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Review #1, by Carolina Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

2nd June 2010:
I think is great.
Your version of James is so different than the James authors usually sell. He seems very human to me. Anastasie is awesome and I love how James doesn't quite know what to make of her and how to approach her. She throws him off his feet.
Hope you update soon. It's been awhile.

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Review #2, by Katarina Drew Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

25th January 2010:
Hey i love your story!! i think that you are a very gifted writer. and i was wondering if you were going to keep going with this story?

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Review #3, by GryffindorGirl153 Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

16th August 2009:
you must continue. i love this. it's amazing!
you make every character seem so broken, that it's touching. i love it. can't wait for more.


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Review #4, by GryffindorGirl153 One : The One Night Stand That Never Seems to End

16th August 2009:
i love the beginning. it has the essence of a hate/love relationship going on. as well as a forbidden one. i like how you portrayed james. it's wonderful! can't wait to read more.

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Review #5, by _Kai Rhianne_ Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

13th June 2009:
This story is intriguing! Excellent excellent, I can't wait for an update! xx

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Review #6, by inkpot Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

19th May 2009:
What's this we're seeing? Is James starting to care for someone other than himself? I like how you're making the changes in their relationship so gradual and tentative - it makes it seem a lot more real.

I still love James' character, the kind of bitter and cynical characters sometimes come off as a bit strained in some stories but you've drawn him perfectly. You get the impression that beneath all of the bad things he says and does there is something more complicated and he's also shown that he can be kind in this chapter which has added a great new dimension to him.

Stasie's great as well, its an interesting angle to have a character who is fundamentally uncertain if she is good or bad (sitting on her hands etc) and she makes for really interesting reading.

Still loving this story!

Inkpot x

Author's Response: Ah yes! That is one of my biggest pet peeves about stories so I am trying really hard to make sure I do not make the same mistake.

Thank you. xD I am glad I am getting that across. I am also very, very glad you like James's character. I wanted him to be a bit of an anti-hero, despite how awful he is. He still kind of has to be likable. This chapter is the jumping off point for the rest of the story.

Thank you! She is gonna be a really big part of the story now.

I am loving your reviews.

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Review #7, by Sara93 One : The One Night Stand That Never Seems to End

19th May 2009:
Hi there, the forbidding relationship of theirs is addicted.
and I just love it :)

Author's Response: Aww. It is addictive to write too. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Sara93 Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

19th May 2009:
I adore it, it is so amazing and wonderful, I just love it. hope you're not sick of me saying that now? xD
Can't wait for the update!
now on to some things :P
James, I think you have written him amazing and you make him so special, this plot in general is freaking amazing I adore all of your characters, Though James mind is the one that just stun me. seriously.
I love that everything is so dark in this story, and the fact that Rose is trying to ignore that is quite special. Even though that is only mentioned once, but still it leaves an impression (oh well this whole story does) I would like more of Lily because she is so freaking amazing too (wow wonder how many times i've said amazing now) I love that she is quite bitchy and doesn't like Scorp but still feels bad for him and all?
Anastasie just shocks me. I love the way she is described.
The way James want to think of Aurore, I think he is cute. God maybe I should stop typing now but I still got a few things to say lol.
About Vic and Teddy, I would so love if there would be more of them, because I LOVED when it was written in vic's pov.
And Lily's if that matter :P
"No bitch is worth that. No bitch is worth that at all."
That really shocked me in a good way ^^
As I've said a hundred times and I will say it again, I LOVE THIS STORY! (in a none obsessive way of course)
Oh well keep updating, Hope you didn't mind this long review...

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Review #9, by Mysle Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

19th May 2009:
I like Stasie she is sort of mysterious.
I like when James says - no bitch is worth that-
I cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: That is the way I like writing her. Ooh. Thanks. =) I liked writing that line too, no matter how crude it may be. It will show up soon. Later on this week. I have just been under a lot of stress.

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Review #10, by Mysle Four : With Lips That Taste Like Sin

19th May 2009:
Again I LOVED it really I have read alot of stories in my life, and this takes the price i loved it

Author's Response: AW. That made me smile so big. Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by Sara93 Four : With Lips That Taste Like Sin

19th May 2009:
This is so my favourite story now! I adore it and I love that you change pov and the fact that you don't say it is changing kind of works with me, because I like it in a way!
10/10 as always

Author's Response: E. Thanks! It killed me to cut it off there but, you know, suspense and all that. Wow. That is some amazing praise, dear. Ooh. Thanks. I am putting notes know because some people are confused but my OCD is really big on just jumping. Silly OCD. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Mysle Three : The Dark and What it Brings

19th May 2009:
I sound like a stalker or something similar

Author's Response: AW. Thanks, dear.
I do not mind one bit. It makes me smile. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Sara93 Three : The Dark and What it Brings

19th May 2009:
I LOVE THIS! I love when it is in vic's pov. it is so great! on to the next chapter < 3 10/10
This is one great story

Author's Response: Ooh. Good! She will not pop up as often as Lily or James but I am gonna throw her in later on. When, I do not know. xD
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #14, by mysle Two : The Girl Who is Falling Apart

19th May 2009:
I'm in love with it I can not take my eyes of it.

