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Review #1, by dramione_ftw_4ever Avoiding Keepers and Training Seekers

25th May 2011:
Oh wow... well now. I usually don't like stories tht move as quickly as this one... but this is just really interesting. like I enjoy how you put so much emotion and description into the few words you have. And even thoguh it's not much, it covers oh so much and i love it. Keep on writing and I'lll read it okie???
Keep up the good work,

Author's Response: I wrote it soo long ago :p
I'm trying to rework it to fit my new writing style lol but editing takes so much time I can't fine enough of it, but if you like it that much I'll try and write a chapter this weekend :)

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Review #2, by Amparo Avoiding Keepers and Training Seekers

22nd May 2011:
Hm, that isn't really smart of Amelia. Saying mean things to Sam, only makes Wood mad at her! But she is saying the truth. That isn't really nice, Sam! You are getting in trouble for doing that (A)

Author's Response: Amelia isn't very nice, but she does have a point. Sam has a very good looking boyfriend and she's playing with fire to cheat on a Slytherin. Thanks for reading :)

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Review #3, by Woodrow Rynne Sunday Screams

22nd May 2011:
I'll be honest, your plot is good.
BUT your story lacks details. Expand your story, try to describe your characters, add in more conversations...

This feels too abrupt, as if I'm just reading a draft. Description can make your story much better :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the tip :)
I wrote this story awhile ago and I'm just recently going back through it, I had a lot of spelling errors to fix. Next step is to rework the chapters to make them better and any advice helps :)

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Review #4, by mrinal Sunday Screams

21st June 2009:
nice girly talk...another filler chapter...honey..each chapter should contain somthing which takes the story forward...include more of wood n symon in the story focusing on their personality, surroundings, friends n most importantly feelings...keep going...eager 4 the rest of the plot..good luck!

Author's Response: Thanks. :)
Ya I promise to work on putting in more details and making chapters longer and more interesting. And don't worry, Oliver and Symn will get into in the probably near future. Or as near as another chapter or two with the queue closed at the moment.

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Review #5, by mrinal Saturday Night Questions

21st June 2009:
another of those filler chapters...try including these with some other chapter...but fantastic shouting!!!it should have been accompanied with wands and curses too..!!! should have been exciting!!

Author's Response: Ya I will have to try and work on that. With the next chapter I promise to both make it longer and have more intense scenes lol. With lots of fighting and cute guys.

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Review #6, by mrinal Quidditch Games

21st June 2009:
excellent humour...but what is this about hufflepuff winning n harry losing??? i'm a big harry fan n this seems almost disappointing for me...
the start n middle of the chapter were great...but it felt a bit dry in the end..try ending chapters with cliffhangers...thats most interesting n exciting..

Author's Response: Ya I'm not the best with making cliffhangers. I always get an idea for what to do afterwards with it so I write it down. My chapters are written on impulse, usually after I've been reading.

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Review #7, by mrinal Sneaky Snakes

21st June 2009:
great mystery!! u know, i think this "talking to jimmy" is a great idea!!.. well, mostly i think its great coz i do it myself....anyways the chapter is great in which the plot moves forward considerably...but again...too short...sorry:)

Author's Response: Ya I do it often as well. The odd thing is, it is the voice that keeps me sane and acts as a sort of consience for me. I seriously lack a consience.

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Review #8, by mrinal Rejected?

21st June 2009:
now that's what i call attitude!
wow!! u have clearly made sam's personality come out in this chapter..sarcastic, witty, confident with a lot of attitude..!!
wonderful progress!!
but u shouldn't have made her cry so soon...aren't i a bitch???

Author's Response: Haha yeah I'm somewhat of a bitch but with me it's sort of a facade but a comfortable one that I am extremely used to so I tune that into Sam as well. I'm glad the sarcastic and wittiness is clear, because it is evident in my personality as well.

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Review #9, by mrinal Harry Who?

21st June 2009:
hey come on!! how come she didnt know who harry is???
this is sort of a filler chapter..nothing happens here..u should have included it in the previous chapter to make chapters longer...n also this is a very small chapter...but excellent humour!!!
u are not making sam's personality very the previous chapter she seemed as though she is a bit shy and unsure of herself...but in this this chapter she seems bold and forward, n sumone with attitude...
try making her character i too hard on u???

