fight for him, but at the same time, George did the sensitive thing to do. He was in every respect the best Alana could ever hope for- and there's something to be said for that.

In short, in this chapter I was so torn! Because everything was so, so amazing! =) And she had better agree not to see Ernie again. I know he's her best friend, and I know that severance would hurt, but I think they've both proved that neither of them can handle a relationship with each other. Besides, it's only fair to George.

But he's her best friend! Argh, see, you have me all conflicted again! I LOVED the chapter and I think you're AMAZING and this chapter was totally awesome, haha. :D

Have a lovely, lovely, lovely day! xoxo

Author's Response: SARAH! I'm never going to be able to properly thank you for being so awesome and completely understanding and seeing EVERYTHING about this story. It's truly fantastic. I really love Ron as a character, but I feel like he's left out of so much, so I've given them this connection that makes him one of the first people Alana would go to when she has a problem. And he's not the big bobblehead a lot of people think he is... I really wanted to bring that out, so I'm glad you thought that line, especially, worked.

And, well, if you haven't noticed, Alana really isn't able to fight for him, whether she wants to or not, because she has such difficulty dealing with all of her own conflicted emotions that she doesn't want to take on anyone else's (selfish, yes, but it is how it is :]) You know... it took me a while to decide what I wanted George to do... I wrote a few different segments before deciding on this one... and now I'm stuck again :P But yes, it's like Ernie said in the beginning, they're the only two people who would put up with her acting like this, so she's lucky to have the choice. in a way at least :]

And what will happen? Hm... I have the very ending written, but that's all. Getting there is going to be really tough! I'll definitely be gouging inspiration from you :D

Thanks for the FANTASTIC review! It made my day lovely :D *hugs*

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Review #13, by Harry and Ginny Caught

24th September 2009:
sorry it took me so long to review. anyway, this chapter is great and i look 4ward to know what is going to happen now between George and Alana. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: haha, no problem! I'm just so pleased that you always leave a review! It really does make my day :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've got the end written out, but the next chapter may take a bit... I'm having a bit of writer's block ;] But I did post a new story that wouldn't leave me alone - Oliver/OC - if you want to check it out in the meantime. I'll try and update this and Fearless asap, but I've really got squished time :[

Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #14, by redherring Alana's Undoing

20th September 2009:
OMG! No way! That did NOT just happen!!!

*ahem* Okay, so I already knew that was going to happen, obviously, but the first time I read it I was unbelievably shocked so I thought I might as well say so here xD And I definitely think it was a great plot twist! Not predictable in the slightest. I really like the adjustments you've made to this chapter, too, and they work really well.

Amaaazing chapter! I know you've been super-speedy with your chapters recently and churning them out like a machine, but I'm still hoping for more updates soon :D

Author's Response: HAHAHA I was so confused when I read the first line, cause I was thinking 'she's already read this...' ;]

I'm glad it went over so well... I tried to make some really subtle hints at the beginning, so that this wouldn't seem impossible, but I wasn't sure how subtle they really were. If that makes any sense.

Thanks again! And the next ones in the queue, but I'm not sure how long it'll take me to write the next chapters... probably the same as this one. I've got the last chapter pretty much done and I know what I want to happen in between, but I'm having some issues getting there ;]

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Review #15, by redherring Worries

20th September 2009:
I love love love Harry at the beginning of this chapter! You characterised him perfectly, in my opinion, which is really hard to do. I also how you portrayed his relationship with Ginny and how she kept him in check :D

As for her meeting with Harrison, I thought that was great because it showed that Alana really does have her faults and that she isn't going to get away with it. I really like Harrison, for some reason - he's just so brilliantly boss-like but nice at the same time - and so it was good to see him again as well xD

And go George at the end there! xD The bit before that was a wonderfully 'awww' moment, as well - I especially loved this line: "No matter what you do, I'll always come back." They're too adorable. Bless them.

