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Review #1, by Simone A Flint ALWAYS Gets What He Wants!

15th June 2011:
Your story line is good, and your writing is eloquent. I do wonder why so many sisters though. It's hard to keep track of who is who. But good story so far

Author's Response: there are so many sisters because there is 1 for each house, then 2 more that are loyal to their father, i did it on purpose.

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Review #2, by Kirsty Weasley A Flint ALWAYS Gets What He Wants!

1st March 2010:
To be honest, I dont think that Nikolai seems that bad, Dont get me wrong it totally sucks that she has to go out with him, and the over controllingness can only lead to domestic violence, but he seems better than his brother!! But I love the idea you've had, the riddle girls are interesting, id love to see what would happen if Voldemort found out about their disloyalty. Would he punish them as a parent would... or just kill them? Please update soon! - Kirsty xx

Author's Response: im updating all my stories as quickly as possible... but i can only do 1 chapter, and 1 story at a time so i may not update the riddle sisters next, but it will be soon, thanks for your comment, and your right, Nikolai isnt that bad and dont worry theres more to the Flint Brothers and Nikolai than meets the eye, keep reading and keep giving me feedback i enjoy reading it and hearing what you think.

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Review #3, by hp fan fic lover Layne's Little Problem

21st February 2010:
please can u put more chapters

Author's Response: i will as soon as i can hun why dont you try reading some of my other fanfics...

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Review #4, by iluvkisa The Daughters of the Dark Lord

29th November 2009:
creative idea. but honestly, i have no idea whats going on and u spend too much time describing their looks and clothing.

Author's Response: thats because nothing is really going on yet why don't you wait for the next chapter before you judge lol thank you for your comment though =)

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Review #5, by Ginny45 Layne's Little Problem

21st July 2009:
Love the story.
One of a Kind.
I have never come across another person who hd the idea to give Voldermort Daughters. Although there may be one but I havn't read it.
I Like how you didn't put all of them in Slytherin.

Em xx

Author's Response: thank u Em and yes i have read a few where Voldemorte had a daughter but in all of these she was always either on the good side or they made Voldemorte seem like a nice person, So i gave him multiple daughters some that supported him nd some that did not and kept him evil.

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