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Review #1, by shapeshifter98 Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

14th April 2011:
LMAO 10/10 ur hilarious

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Review #2, by Kiki Strike Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

29th March 2011:
Amazing! I laughed though the whole thing. I love the details, and the way Scorpius and Severus are worried about their little sister beating them at hide n' seek. Overall, great story.

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Review #3, by Shellee Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

12th August 2010:
Lucius' relationship with Astrum is the most precious one ever. How adorable she is, and how she's got him wrapped around her finger. And he's being such a good grandfather as well. Definitely redeeming himself.

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Review #4, by Shellee The Tale of Rotcellocxat

12th August 2010:
Such a darling! So innocent and eager to learn. How quickly Lucius came up with the story. Even if he just told his life story in a nutshell and reversed the names. It fits, though, with both of them being so into money.

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Review #5, by Shellee Silver Fountains

12th August 2010:
Astrum is the most precious one of all. Oh, my heart. Can we keep her, please? I hope Lucius keeps up with the relationship he has with his granddaughter. She's absolutely precious, and obviously quite a match for him. That way he can redeem what he think he did wrong to Draco all those years ago.

Author's Response: Thank you. I think if I did a poll of the three Astrum would get the cutest award. He has met his match in her since she takes after him in so many ways.

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Review #6, by Ponytail Goddess Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

21st February 2010:
Lol, that was adorable! I particularly enjoyed Lucius adventure in the women's restroom.


Author's Response: Thank you and welcome new reader. More on Lucius and Astrum's adventure can be seen in Merriment if you like.

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Review #7, by twistedtexan2008 Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

25th January 2010:
Astrum is so adorable who knew that she would be the one to melt Lucius' heart (besides you of course!) 100/10

Author's Response: Thank you TT. More of Astrum comes up later. They are very much alike.

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Review #8, by twistedtexan2008 The Tale of Rotcellocxat

25th January 2010:
Aw Lucius does have a soft side after all. Loved the bedtime story by the way although it took me a while to realize that Rotecellorxat stood for Tax Collector! Great story!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you. That one came when I was doing my taxes and heard about some of the government spending. Then someone posted a babysitting challenge.

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Review #9, by Gina Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

7th January 2010:
I think I missed a previous story that might have been better to read before reading this one xDD But I still enjoyed it. I liked the story he told her in the second chapter, dang those tax collectors!!! xD

Author's Response: Thank you Gina and welcome new reader. On my main author page, I have the story order which should help but I am glad you liked this one. I love hearing from everyone.

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Review #10, by NessaTelemnar Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

4th January 2010:
Amazing story ! :D

Nina x

Author's Response: Thank you and welcome new reader. My main page has the stories with a note on story order. If you like Star Trek at all, please pop by Ad Astra (google it) and under my same pen name. I'm really trying to get some feed back on that as well bc its mostly OCs with the original cast as well.

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Review #11, by My Name Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

22nd December 2009:
HAHAHAHAHA.hilarious. A little OOC for Lucius, but it's so funny it works. =)

Author's Response: Thank you and welcome new reader.

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Review #12, by rainbowsocks Silver Fountains

24th November 2009:
i love your series
i have to go to sleep soon.
i'll more xD
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you like 'em all. I renumbered them correctly here for you. I appreciated the reminder.

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Review #13, by Jen Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

13th November 2009:
I read this one a while back but I didn't review because I was reading the series.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I thought this was a great story. It actally took me a while to get the backwards spelling. Either you're that good or I'm that slow. Well, I don't think of myself as slow so I guess you're that good.
Love the series.

Author's Response: thank you for popping in. I love hearing from everyone. Merriment has the last chapter in waiting currently and should be up in a few days. It has the tale of Spring Heeled Jack.

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Review #14, by ParaSiempre Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

3rd November 2009:
"Joy, I'm babysitting a three year old candy cane during an important business lunch." < That was absolutely hilarious! And I also liked how the women told him he had an adorable daughter and he didn't correct them. I can totally imagine Lucius doing something like that. Also the "why" game is something I can really connect to. It REALLY doesn't ever end. Loved Astrum's various "needs" in this chapter.

Author's Response: thank you and welcome new reader. My MTA has the series story order if you like. Yay! That line and the why game was something I added in the revision. Yes that is so Lucius - gotta love him.

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Review #15, by ParaSiempre The Tale of Rotcellocxat

3rd November 2009:
Haha, I read the names backwards and it finally made sense. I was wondering where you got such unique and creative names. Anyways, I really liked the story Lucius told and how you added the part with Scorpius and Severus. Off to read the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. As you may have guessed I was doing my taxes at the time. More stories have the trouble that the two brothers cause.

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Review #16, by ParaSiempre Silver Fountains

3rd November 2009:
This was great! It's very similar to how I imagined Lucius to treat his grandchildren (and Draco). It doesn't hurt to throw a little Dramione into the mix either! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you. For more of similar please see Of Wine and Revenge. Actually the entire series is continuous.

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Review #17, by Claudia Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

3rd November 2009:
hey! love your story!
update soon please! and more LUCIUS/NARCISSA!

Author's Response: thank you and welcome new reader. You may want to check out Mon Ange and my MTA has the story order.