9/10, hun :)

(Oh, and I love your chapter images, by the way, they're really prettyy :D)

Author's Response: Yes! Haha, I dunno why, but I seem to be able to write Harry and Ron fairly well. Yet I couldn't write Hermione if my life depended on it. :D Yayyy!

Again, I think Harrison is a bit of my life seeping into the writing... my boss is really similar to that; he'd try to be all uptight and everything and completely fail haha. I'm glad you mentioned that you like him! It's always good to hear that minor characters are going over well, too.

Eeeep! I love them tooo :D He's just so lovely to write because, unlike Ron, I can make him kind of romantic-y.

Thank youu!! And I'm glad you like the images, I'm going through and making a bunch - I'm sick of graphics going to no use by just sitting in my gallery haha :D

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Review #16, by redherring Incompetent

20th September 2009:
Arghh, I can't believe I haven't been reviewing! I'm very forgetful xD Oh well, I'm here to correct that now :D

Even though this is pretty much a filler chapter, I really enjoyed it all the same. There's some lovely George/Alana moments towards the end, which is great because they're just so adorable together :) I just love them.

And as for the beginning of the chapter, poor Alana! :( That Hassan guy was so annoying - of course she's just as good as anyone else! I don't blame her for being so irritated with him.

Brilliant, as always :)

Author's Response: Hey hun! Thanks for reviewing all the same :] I'm always so glad when you do :D

As long as it's enjoyable, that's what matters. I hate reading something and feeling like it's pointless and boring, so I'm really pleased this wasn't :] And they are, aren't they? I dunno where I get the inspiration for it, maybe wishful thinking? haha ;]

Heh. I loved writing him because he could be just that - incredibly annoying - and get away with it! Then angsty Alana is great fun as well :]

Thank youuu! This story owes you a lot :D

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Review #17, by HogwartsGirl618 Alana's Undoing

15th September 2009:
I'm paralyzed from shock. Totally and utterly speechless. Because not only did this chapter have epically fantastic flow, but it was the the logical but mind-blowingly surprising culmination of everything we know about the characters thus far. And to top it all of, I'm not angry with Alana. At all. Which surprises me- I'm the girl who hated the Notebook. Normally I find it so hard to empathize with characters who cheat, regardless of circumstance, but this writing is just on an entirely new playing field. The characters have evolved so much that this development just crashes me into shock. So, in short, your writing just did something for me that I've never had done to me before. I still care and love Alana. Your writing is bloody brilliant.

Totally unpredictable yet completely in character! Gah- I'm now such a Team George-er (just make that a word) it's not even funny! Argh, I cannot believe Ernie is just did that! I imagined it so differently when he finally admitted it- and your way was better! =)

And Alana is going to crash and I can see George either stepping up to the plate and saving her or becoming so angry and being ruled by his insecurity to back away and crash. I have no idea how it's going to go! Jill, this is completely amazing!

Nothing is black and white and I'm so excited for the next chapter! More smileys will ensue once my mind gets out of this total shock! =) Amazing, amazing, amazing work. 10. -fangirl squee-


Author's Response: gah. I just barely figured out how to respond to the last one, and now I've got another. Bahaha ;)

You really just get everything about this story, it amazes me. I see all of the stuff I want in my head and I write, and you miraculously pick it all out. HERO.

I'm glad this was unpredictable.. I wasn't completely sure... I tried to allude to it very subtley so that it wasn't like.. OMG that could never happen, and it seems to have gone over well. Yay!

