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Review #1, by marinahill Chapter Seven

19th February 2012:
OMG yay! you got the scene in, the one between teddy and molly! I was heartbroken when you said you were going to scrap it, no joke. Molly's such a smartiepants, i loved her banter with Teddy and I felt nearly as confused as Teddy by the time she'd finished. she is VERY much like you.

another yay! they kissed! Shove Adam, he's not important. Now they can go off and get married in La Gomera and have a rather special guy singing at their reception...




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Review #2, by filchismyluvr Two.

29th June 2010:
Dear Eridanus,

I love this story so much, I've been reading it all day, and as you can see I've really made progress. I'm so dedicated to this story I'll make many mistakes worth making to give you the motivation to continue.

Please? Why won't you update? I left you a nice review and you ignored it :( But even that mistake is forgivable, I will still support you. Because as Voldie said in AVPM, when I rule the world (once your plan to update succeeds) part of that world goes to you. ♥

Favourite lines from this chapter:

Nobody was even remotely embarrassed for Teddy; on the contrary they seemed to think that he was enjoying it. haha I bet he was enjoying it.

Ironically, Bill answered the door to about the only "youth" on the planet that he had liked since he was one himself. this is what i like about this story - it really makes me think. See here I was thinking "I wonder what Filch was like in his youth". Just like that.

'Kill me now, Dom. I'm begging you.' Omg, how did you go from really funniness to such a heartbreaking line :( I am scared to read on now a little, I hope Dom doesn't kill him, that would break my heart, because it's heartbreaking. But because I'm so in love with this story I'll read on. I love it. Like loads.

Oh, before I go and weep at the misfortune in my life, I just wanted to ask who the attractive man in your banner is? I don't mean the blonde one, the other one. You know?

Good luck with the next update, I'm still checking back every day!!

Always Yours,



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Review #3, by filchismyluvr One.

29th June 2010:
Dear Eridanus,

This is one of my favourite stories ever and I check back every day to see if you've updated. But you never do :( without this story I wouldn't have started reading fanfiction again. The power of your words has ignited a fire within me and a passion for next gen and beautiful stories like this.

Here are some of my favourite lines from this chapter:

"Teddy's only response was to smirk and tinge his face a very ill-looking shade of green. " I love Teddy, you've made him sound so dishy.

To be honest he was just a bit cringey, your stereotypical dancing dad with two left feet. this is lovely, sounds like my dad. Nice use of the word "cringey".

He truly was a hopeless case Dominique thought, shaking her head. unlike this story.

Please please please update soon! I'll still be checking back every day, I promise, I'll be your loyal reviewer forever, I'll do more than just favourite! Pleeasee?? In case you need some reasons to continue this story, I have made a handy list for you.

Reasons to continue:

1) if you feel this story is a mistake, let me assure you it's worth making.
2) it has a very attractive Teddy in it.
3) this story is the only thing in the world that makes me happy inside. Well, that and Evanescence.

I have more but the thought of not getting an update on this story just made me die a little inside and I can't see the computer screen for crying.

Please update?



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Review #4, by laurenb4harryp Chapter Seven

11th May 2010:
OMG! This is the best story ever - I love Teddy/Dominique, it's so amazing! You're an excellent writer - update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it, but unfortunately it's on a bit of a hiatus at the moment... I may be able to update sometime over Summer when I've got some more time though! And if you like Teddy/Dominique you might like to check out my other story 'La Lavande' - it's on its way there :P.

Thank you so much for all your compliments! And for the review xD

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Review #5, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Two.

3rd May 2010:
I love this so much. You must update. You must. I'll not leave you alone and will steal Travis back off you if you don't. I have an army. I could do it.


Author's Response: NO. I have told you already, if I update it will be in August. There's something awful for you to look forward to. AND DON'T BE MEAN.

...I hope that was sarcasm.

I would thank you for the review, but I can't.

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Review #6, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme One.

12th April 2010:

Okay, was searching through my faves, saw this and then saw bunny man and am actually only here to say OMG I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

Bunny man is the reason you should finish this story.

Terribly sorry for not having reviewed this chapter before. It's very lovely



Although, you make a VERY valid point. My heart aches for bunnyman. If I ever do finish this story he's going to have to make an appearance. There's no two ways about it.

Now, stop trying to persuade me to write rubbish :P.

It's very awful, but I forgive you completely XD

I would thank you, but I can't ♥

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Review #7, by miss_aurora Chapter Seven

15th December 2009:
I love Molly here. Yeah, I know she isn't even the main character, but I can't help it. I mean, she's so unlike Percy and that's a good thing, and the way she handles conversation amuses me. Haha.. :D

But of course, the highlight is the kiss. I squeal, it ends too fast, and Dom runs., asdfgfdsa... I'm dying to know more.