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Review #18, by alannalove2009 Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

3rd November 2009:
OHH!! i see! this is where nackels comes from! i love how this is how atstrum & lucius became really close! YAY! i love you for making this series! you are the BEST!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I got your message on the forums that honored me so much. Sadly, I can't use the forums to respond but that really meant a lot to me. I'm writing a short interum xmas story of the kids at Hogwarts. You've just lit the fire under me to finish it.

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Review #19, by alannalove2009 The Tale of Rotcellocxat

3rd November 2009:
awww! what a great story! =]! so this is how lucius discovered astrum's talents!

Author's Response: Thank you. They are more alike than anyone realizes.

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Review #20, by alannalove2009 Silver Fountains

3rd November 2009:
awww! i do not see how i missed this story in the series! i hope you do update the one with astrum as a teen soon. i am missing this series and very glad i found the one i missed. =]! off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you're liking the series. Solace will be updated next in queue and the Meriment which will make it complete. Then for the Dramione's children's Hogwarts years I have a Christmas short.

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Review #21, by Jazzeh Turnip Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

27th July 2009:
I adore the relationship between Lucius and Astrum, and how it develops in this chapter. I can just see them both going on little adventures together and Lucius telling her little stories on the way.

I am a little confused with what else this needs to expand as you asked. I like to story as it is, but it does feel as if it needs a little more to add to it.

I loved how you put in the loving gestures between Draco and Astrum. So many people miss them about, but it's the little things that make stories really speacial.

Thanks for asking me to review this, it's been lovely. Sorry I couldn't help more with giving you ideas, if you want me to review any of your other fics don't hesitate to request again :D


Author's Response: Thank you very much. Actually, in later stories its alluded to about the other stories he tells. In her childish way, she becomes as devious as he is when it comes to business and revenge. Nackles mentioned at the end shows up in a story. Also, Draco figures out that they develop a system where Astrum does something cute to distract Lucius' business contacts. Loving gestures - Even as an adult, Astrum still tells her father kiss kiss before kissing his cheek. In a later story, you'll see just how protective Lucius is of his family and grandchildren. Made my day.

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Review #22, by Jazzeh Turnip The Tale of Rotcellocxat

27th July 2009:
Well, I'm very glas that you expanded more on Astrum's brothers. That was the one thing I could think of you doing in the last chapter because I was interested in them but it seemed like a thing you'd obviously write about. I'm glad you did. I love their chracters and how you still have some canon in this with Scorpius still being a son of Draco.

This chapter, however, definitely feels like it's missing something and needs something meatier in it. I've read it through twice and can't think of anything but I understand now why you asked for any ideas on how you could expand.

Apart from that I really liked this chapter. The story of Rotcellocxat seemed as if it could be and actual fairy tale. And I can see that it would be quite scary to a young child (I have a little brother that can't watch Harry Potter because it gives him nightmares). I really love Astrum, have I said? xD She's the perfect child character. So many people make children characters completely stupid and OVER inquisitive. But you've got the balance of all that perfect.

9/10 for this chapter. If I think of anything between now and when I finish reviewing this fic, I'll let you know on the forums, though my mind isn't to good at thinking up new ideas lately.

Author's Response: Thank you. For the fairy tale, look at all the proper names and spell them backwards to get the real story. I thought about ending a blurb at the end where Hermione checks in and sees that her child has been properly put to bed and her glass of water at her bedside. Some of the stories after this feature more of Astrum and some of the trouble she gets into. Also, you will see Lucius’ teachings as far as revenge.

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Review #23, by Jazzeh Turnip Silver Fountains

27th July 2009:
An amazing start. I really enjoyed it.

The character of Astrum is so adorable. Even her quirky little trait of being so eloquent at a young age is plausable because of the explaination you gave. Some how I can just see Lucius being a bratty little kid talking perfectly, so it fits that one of his grandchildren would be the same. I really do love her character.

But what I love most about her is how naive and innocent she is. Whilst her brothers fear her Grandfather, she doesn't. Their relationship is just. LOVELY. I did laugh when even big bad Lucius turned out not to be immune to his Granddaughters charm.

I can't really see anything for you to expand yet, it seems perfect as it is.


Author's Response: Thank you. I so enjoyed creating Astrum. With the boys, I figured it would be too cliche to make one of them Lucius' faves or make them more like him so I choose little Astrum. There are even more traits of Lucius reflected in her that crop up as she grows up. She completely wraps him around her finger. In my next gen, there is a comment that Draco makes to Astrum as a teenager that is to the point of he won't tell that she did something naughty to keep her grandfather's illusion that she does nothing wrong.

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Review #24, by Liana Adventures in Babysitting - the Lucius Way

25th June 2009:
This was very funny and cute. I like how Lester and Lucius keep track of their snide comments on a chalk board. I noticed that before but I forgot to mention it. And Lucius getting caught in the witchs' restroom was hysterical.

Author's Response: Thank you. The game resembled a game we played in the admin dept.

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Review #25, by Liana The Tale of Rotcellocxat

25th June 2009:
It's so heartwarming to see Lucius wrapped around his granddaughter's little wand.

Author's Response: Thank you. They are quite a bit alike.

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