Author's Response: I am in love with your lovely review! =)
Thank you so much.

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Review #15, by Sara93 Two : The Girl Who is Falling Apart

19th May 2009:
omg, i am so glad i started reading this story cos it is freaking amazing! I love it so much already!
god you take me by suprise all the time. and Al is dead?! :( *cries* I need to know why!
god this is addicting!

Author's Response: =) Thank you. Yes. It was a heartbreaking decision because I love Al. Yes, I am one of those weird people who get attached to characters. xD
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Sara93 One : The One Night Stand That Never Seems to End

19th May 2009:
wow, That was so freaking amazing. I am stunned.

Author's Response: Oh dear. Thanks a billion! =) This review certainly made my day.

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Review #17, by Sharryhanker Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

17th May 2009:
Love the characterization of James, and I love the way that he is just generally acting!

Will the chapters swap POV's or mainly be James?

Please update soon!

Author's Response: As do I! xD

It is mainly going to switch between James and Lily.

I am going to later on this month. I am planning on submitting my next chapter before the cue closes. I am sorry it has been taking so long. Real life has been eating me alive.

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Review #18, by Groundswell Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

17th May 2009:
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant once again.

I have to agree with you, the first part was a tad repetitive, but I liked it. I really think it's because I love your way of writing so much. I was surprised to find James thinking he should be wanting Aurore instead of Stasie, but I guess that's his sane side speaking there.

I love the intimacy in this. It's so different to what you've showed us so far, and somehow I see a change in their relationship already. I mean, it's so fragile and James is so insecure of himself for once. He doesn't know what to do, and I think you write that very well. The somehow new awkwardness and his hesitation in it. Just great.

There is so little dialogue in this, but it fits and those things they say you simply nail perfectly. It also shows that this is new to both of them and I can't help but smile when reading it.

And again in this chapter, you give a little more of the history, with a new character, Bone Greyback. And of course a little of what we already know of James. And I like the way you write about him. Not presenting him, but simply mentioning him, letting us picture the rest.

But what happened to Stasie? The lack of conversing in this relationship really leaves a lot to the open, and I want to know what happened, but them I'm wondering if she's even the girl to say so.

I really think this is a fantastic chapter. It's a little short I think, but I still love it. Really good!

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Review #19, by redherring Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

17th May 2009:
Oh, you're so evil. Here I am, supposedly revising for my English exam tomorrow, and then I take a short break to flick through the recently added list, and I see this! Those stupid poems will, naturally, have to wait until later, and so here I am.

Anyway, another amazing chapter. Your work is always brilliant. And Anastasie and Greyback?? Oh my god! Has that been mentioned before and I just missed it?? Either way, OMG. Again, I love James. His character just keeps getting better and more defined with every chapter. Same for Stasie.

10/10, as always.

Author's Response: =[ I know the pain, trust me. I have finals starting Friday so I have no idea how I am going to update but I probably will anyway.

It has not! Do not worry. xD Ooh! Thank you so much. That is certainly quite the compliment. I am so glad people like James's character as much as I do. xD I was afraid that his awfulness would turn people off.

Thanks again for reviewing! Like always, your reviews make my day.

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Review #20, by Katarina Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

16th May 2009:
Hey i just want to say that I love your story. I didn't expect the story to be like this but i think you are doing a wonderful job! keept it up.

Author's Response: Aw. I didn't expect it to be like this either. xD Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

16th May 2009:
I think this was my favorite chapter!

I sigh, inhaling the smoke that is poisoning me from the inside out. It feels good, killing myself slowly.

loved that! I really do enjoy his character. & his growth as a character. Everything flowed so great..perfect sync... you can definately write, girl ^_^ as soon as she came in, i could already picture him cleaning her in the that weird? ;P maybe i'm getting to know james so much that i can understand why he does the things that he does.

