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Review #1, by Twilight_Princess The Past Revisited

11th January 2010:
Aww, I hope things will get better for them!! Please update soon!!

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Review #2, by Shredr Prodigal Son

11th July 2009:
Im sorry that was B-A-D.
Malfoy and Hermione would never get todther. never. Shes in love with Ron!!!
And Professor Flitwick didnt die.

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Review #3, by Lily__Potter The Past Revisited

30th March 2009:
this is good. Please continue

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Review #4, by lacycherbert Prodigal Son

1st March 2009:
I'm confused, how is hermione her sister-in-law? cause caleb is her brother?

Author's Response: This story is based on the novel-length story "Circle of Love', which I've tried to give a back-story of inside this story. I guess I missed the mark -- so here goes a cliff-notes mini. (It is also a Dramione -- where it all comes in play of who Hermione's husband is in this story)

Mariah is the illegitimate daughter of Narcissa Black & Severus Snape. (She was conceived in their Seventh yr - before she married Lucius.) So, she is Draco's half sister. She was raised in America (Salem MA) with Caleb Sanders as her adopted older brother.

Since Hermione is married to Draco - that makes them sisters-in-law as well as friends.

Hope that helps, and hope you are enjoying the story!


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Review #5, by Tale The Past Revisited

1st March 2009:
An interesting start. I hope that you will continue.

I do have 2 questions for you ... 1 will you be finishing CoL (I really hope that you do as it is one of my favorite stories) and 2 if you are going to continue it - when will there be an update?

Author's Response: Hi there, thanks for the positive comment, and I'm glad you are both enjoying this story and its parent story, CoL.

I will be getting back to CoL soon. Life has been a comedy of errors, between my comp breaking down twice, and being sick.


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Review #6, by Jen Prodigal Son

19th February 2009:
Ok, great start... I have always loved Charlie. Went back and re-read Circle of Love as well and just wondered what you are up to with that story??? You haven't updated it in AGES... And I so want to know what happens in Malfoy Manor.
Anyway... short version is that I love your writing... Please write more soon.

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Review #7, by KayKayGrrl224 Prodigal Son

17th February 2009:
I love it it is truly very good, and i have to say that Charlie is my favorite Weasley... I had been thinking of writing a fan fic about him but i have never gotten around to it. I would love your opinion on my fan fics if you ever have the time.

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