Author's Response: No it's fine I like reviews of any kind. :)
I didn't realise her personality was so unclear. I try to make her as much like me as possible to make it easier and I am quite contraversial myself so maybe Ido it without realising it or meaning to. I'll keep it in mind.

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Review #10, by mrinal Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

21st June 2009:
well thought-out chapter..interesting plot..
the "elbowing wood" part which sam did, makes her seem like one of those giggly girls..n that's twice in this would seem better if she replied intelligently or gave one of those 'looks'..
the chapter ending is superb!

Author's Response: Well thank you. Yeah I try to keep Sam as down-to-earth as possible. I never really saw the elbowing as a girly thing to do. But even if it is, she did it in anger and in spite of Oliver, not as a flirty thing.

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Review #11, by mrinal Flying Hippos and Blue Iris

21st June 2009:
hii.nice start...but make the chapters a bit longer than that...

Author's Response: Ya I do have a problem with that..
I guess it's because I write when I have time and while I'm writing I'm usually getting yelled at to get off the computer so my time is a bit rushed.

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Review #12, by Knight Of Walpurgis Quidditch Games

6th May 2009:
I reckon this is your longest chapter yet. Congratulations! And if not. I'm an idiot! Exclamation points all round. I did like this chapter, I thought the relationship between Symon and Sammie was really sweet (Even if he does seem a bit like a man-whore). They seem really happy. Though I do miss having Mr. Wood present in the chapters. And the Weasley twins weren't even there! Oh well, I'll have to settle for the Slytherins. *sulks*. I can't think what could possibly happen next, but I sure as hell hope it's good. The Slytherins were really nice to Sammie and there wasn't even a hint of rivalry, which surprised me. It was nice. But I do so love a bit of tension. It is delicious to me. I think that's quite a short review (considering the length of my previous reviews) so I'm just going to leave it at that. I may not post a review for a while as I was writing these all at once and this is all you have written so far. Keep writing. See ya.

Author's Response: It is my longest chapter yet, 1000 words!! I was so happy when I realized it that I laughed.
Don't worry, the way the Slytherins treat her may change in time, but I haven't decided on that. But I will keep it interesting between the two of them...
Lol. Thanks for another great review. So, until next time..

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Review #13, by Knight of Walpurgis Sneaky Snakes

6th May 2009:
At first I thought RAPE!!! But then again that's my reaction to almost everything, so I wasn't too worried. I'm intrigued by this whole Symon thing though... I don't think it will end well. I did enjoy that there was more going on in this chapter and the story is developing well. Once again I have found myself forgoing the spelling thing because I can't be bothered. Oh well, you're probably glad of my laziness. Your story is picking up pace and I can't wait to read the next chapter. It had better be good. I hope Sammie gets back on the team. Because, lets be honest, Harry is definitely not fit to be seeker; he's too scrawny. Besides, Sammie has more character, so she should definitely get back her position on the team. Anyway, isn't there some kind of rule against kicking people off the team because of their attire? And if not, why not? I think I've managed to keep this one relatively short, but I don't know. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, I love getting them, I really do. :)
And, I love recieving responses for the reviews I leave, which is why I spend the extra time to respond to all my reviews. I hope I'm not boring you with the responses though. That wouldn't be very good for my reputation. *Laughs* :P

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Review #14, by Knight of Walpurgis Rejected?

6th May 2009:
Considering that I'm a bit of a weirdo; I think you want to know my opinion. So here I am, back again to leave an impossibly long review then read you next chapter and leave another, longer, review. And because I think you want to know my opinion I have taken note of spelling mistakes. I know I didn't do it last time and I said I couldn't be bothered, but I can be bothered now. Considering that was five minutes ago, I would say my moods change far too often. 'repilied', 'wierd', 'voive', 'ouldn't', 'thretened', 'cnhanging', 'Argueing'. In case you're wondering (which you probably aren't) I listed them in the order they appear in the story. Now I'm going to give my opinion on your story (God save you). First off, Wood is completely irrational. I like that. Well, I don't like that in a real person, but in a character it gives depth. Don't ask me what I mean by depth, it's just a word I like to use. I mean for God's sake, it was just her clothes (even if it is a tad unprofessional). I always say, comfort comes before... well, everything, really. I will be seeing you later. Later being your next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for the information about the spelling mistakes. I try really hard not to make any, but I wrote this chapter while on my sister's laptop, which doesn't work too well, and was not able to use spell-check. So thank you for the review, and the information. I will fix the mistakes.