Anywho, I love this fic. And you never disappoint. ♥

Author's Response: Yay! It has been my favorite chapter to write. =]

Wow. Thank you so much. o.o That is certainly quite the compliment. xD Great minds think alike, maybe? That is really cool though. I started writing the chapter without having a clear idea of what was gonna happen and then it just came to me.

Thanks again. Your reviews always make me smile! I look forward to them whenever I post a chapter because you pick up on all the little things I include in each chapter. =]

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Review #22, by redflameeyes Chapter Five : Monsters in Love

8th May 2009:
i like it but it's moving kind of slowly... looking forward to the next chapter! and i want to see lily and james together... anyway it's a great chapter, loved it!

Author's Response: Well, the next chapter is where the plot kind of takes off. They will be eventually. xD Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #23, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Chapter Five : Monsters in Love

5th May 2009:
She sits on her hands when there is nothing for her to do with them, as if she is afraid of what they might do if left to their own devices.

I think everyone, at leas once in their life, feels this way. What remarkable personification! Not in the sentance itself, or the words, but more the behavior and idea that you are giving Stasie's crazyness, you know. Her crazyness has personification - human relations and ideas and thoughts, even some feelings! I really enjoyed that part.

And of course my favorite line coming from james (which is really hard because everything he says is gold but i would never waste time and copy&paste your entire chapter in here, you would start calling me a nutter and probably start refusing to answer my reviews lol) is: "But, there is nothing to keep you from turning into a monster. If anyone knows that, it is me." FRIGGIN FAVORITE! you get him so well, i wish i could think on that level ♥

I LOVE the relationship between lily and scorpius. I think I"m going to like LILY AND SCORPIUS ALOT! I say that it caps because I'M GOOD AT FORESHADOWING MY OWN FEELINGS ahahah. :)

BTW, James fascinates me.
and it's all because of how you write him.
I love it - keep it comingg!!

Author's Response: =] Thank you. I am glad that Stasie's personality is coming across. Kind of worried about whether people would get her. xD

Lmao! I wouldn't mind at all. It would make my ego grow a whole lot though and I do not think we want that. Eeee. I am glad you liked that line. =] Like most of James's lines, it kind of just came to me. Love writing him.

Expect a lot more Lily/Scorpius in the future because I love writing it. I am glad you liked it. It is certainly a step away from the whole Rose/Scorpius thing so I was worried if people wouldn't like it.

Aw! Thank you so much for reviewing. Yours always make me smile.

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Review #24, by redherring Chapter Five : Monsters in Love

5th May 2009:
An update!!! Yay! I've been looking forward to this ever since I saw the preview on the forums ;)

Another brilliant chapter. I love it. Of course I do. I don't think I could ever not love this. Seriously, it's just fantastic.

I love how different the 'voices' of Lily and James are. The change of POV is very defined, although the A/N at the beginning was still really useful - thanks for that, it just makes it easier to read.

I love your Scorpius. He's so... oh, I can't really describe it, but he's brilliantly characterised and I think I love him. He's just the kind of character that makes me want to hug the computer screen! There's just something really endearing about him, despite all his flaws.

It's really interesting that Lily doesn't like Rose, because they're so often portrayed as best friends. I really like it, it adds more to her developing character. I also liked the background you gave us on James and Aurore's relationship, and on Stasie as well. And he's finally realising his feelings for her! Yay!!

The whole thing was just fabulous. It always is. This story is so refreshing and intriguing and amazing to read and I really can't wait for the next chapter! Any chance of an update soon? *hopes*

It goes without saying, 10/10.

Author's Response: O.o Oh my. That is a pretty amazing compliment. I am smiling so big right now and my mother is looking at me like I am insane. Which is fun.

Okay! I will keep it up then. Glad it helps.

Awww. Thank you so much! Scorpius is so tragic it is a bit depressing to write him but that isn't going to stop me. He does need a hug, though so hug away? xD Wow. I sound like such a dork.

All the Weasleys can't like each other and for some reason, them getting along seems far too perfect and stuff. I knowww! I am so excited for the next chapter.

My beta is going over it now (I hope. I keep texting her to make her go faster.

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Review #25, by Sharryhanker Chapter Five : Monsters in Love

5th May 2009:
Well, its nice to see that James has realised his feeling for Stasie, i can only hope that they are returned.

Also, i don't really like the Lily/Scorpius ship, so please, for me, could you just make them friends.

Author's Response: =] It will all be revealed in the next chapters. And, I dunno if I can make that promise. They may stay friends. They may not. I haven't really decided yet because it does not affect the main plot.

Thanks for reviewing!

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