The next chapter actually gives us a glimpse into someone that she's fairly close with, but it isn't really known because I failed to be able to write all those prequels first... haha. AND YES! I'm glad you like George... everything is as it should be. I'm even more pleased that you can't guess how it's going to turn out :D

Yayyy!!! Your reviews always make me grin from ear to ear :D

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Review #18, by Harry and Ginny Alana's Undoing

15th September 2009:
interesting plot twist and i don't think this was predictable. i mean, something had to happen between George and Alana so they can know if their love is strong enough to maintain a relationship. what's going to happen to them now? will u update soon please?
Also, i want to ask something. *bows to u and asks 'when are u updating Alana and harry's 1st year at Hogwarts?' please update soon!!!*^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Good to hear! I'm glad, haha :D And you'll find out his reaction in the next chapter... I've just put it in the queue :]

Haha, I've got some ideas to start rewriting the other one, but I'm working five days a week, have class for nine hours on one, and trying to make a portfolio and clothes to use when I apply for schools, so writing's taking a bit of a backseat at the moment. And when it's updated, it'll be rewrites of the first seven chapters before I put in anything new. Not to disappoint, I'm really pleased that you're so excited to read it! :]

Thanks again for the review! :D

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Review #19, by HogwartsGirl618 Worries

9th September 2009:
JILL! OMG! -fangirl squee-
First, you have nailed Harry. Totally and utterly nailed his character. You've used him to show the reader, as he watches Alana, that that which makes you stronger can sometimes break you. And his concerns are so very real and he is forcing himself to back off. I love your writing, Jill. Truly, I do =). I also love how you keep Ginny in character without being cliche.

Then, Alana lashing out and then having the meeting with her employer- I think you're getting at the fact that she isn't as steady as she can appear. The stress of work is still getting to her as well and that's a very important aspect as well, even if she sometimes has a means to channel it. I guess it means that she does care so much about success, she can drive herself into the ground? That can be her downfall in relationships as well. You've left the remnants of Alana-preGeorgereturn, I think to remind the reader and to show that she could so easily fall again? That's my take on it, anyway.

And now I get to squee about the ending =). But I shouldn't squee because I like Ernie- but I find that totally irrelevant at the moment for some reason ;-)

Dang it, you made me like George! You're so sneaky! And he'll always come back! -squee-

I adored it. Possibly my favorite chapter so far and I cannot WAIT to read the next one.

Thank you for being so wonderful, Jill! You really are amazing. xoxo

Author's Response: SARAH!! ILY! You really are quite amazing :D

I don't know why, but I love writing Harry. He's so great because he can be awkward or courageous, angsty or not... it's just brilliant. I'm glad you like him as my channel to portraying certain more subtle things about Alana's character, which is essentially what that was. And Ginny was good too? Fantastic. I wasn't sure how that would go over... I just wrote what worked with Harry's dialogue.

Alana is no where NEAR as steady as she seems. She's this amazing emotional roller coaster that is so fun to play around with. She can be convinced so easily but will always go back and wonder whether it's right or not. Work is usually her anchor; the one truly steady thing in her life. But with the opportunity for promotion and getting away from the stereotype people seem to have placed upon her, she lost her footing a bit when things didn't work out as planned. It's really awesome how things turned out :]

I AM sneaky aren't I? Just wait for this next one, heh.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Hopefully the next one doesn't disappoint :D

Thanks so much for the lovely, lovely review! :D *hugs*

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Review #20, by HogwartsGirl618 Incompetent

9th September 2009:
Jill! You should have told me you updated.Tee hee, just kidding. =) I'm so so sorry it's taken me so long to come and review!

This chapter made me smile, and I kid you not, George had better not sneak in and make me join his team ;-) I liked it that he wasn't outwardly jealous (and I may think he is inwardly but that's only because I like drama =). And Alana! She's hilarious. I love the transformation she has undergone, from broken to comfortable in her own skin. And I guess I know who it's because of but I'm not going to admit it :P

'Cause that's not random or anything." Bahahhaha. =) She's a pistol.

