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Review #1, by xxpetrapan Stwaberry jelly in my hair

1st November 2010:
Very Good! I look forwards to reading more

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Review #2, by SexyDoorFrames Stwaberry jelly in my hair

15th April 2010:
I really enjoyed this. I'm getting a feel for your Lily and I'm liking the way you've characterized her here. Great writing as well. I'm looking forward to where you take this.

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Review #3, by dyqw1700 Stwaberry jelly in my hair

29th March 2010:
I loved Edie and this chapter was realy funny! Please update soon?

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Review #4, by HappygoLuck Stwaberry jelly in my hair

25th October 2009:
Really great!!! i love stories about Lily II. Can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #5, by rosie2424 Stwaberry jelly in my hair

24th May 2009:
I really liked this.
Can't wait for more :)

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Review #6, by loseristhien Stwaberry jelly in my hair

21st May 2009:
this story is off to a very good start. i'm looking forward to an update!

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Review #7, by Prongserific Stwaberry jelly in my hair

22nd April 2009:

This story is truly fantastic.
The writing, the everything.

Thanks so much for giving me a good read =]

Author's Response: C: That's awesome. I am glad you love it. You are too kind. Cheers.

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Review #8, by dali Stwaberry jelly in my hair

19th April 2009:

Author's Response: Oh... Indeed.

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Review #9, by Carrie teh Berry Stwaberry jelly in my hair

19th April 2009:
Looking gud in glasses. I like it. Update.

Author's Response: I love love love the glasses. The awesomeness of which is totally attributed to Seng aka .1smallTREE aka one very awesome person. Thanks for noticing. Chapter two will be up... I promise but will not specify when. *cowers*

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Review #10, by BloomingLilyEvans Stwaberry jelly in my hair

19th April 2009:
It's slow in starting but I think I like it. Andromeda Lupin as Annie is sweet.

Author's Response: Yes. Annie does work as well. I thank you. The second chapter should zip through. We shall see.

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Review #11, by Jellyman Stwaberry jelly in my hair

15th April 2009:
Very cute :) I like it a lot, you developed Lily very well. You could be a bit clear in some spots, there were a few places were I wasn't too clear what you were trying to say, but otherwise it was very good and I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: c:
Thanks oodles. I am very pleased with all you've said and will be sure to articulate better in the future. Will edit soon, I should say. Cx
- cheers

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