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Review #1, by Liana The Prodigal Son Returns

6th July 2014:
Annie sounds very interesting, especially with a mask covering half her face. I do hope that Sirius behaves himself. I thought the reunion between Sirius and his mother went very well. It's nice that the Blacks are portrayed as good rather than evil.

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Review #2, by Liana Dark Bargain

4th July 2014:
I was afraid for a minute that Severus would be tortured for fighting, even though Rosier deserved it. I would think that shielding one's mind from Voldemort would be very difficult. Is Lily as skilled at Occlumency as Severus is?

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Review #3, by Liana Orion Speaks His Mind

2nd July 2014:
Jess sounds cute but in this chapter she sounds like a brat. I don't blame Severus for giving her a swat on the butt. I guess she thought she'd get away with something while she was with Severus.

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Review #4, by Liana Innocence Regained

1st July 2014:
I guess one should always beware when a toddler brings something to drink. Toilet water is a dangerous thing to drink--think of the germs and the chemicals. You'd think Bella would
suspect someone in her group of warning the families.

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Review #5, by Liana One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping

27th June 2014:
I think putting their bad memories into the Pensieve is a great idea. Asking Lily and Severus to spy under these circumstances is really too much to ask.

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Review #6, by noneofyourbeeswax A New Prophecy

13th March 2014:
Please please please make a sequel!! One suggestion is that if you make a sequel do it the way you did this story. From first year to the defeat of the enemy and an epilogue.

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Review #7, by noneofyourbeeswax A New Prophecy

16th February 2014:
Please please please make a sequel to this story.I loved it.

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Review #8, by theblacksisters Three Together

14th November 2013:
I think that Snape and Lucius were at least some kind of friend. You may have interpreted it differently, though.

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Review #9, by evaseber A New Prophecy

27th July 2013:
This was an amazing story! I loved how you included Draco Malfoy with the group as well, especially since Cissy seemed like one of the nicest witches in Voldemort's group. I like how in this story, the House one belonged to didn't decide whether one was a saint or evil incarnate, as was the case often in the real HP books. And Arthur, Nate, Misty, and Rhys made such a nice group, one from each house! I hope that all the children grow up friends, in different Houses, and that Cissy proves not to be one of the uncaring witches that made a true Death Eater.

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Review #10, by evaseber Three Together

27th July 2013:
I felt sorry Voldemort, I really did...even though he was horrible...but good chapter, it was a well written battle. Still, though, I feel like he should have been given a chance.

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Review #11, by Chiara A New Prophecy

26th July 2013:
I've just finished reading and the story is brilliant! I am a huge Severus/ Lily fan and I love the story line. I also love the twist where James marries Petunia. I'm now in the middle of reading Lily's Defender. It also is really good. You're a brilliant writer and I wish you all the best in writing other stories. Are you or have written a sequel to this? Like with Lily and Severus' kid and all the rest. If not you should. I would definitely read it and I'm sure other fans would like it.

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Review #12, by evaseber Unprecedented Complications

25th July 2013:
I wasn't planning to write reviews for this because it was written a while ago, plus it's already finished -- but OMG I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS! And it's horrible because Sev can't really do anything without blowing his cover! BUT I'm really looking forward to an outburst from Eileen, Dumbledore seriously needs to do something more and Eileen's the one to tell him that.

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Review #13, by Kiersten1218 Turning Over A New Leaf

13th March 2013:
I love this story so far but the only thing I have to mention for this chapter is that you mention that James is a chaser. He's actually a seeker that's where Harry gets it from. Just a small detail but things that hardcore Potterheads would notice haha. :)

Author's Response: Actually, in the books, James is a chaser, which is why he's one here. He's only seeker in the movies. Even if it were true, the team position is irrelevant, what Harry inherited from him was James' natural flying skills, not the position he played.

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Review #14, by Vivyan Oracle Dream

2nd March 2013:
har har har irony because of course Voldemort can't die. I really love how you go deeper with the relationship between Lily and Petunia because they do really love each other, even if they quarrel a bit. I hope they remain friendly. I'm wondering...are you going to go back to cannon? Like eventually James will end up with Lily and having Harry and all that jazz? Or will it be too spolier-esque to tell me? Oh and I think it's hilarious that Lily is a Seer too because I remember Tonks asking Harry in OOTP if he had Seer blood. Also, I really like how you outline the differences between Lily/Sev and Tuney/Vernon. You'd expect most relationships to be like Tuney/Vernon, but then Petunia looks at Sev and she's like, "why can't I have that?" and I think that's what lots of people do when looking at relationships in books. Looking at how lovely that couple is in a book and then settling for something else because it doesn't seem realistic or along those lines. Anyway, loving this story so much(:

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Review #15, by crimson-creamcracker A New Prophecy

2nd March 2013:
I love this, I've followed it for so long! it's so perfect down to the final detail. I'm so impressed, I loved all the pairings and write all of the characters so well. It's probably my favourite fic of all time, and I'm not big on AU. I assume you're setting up a sequel with this chapter? I'll keep my eye out for it. big well done for finishing this beauty! 3 years in the making!