Thanks for writing and I apologize for the tardiness (in reviewing, I mean..)

Author's Response: I can't help including her wherever I can either XD. Although, if you're interested, I have started a Molly-centric story called Peripheral, which you can find on my author page! Yes, she is rather the opposite of Percy, but a lot of people make her exactly like him, so I did something a little bit out of the way. Is it wrong to say she makes me laugh if I write her? :P

I'm really thrilled that you enjoyed it! I decided to go for a cliffhanger for once, lol. I've got no inspiration for the story at the moment, so it's temporarily abandoned, but I'll try and get you a new chapter asap!

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing. It means a lot to know that people are enjoying this ^_^.

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Review #8, by sreduaram Chapter Seven

4th October 2009:
AHHH!!! they kissed :D which is awesome and exciting. ut obviously because it's them it will inevitably go wrong. stupid adam. though i was kind of worried it was victoire aswell, who could potentially also react badly. but aside from stupid people, yay for the kiss!
and molly. oh how i love molly. and her talking to cassie is just hilarious. its like 'every woman hates teddy day'
totally loved this chapter!!

Author's Response: They did! XD
Lol, I'm glad that you're pleased, but as you say, the course of true love never did run smooth :P. It wasn't very well timed, was it? Oooh, you never know, Victoire may have something to say about it... But, YAY anyway!

I'm glad you liked Molly! As a character she's really grown on me and I recently started a story focusing on her. It's on my author page under Peripheral if you're interested ^_^. LOL, yes, women ganging up on him :P.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review again!

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Review #9, by greenbeanjean Chapter Seven

1st October 2009:
oh good chapter! Favorite part: "Teddy was now reasonably convinced that no man had ever told someone they loved them. It was a romantic fantasy dreamt up by a crowd of hormonal females used to trick men into embarrassing themselves."


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really love it when readers quote their favourite lines and such ^_^. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Chapter Seven

30th September 2009:


Okay, will not get sense out of me. Love Molly (naturellement) - very amusing. Just lovely. Love Teddy (who doesn't?) despite his...-non twelve plus word here-ish tendencies. Love Dominique despite her lack of real appearance.

The ganging up on Teddy reminds me of something Jack would do in Monday, Monday - the female conspiracy thing. Liked it a lot.

THE KISS -dies- Hallelujah - this is all I have to say. Though poor Adam :( -hugs-

Jane, Jane, Jane - never tell me your chapters are rubbish again because this was FANTASTIC.
I'm squeeing. Literally squeeing. It's been a very squeey day today.

Brilliant, my lovely.

Author's Response: Hahaha!

Because it would have ruined the element of surprise for the only decent part of the chapter ;). I GOT SKILLZ.

Yes, Molly is a legend and Teddy is Teddy so we must love him. I'm trying to turn him into more of a man WHICH IS WHY HE HAS THOSE TENDENCIES. Although, we can all feel sorry for him now that Dom has run away.

It's the way of the world, Rachel :P.

IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH, DIDN'T IT? It wasn't planned but I got bored and decided it was now or never XD. No, we hate Adam. NOBODY CARES ABOUT HIM. He's an even bigger woman.

Alright, in future I shall tell MANY, MANY lies :P. You are just one huge ball of silly squee-ing, but I appreciate it all the same, Lol.


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Review #11, by Jellyman Chapter Six

22nd August 2009:
Excellent chapter! AND OMG HE ADMITTED IT :D But I have a sinking feeling he won't remember :( Poor Dom - why did he have to be drunk??

Great chapter, worth the wait! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, Georgia! HE DID ADMIT IT! (Thanks for using caps. I loff caps). Don't let yourself sink too far, something tells me that he'll remember, but it may not be so smooth. I DON'T KNOW -cries-. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ^_^. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #12, by nextgenfan Chapter Six

19th August 2009:
I am absolutely in love with your story, no joke it is amazing. I just read it top to bottom without taking a single break. I love your portrayal of boy Dom and Teddy, absolutely perfect!

Please continue with the amazing writing!

Author's Response: I'm incredibly flattered that you like it so much. I'm so pleased that I managed to capture your interest and although I didn't intend for Dom to be a male in this I don't mind if you see it that way, Lol.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story so far and I'm so pleased that you took the time to review as well ^_^.