I also liked how when she is telling George about her day, you keep her tone persistent throughout. Her take is so relatable (and I mean that in the sense that everyone at some point or another has unjustly been accused of being incompetent) but so interesting (because the way she describes things is amusing and she's such a unique character) that it was really fun to read =)

I really love how you're carrying the theme of small steps and sticking to it. Lovely work! I can't wait to read the next chapter =) And I can now! Mwhahahha. x

Author's Response: Bah! Don't worry. it's not like we haven't talked about it anyways... haha :]

You never know what George'll do... Alana is kind of crazy. She might just drive him up a wall and he'll be like SEE YA. Or he may be like, you bug me, but I like it. Ha. :P

SARAH! You really amaze me... it's fantastic how you see EVERYTHING I want to portray. It really is. I'm so ecstatic that you've seen this big change in her... I was afraid I hadn't portrayed it well enough.

I really hope you enjoy the next chapter (and the ones after)... hopefully they'll keep these lovely reviews coming and you won't be disappointed or anything ;]

Thanks so much! *hugs!*

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Review #21, by Harry and Ginny Worries

5th September 2009:
George and Alana are so cute together and i liked how u had Ginny talking to Harry and convincing that she and George were okay. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes! I just have to tweak the next chapter a little and I'll send it to the queue either today or tomorrow!

Thanks for reviewing!! :D

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Review #22, by Phoenix_Flames Incompetent

11th August 2009:
Ha! Yes, this chapter was a filler, but it was a great one! Very enjoyable. It made me laugh, and I really loved it!

Again, I love how you give so much inner thought. It really gives the reader a better view of your character.

Awesome job! Of course, let me know again once you've updated, dear! Thanks, Jill! xD


Author's Response: Ah! Sorry for the late response... I was in England without internet, heh :]

But thanks for the review, again! I'm really glad that you, or anyone for that matter, is enjoying this story. It makes it worth continuing. I hope you won't be disappointed, but soon Alana's POV will be completely cut out for a couple chapters ;] Just to give you a sneak peek at what I've got written. Transitioning there is the main problem, but my conference buddy is back, so hopefully I'll be able to plug away at it soon enough.

Thanks again hun! :D

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Review #23, by Harry and Ginny Incompetent

5th August 2009:
i found the Arab bloke annoying too. poor Alana, so much work in so little time. i look 4ward to read the next chapter. will u update soon please? also when are u updating the 1st year of Alana at Hogwarts? i'm dying to read that story!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: As always, thanks for the review! The next chapter is still in the works, but I've got the one after that finished. Not really sure how THAT worked out...

And I'm in the process of rewriting the other one... an update may take a while. I've got someone going over ideas with me, but I'm also going abroad for a week, so I won't have much time to work on it. But fear not! I will be updating it as soon as I get the time! I'm pleased you're so excited to read it! :]

Thanks again!

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Review #24, by Phoenix_Flames Testing

19th July 2009:
Another great chapter, jill! I really love this. I'm loving Alana and George. They really seem right together. Their scene together was great.

I felt like - in the beginning of this chapter - there was a lot of dialogue and it kind of overruled everything else, but as the chapter went on, it slowed down and it went fine. So scratch that. It all went perfect. :D

Let me know when there's an update!



Author's Response: Yeah... The dialogue... I tried to think of some descriptions, but it really ruined the flow of their conversation... at least the way I was writing it. And I really liked the dialogue - it's generally my favorite part of any story - so I didn't want to mess it up :] But I'm glad it cleared up towards the end!

Thanks for another review!! I'll be sure to let you know after another chapter or two :]

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Review #25, by Phoenix_Flames Another First Date

19th July 2009:
Aw, the ending scene with Alana and George was very sweet. Hehe, especially with her hair!

I have no CC. I never have much for you. Again with the little mitakes, if any!

I can't wait for the next wonderful chapter!


Author's Response: :D Yay for cuteness! That's what I was going for ;] I thought the hair-in-the-mouth worked well for a George-like joke, so I tossed it in.

I'm shocked that you have no CC! I feel like there's so much more that I could do!

Thank you again!!! :D

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