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Review #16, by Vivyan Dumbledore's Agents

1st March 2013:
Oh well wowzies Snapesyboy.
Not unexpected, but this is bound to cause some relationship issues between Sev and Lily-- secrets always do. Grr I want him to tell her.

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Review #17, by Vivyan A Dreadful Pact

1st March 2013:
herpdeladerp you're awesome(:

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Review #18, by Vivyan At Grimmauld Place

1st March 2013:
Ah I loved seeing/reading Grimmauld Place like that, all alive and from a friendly perspective.
Ok, so do you say "Orion" like "Oh-ry-an" or "Oree-on"-- so confused D:
haha like I said before, I love seeing this whole shabang from the other perspective. You might get some more word salad as a comment for the next chapter, so be warned (:

Author's Response: I believe it's pronounced the first way, it's a Greek name for the constellation of the hunter in the sky.

Glad you're enjoying this so much!

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Review #19, by Vivyan For Your Own Good

1st March 2013:
hahahaha obviously things go wrong. Helllo, the "Iron Masks" meeting is bound to screw SOMETHING up (golly gee I can't get over that name haha)
I just still hope it won't end with Sev+Lils splitting up. Hope against hope.
And eh, I kind of agree with the solution, but I mean, dramatic irony-- I know something the characters don't. Dun dun dun.

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Review #20, by Vivyan All Because of A Letter

1st March 2013:
and then, OMG no Regalus D:
and then, GAH URGH Tobias ):<
sorry for all my uppercase-lettered word salad, I really am enjoying your story. That's nothing new, though(:

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Review #21, by Vivyan The New Assistant

1st March 2013:

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Review #22, by Vivyan So You Want to Date My Daughter?

1st March 2013:
and haha I don't think I know the song

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Review #23, by Vivyan Hero Worship

1st March 2013:

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Review #24, by Vivyan Stolen Moments

1st March 2013:
but I also worry, because this story has 85 chapters, and this is only chapter there's got to be some angst coming and I dunno if I'm prepared for that D:
by the way, I loved your spin-off of "Snape's Worst Memory" though I thought you might've had it follow what happened in the original book and just have it all be set up by Severus and Lily and then they'd date in secret, but I liked what you did better. Especially because one of the whole points of Lily dating Severus is that she's not afraid to be seen with him---which is so awesome. Again...I'm very, very worried that some conflict is bound to come up.
and the only reason I rated this a 9/10 and not a 10/10 is because I always believe there is room for improvement, even if I have yet to see any in this story.

And uh hello thanks for being an awesome writer(:

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Review #25, by Vermouth A New Prophecy

28th February 2013:
For the time being, there're some things I'm unclear: (since the story was so long) how many Horcruxes did V have and how did our heroes kill them? Or was he relying more on The Machine to beat opposing forces? And if Narccisa is a willing DE in this universe, who would be raising little Draco? His Black cousins perhaps?

I'm almost sad to see this wonderful epic come to an end; then again I'd be even sadder if it somehow got abandoned. ;) I read the chapters on FF first since it's got the alert system, and I realize that here you've refrained from mentioning the fact that this fic has in its own way become a Tree-Killer. Does this exceed Lord of the Rings in content as well, I wonder? That is really something to be proud of, a "Labor of Love" indeed.

Another reason I'm glad that you've successfully wrapped this up is that I really would like to see the beginning of a next installation to the Broken Wings universe. Even a teaser prologue of sorts would be great right now. I have long since been obssessed with your Thea OFC, even though she only ever existed in Severus' flashbacks. Personally I've always viewed that AU as among your best (if not The Best) because it's mainly emotion- and character-driven as opposed to simply plot-driven like the others. I really admire that since the characters are ultimately the readers' to digest, than resonance and empathy would really, really matter.

Author's Response: Here, Voldemort was trying out ways to become immortal. He made two Horcruxes and both were destroyed, then he turned to the machine as a last resort.

I'm not sure if it's got LOTR beat as far as length goes, I think so, because Gone With the Wind is so long and the person who told me that swears this is even longer, but it's all to do with formatting,

Draco is, or will be, not so bad in this Au. I don;t mention it here, wanting to save something for another story, but Narcissa did some time and then was pardoned, so she is trying to become a better person and thus can now raise Draco. Before Dromeda had him. So he's at Grace's party playing.

As for the third BW story, I have several plotlines that I have to cross before I even attempt that, I had something in mind once, but discovered that it won;t work and need to have something else happen before I even start that. Plus, I go back to work now and would hate to have started something I have no time to work on yet. UnVeiled is a good character story, even though the original parts weren't mine at first and I'm almost finished with that one . . . barring 20 more chapters. Same with Common Interests, which will probably be a little longer. Lily's Defender is written with another author, so I don't know when that will be done, but I would like UnVeiled completed before i start anything else.
Thanks so much for reading!

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