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Review #13, by hpfan45 Chapter Six

19th August 2009:
oh teddy, you drunken fool.

wonder what sober teddy will do.if he remembers.

great chap & update soon!! :)

becca xx

Author's Response: He is a total fool, isn't he? There was no need for the alcohol, but he did it anyway. The shame.
You'll just have to wait and see in the next chapter. I think I can promise that it will certainly be interesting.

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to review. I'm absolutely thrilled that you liked it ^_^.

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Review #14, by greenbeanjean Chapter Six

19th August 2009:
Oh I'm glad you updated! I can't believe Dom just dismissed Teddy like that. I guess he was drunk though. Great chapter. I laughed at the reference to the Weird Sisters being an retro band.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you cared that I updated! I think the main reason that she dismissed him is just because the idea of them as a couple has never occurred to her and, therefore, it doesn't seem at all realistic to her that he's telling the truth. Hahaha, I'm sure they're getting on a bit in years at this stage.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #15, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Chapter Six

18th August 2009:

ILY and I misses you - damn Croatians. I hope they're keeping you distracted.

SO at long long long last we have chapter 6. It was worth it.

I want him. I just wanted to leap into the computer and cuddle him forever and ever (and shush, you can have Remus. I shall bring him back to life). He was sooo adorable.
AND HIS REVELATION :O Interesting stuffs. Unexpected, I must say, for this chapter. I think we're going to see some denial coming up soon.

Adam is sweet. I like him. I would like to pat him on the head.

Louis is very good. I do like him too. He sounds flexible with all his chair vaulting. That's always a good quality.

And Dom. Poor, poor Dom. I do feel sorry for her. She's all exasperated and everything. I think we need more Molly to cheer her up (hint hint). I would like to see if anything happened with Callum Wood.

On a more serious note - it was definitely worth the wait and I think it's the best chapter so far (in terms of action and writing).

Simply splendiferous (and get home soon)



I know! I'm a walking, talking cliché XD, but I loff it. This story is clearly just a way for me to write about Teddy and I am feeling that therapy may be necessary. Hmmm... This is going to take some serious consideration. Fine, you take Alan. I cannot give you Teddy. I just can't.
Denial? WELL YOU'RE SORT OF WRONG, BUT NOT REALLY, BUT THEN AGAIN YOU ARE. So, watch out for it =P. I was trying to surprise you all, lol.

That's how you're supposed to feel. He is there. He is fine. BUT HE IS RUBBISH AND SO IS DOM/ADAM ^_^.

You are a pervert. That is all.

I agree with you entirely on the Molly point, which is why the next chapter is going to come from Molly POV and she is going to sort everything out! HURRAHHH! Oooh, who knows... All will be revealed.

Thank you SO much -chuffs-. I like it to, because we're getting into the more meaty stuff and I have PLANNED some stuff that's going to happen and OMG it is very exciting for me, because I never plan, but this is just EXCITING.


Jane xx

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Review #16, by sreduaram Chapter Six

15th August 2009:
definately worth the wait :D i want to know what happens though!! teddy actually told dom he loved her. and wow. drama drama drama! i loved it though!
pleeease update soon. i don't know how long i can can survive without more :P

Author's Response: I'm glad this chapter didn't disappoint you! You'll just have to wait and see in the next chapter ;). He did and the next chapter will clear up this cliffhanger, but if all goes to plan there may be even more drama. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out. Lol, the next chapter has been started and you can expect a chapter some time in September.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It's very much appreciated ^_^.

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Review #17, by marinahill Chapter Six

14th August 2009:
jane :( How could you leave it there! it's very cruel! And Teddy was hilarious (though sweet) in this chapter. My favourite line from this chapter was: "Right Ive had enough of this rubbish". It seemed to fit the mood perfectly and was very in character.

I loved Molly too, flirting with Callum Wood. It's a shame we didnt see more of her in this chapter :(

anyway! lovely update, loving the drama :D

Author's Response: It was half a cliff hanger :P I am trying to be like you, Lol. YOU ARE MY IDOL AND I LOVE YOU. Yes, very in character. Dominique hates rubbish. I think she may be a bin woman when she leaves Hogwarts, so that she can get rid of it all.


Hahaha, thank you very much :D. Your review made my day.

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Review #18, by marinahill Five

11th August 2009:
What??? There is no more??? Madness.

I was very amused to read your characterisation of Molly. She seems familiar. Possibly it was the line "I got a bit of a treat there", but she does sound like someone i know. Oh well, maybe it's just because your writing is so good it makes me feel at ease. Yes, that must be it ;)

anyway, fabulous stuff, i laughed my head off. Now i cant see :P turrah. x

Author's Response: I AM SO SORRY! I will write you another chapter asap... I just posted you another chapter ;).