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Review #15, by Knight of Walpurgis Harry Who?

6th May 2009:
Hello again. I'm here to give another big review. I recently discovered I really enjoy giving reviews, so that's probably good news for anyone's story I read. Or not, depends if you like me or not. You're probably sick of me now, but you can't get rid of me just yet. *cackles* Okay, getting down to business. I don't really know what the plot is. Is there a plot? I just realised that that sounded rude, but I'm going to post it anyway. There wasn't any Wood action in this chapter; disappointing. However, I am willing to substitute this for Weasley twin time. I can't be bothered to point out any spelling mistakes, so if you want me to then you're going to have to ask. I didn't really understand what this chapter has to do with the story, but I enjoyed it all the same, and having the trio in a Wood/OC fic is rare. People tend to leave them out, so it's like a breath of fresh air when they're left in. Is it just me, or are my reviews getting longer? Anyway, great job and keep it up!

Author's Response: Don't worry you weren't rude at all, just curious. But to answer your question, no there really isn't any plot for this story. Just me, overtaken by the boredom that is my life, deciding to pass the time by writing a story (which I am ecstatic to know people actually read!). But don't worry, I actually read over my chapters before posting any others to follow it, which is why it sort of makes sense. :P

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Review #16, by Knight of Walpurgis Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

6th May 2009:
As you can see, I have decided to leave a review for all of you chapters. Because feedback is what authors thrive on, or so I've heard. I know I liked getting reviews. Anyway, I should probably talk about your story now. I forgot to mention in the previous review but, what was the thing with the flying hippo? I didn't get it. And why is she called squirrel? Maybe your doing something and I don't understand it, so please clear this up for me. I liked the relationship between Wood and Sammie. They weren't clawing at each others necks all the time, and he didn't want her to die. Hence trying to save her from choking. Again, I'm probably being unreasonable but this chapter is also lacking in action, and it's too short. Maybe you should have less chapters, but more content. Also, afterwards in the last bit has been spelt 'afterterwards' and truly has been spelt 'truely'. I'm not too good with punctuation so I'm not going to point out anything in case it's wrong. I'm going to go read your next chapter now.

Author's Response: Okay, so the story behind the flying hippo comes from my favourite story on HPFF (Polychromatic). Basically, I read a chapter of it, loved it, and came up with the idea for this story. Oh, and both 'squirrel' and the 'flying hippo' came from my crazy mind thinking that Sammie should be just as essentric (or more) than I am. Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #17, by Knight of Walpurgis Flying Hippos and Blue Iris

6th May 2009:
I can't really say much about the first chapter, as there isn't a lot of action, but all in all it's pretty good. I think I can sympathise with Iris, as my name isn't very desirable either, and you get a lot of idiots making comments. You didn't make any mistakes in spelling or grammar that stood out to me, so that's good, because personally, I hate it when a story has lots of mistakes. My only problem is that you tend to have a lot of narration. And you tell people a character's personality traits directly, instead of showing it through their actions and words. I can't really criticise, though, as it's only the start of the story. Good luck!

Author's Response: Yeah the first chapter is quite short, as are some of the others, but I am working on improving that little detail. Lol. I would make this response bigger, but it appears I have more to answer. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Ciara512 Sneaky Snakes

20th April 2009:
Interesting! :) Cant believe he kicked her off the team because of her clothes, lame! Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Haha thanks for the review :)
Don't worry Oliver will come to his senses.. eventually :P
And don't worry, the next chapter isn't too far away, I'm just waiting for it to be validated.

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Review #19, by City Lights Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

22nd March 2009:
So, where is Harry in all this? Is he just not on the Quidditch team or what? Anyhow, good story. Love the flying hippos :)

Author's Response: Don't worry, it will all become clear in time. Haha, the idea for hippos came when my friend informed me of her need to own one.

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Review #20, by Ciara512 Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

22nd March 2009:
Like this story so far, great job! Keep updating lots please! :D xx

Author's Response: Thank you :)
My next one should be posted sometime this week, so be ready

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Review #21, by stacy wingrave Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

21st March 2009:
good story wish there was more

Author's Response: Thank you for reading, there should be more up soon :)

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Review #22, by Weasley Twin Fan Stupid Wood Thinks He's Funny

20th March 2009:
So far so good! The chapters are funny, and the characters seem like people you would want to know. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I try to keep the characters real, and yet I like to make them a bit eccentric too

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