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Review #1, by Kai The Incident

29th December 2011:
Why did you abandon this hot sexy story!!! DX i want to read more!

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Review #2, by dalarifat The Incident

24th September 2010:
please write more!!
it's a very good story and idea. I love it a lot :)
Please, I am begging :))

Author's Response: lol thank you very much im kind of pausing all my stories for now because i have so much to do but the review is very much appericated

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Review #3, by Angel The Incident

29th July 2010:

Author's Response: im working on the next chapt.. its hard when you cant find a really good beta lol
thank you

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Review #4, by Julian The Incident

29th July 2010:
nnooo finish it please :) i promise to review if you doo :))

Author's Response: hahahahaha im working on it and im gonna hold u to that lol

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Review #5, by laurenhermione The Incident

16th April 2010:
Loved It!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #6, by mikalily The Incident

9th February 2010:
update please! its rally good

Author's Response: thank you!! i know i have said this alot but i SWEAR its almost completely finished being edited for the 700th time by wendsday for sure!! :D thanks for the review!!


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Review #7, by tehe.... The Incident

12th December 2009:
KAY WHERE THE HECK IS THE NEW CHAPer. you gave it to me at school but i never read it. ALI i mean Fluer what ever POST IT!! I know where your locker is woman.
heart ya!

Author's Response: love you too ka- i mean. TeHe.. lol
itll be on here soon- i swear :D

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Review #8, by Hahahaha you know who this is The Incident

18th October 2009:
OMG WTF!! Why didnt he kiss her. He cant just say hes going next time. Who cares about draco for the minute!! WHY!!! come on ron gets all the action. TOM you stupid ho!! he should have just kissed her!! AHH THIS IS GOING TO DRIVE ME INSAIN!!

Author's Response: hahaha yeah i know who this is. Im on the phone with you right now. luv you!! youll love the next chapter i promise- Katarah
Luv ya!! and see you at school marrow

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Review #9, by Penelope Clearwater The Incident

20th September 2009:
u need 2 rite more iv been wating 2 long! ur story is great and i want 2 find out wut hapens next! u roc! now finish the story!

Author's Response: :0) hehe im glad you like it- ill be sending the next chapter to my beta whithin 2 days- i wont make you wait forever :D


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Review #10, by Zanny4draco The Incident

16th September 2009:
Me like . . . :) It's really good pls write more!!

Author's Response: :) thanks i like your comment- it made me smile :D
absolutly positivly iknow i suck at spelling w/ spell check lol but next chapters will be up pronto

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Review #11, by d Oh how I grieve, for I have told you... (part one)

14th September 2009:
well..first off, I like the general direction of the story, but there are a few things you need to fix
First, it's spelled Voldemort not Voldimort
Second, they are Sickles, not Stickles
You should go back and proof read your stories before publication because your tenses are kind of in a vast disarray..Maybe try writing with a little more detail?
But again I like the general content of the story line--it's really unique (:

Author's Response: and all those reasons are reasons i have gotten many times- so it doesnt offened me. My little spell checks and sentece structures are suckish- trust me d i know. If i come off as mad its just because i have heard this all before and i wish i could do better and that my beta could also be a little more careful. im glad u like it htough :D

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Review #12, by cullens_pet The Incident

13th September 2009:
I actually thought it was pretty good. Continue, please. : )

Author's Response: thank you! And dont worry i have no intentions of stopping this story till its done :D

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Review #13, by Violet The Incident

13th September 2009:
This is an awesome story i'm going to tell my friends 2 read this!!!

Author's Response: YAY! thanks im glad you like it and thank you for saying youll tell your friends about it :D means loads

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Review #14, by alannalove2009 The Incident

13th September 2009:
wow. obviously she didn't love draco enough to go visit him in the hospital wing!!

Author's Response: hehe that made me laugh... nah she loves him- shes just starting to like Tom Riddle too lol- i hope you read the next chap when its posted- becausue i cant WAIT to read what you think about it- it should be up anywhere from 10-14 days :D depending on the beta lol thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by alannalove2009 The Ball

13th September 2009:
wow. if she is with tom she could possibly change the future.

Author's Response: possibly maybe lol


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Review #16, by alannalove2009 Oh how I grieve, for I have told you... (part one)

13th September 2009:
omg omg poor draco!! he got schooled by tom. =(

Author's Response: hehe i know right? Tom is a toughy lol

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Review #17, by alannalove2009 Encounter in the Hallway (part one)

13th September 2009:
ahhh hell, thats why tom riddle hates malfoy, maybe they messed up time?

Author's Response: maybe... youd have to keep reading- it just starting to get interesting- chapter 5 marks the whole begining

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Review #18, by alannalove2009 Enough! Im sick of it! (part one)

13th September 2009:
awww people are so so so mean.. poor hermionie =( but isn't luna in ravenclaw?

Author's Response: ya... people are cruel. Yes Luna is- i forgot about that when i wrote this chapter eventually i will change that to somene else. like Alyson or. Jamie idk lol

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Review #19, by galaxy_explorer The Ball

12th August 2009:
Highly interesting. I do like it. I do like the direction you are going in with this. keep it up! :) and I must say that banner is quite intriguing.

Author's Response: thanks :D you made me smile. I have the next 3 chapters written and they will be posted soons :D

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Review #20, by Violet Waller Enough! Im sick of it! (part one)

24th July 2009:
This has to be my FAVORITE D/Hr story ever! I can actually SEE it happening before my eyes! Love everything about it - every single little thing - every word! I love the premise! It's so original!

Author's Response: WOW! thanx-like-ALOT!! that means alot to me... Im glad you like it! I absolutly love your story Betrothed to a Mudblood it is ah-maz-ing so its really nice to read that you like it :D

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Review #21, by gnash The Ball

12th July 2009:
That is a horrible dress! Not fit for a ball. rating is about dress

Author's Response: .. sorry you feel that way- i like it.. I might change it but for now it stays.. I cant see the rating unless you telll me :D sorry ...

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Review #22, by slitherinlove The Ball

1st July 2009:
awww i want voldy and hermione!! tisk tisk.lol
good chapter though, interesting.
i like the dress :P

Author's Response: lol im glad that you like the dress :D yeah i REALLY liked this chapter :D it was my favorite to write so far lol keep an eye out for the next chapter!

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Review #23, by draco2hermione The Ball

1st July 2009:
i like the idea of the story its something i would have never thought of. what is going through every ones minds back at the normal time? i like the direction its heading

Author's Response: I cant WAIT till the next chapters come out because youll find out EXACTLY what is happin in withthe normal time!! Im glad you like!

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Review #24, by laurenhermione The Ball

1st July 2009:
Really enjoyed this chapter!
This story is outstanding and i love it!

Author's Response: short- sweet- and to the point I am really REALLY glad that you like it! thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by allyinwonderland Enough! Im sick of it! (part one)

1st July 2009:
I think the plot is fair good but you REALLY need to keep an eye on your spelling, grammar and making sure that things are matching up with the books. Like the fact that not only are Ginny and Luna in the year bellow Hermione, but Luna is also in Ravenclaw. So neither of them would share a dorm with her.
I also nearly died when you spelt Gryffindor wrong.
I think if you just proof-read your story before posting or perhaps got a beta reader your writing would become a lot better.

Author's Response: yeah.. i have been getting the beta thing ALOT but surprisingly i have a beta... so ill have to talk to her about that and/or look for new betas D: Im gald that you pointed that lil problem-o out- but im not gonna fix it until i have ALOT more finished! thanks for reviewing!

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