Yes, Molly is rather amusing, but I don't quite know anyone like her. She is a figment of my imagination. Hmmm, yes, that line doesn't bring anyone to mind. Maybe you've gone insane? Probably. Thank you for the compliment, I quite agree.

I know what you were laughing at, you witch :P. LOL, see you soon! Thank you for R&Ring

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Review #19, by marinahill Four.

11th August 2009:
"it might have been his rubbish time keeping skills"

^ that was my favourite from this chapter :D

This was so cute. And the way he snuggled up with her made my heart melt and think of other suitable men, i'm sure you know who i mean. Excellent, excellent.

Author's Response: I do like this line, but it isn't quite as good as the last one... It only refers to awful time-keeping not things being generally rubbish.
Cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe. That is all I will say in response :P. AHAHAHAHAHA, OTHER SUITABLE MEN. Yes, I know exactly who you mean!
Thanks for reading and reviewing, my dear.

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Review #20, by marinahill Two.

11th August 2009:
"lots of other rubbish "

the best line in the whole chapter, i think it sums everything up rather nicely :)

excellent chapter, i love it already :D

Author's Response: It is my favourite line too. I think that phrase really describes the whole story ;). I'm THRILLED that you managed to pick up on that.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, whoever you are :P.

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Review #21, by sreduaram Five

22nd July 2009:
teddy certainly is the object of gossip isn't he? well you have described him as front page material, so i'm hardly complaining ;)
and percy is just hilarious. i love hoe you've written him. all the dad jokes. they remind me a bit of my dad sadly enough...
i really so adore this story. because i generally stick more to teddy/victoire, but this makes me more of a dom fan. they just seem so much more suited to each other. so congratulations for converting me :P i think i've become more of a dominique/teddy shipper after reading this.
well, awesome chapter. i absoloutely LOVE this story. please update soon!

Author's Response: Oh, he's definitely a popular topic of conversation! I dare say the children of the Golden Trio and all of their relations, along with Teddy, would be the subject of much speculation.
I know what you're talking about when you say that... Unfortunately my parents have inspired some of Percy's cringey moments, Lol.
Ahhh! I've made a conversion! That has actually pleased me immensely! I do enjoy Teddy/Vic myself, but I really enjoy Teddy/Dominique. Sadly, there isn't too many of them about!
I really can't thank you enough for such a wonderful series of reviews, but chapter six is almost finished, so I hope you enjoy it when it's posted. ^_^

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Review #22, by sreduaram Four.

22nd July 2009:
all the men are so protective of her. it's adorable!
i liked the chapter from teddy's perspective, to see all of his views on everything. he really is such a sweetheart when he consoles dom. i think im team dom/teddy :) they just seem to fit so well
this chapter was also deliriously funny. especially the line "It's your scrumptiously classic good looks and celebrity status." god, what i would give to see a fully grown man say that to another :P

Author's Response: I thought it was about time that we saw a chapter from Teddy's perspective and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! At this point everyone seems to be shipping Tedonique, but that may change as the story progresses, Lol.
Hahaha, I'm glad that you liked the humour and I can't thank you enough for your lovely review!

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Review #23, by sreduaram Chapter Three.

22nd July 2009:
ooh teddy's a bit protective here. jealousy perhaps?
i love how you've established teddy's character, and his closeness to dom. their relationship seems to just work :)
awesome chapter, which is especially good because of the length

Author's Response: Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps ;). It does work. They've got the sort of closeness that friends have, not relations- Dom's got Molly as her family friend, Lol. Does that mean that you did like the length or you didn't? :P
Again, thanks a million for stopping by to read and review!

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Review #24, by sreduaram Two.

22nd July 2009:
again, victoire is so funny to read about. she just seems so oblivious. i like the dom and teddy relationship you've set up though. even just the friendship (because it seems dom won't admit to herself, her slight jealousy).
and percy is also very entertaining. he is so, just, pompous! its awesome :P

Author's Response: I'm really pleased that you like the characters and the dynamics between them. It's definitely only friendship between them at this point, but you'll see where they all end up... I'm glad that you like Percy! He's a bit of a caricature of his normal self, but he's wonderfully fun to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by sreduaram One.

22nd July 2009:
haha i love the first chapter. and dom is definately an amusing perspective. i also love molly. for once she isn't as prudish as her father, which is a nice change :)
there are so many amusing bits in this, and i have to say i loved the line
"Dom apart from her sister and although she loved Victoire, well what could you say, she was Victoire."
victoire is hilarious, with the throwing herself at teddy. definately an awesome beginning!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like reading it from Dom's side, it's a great story to write because it's just so much fun! And, in my opinion, Molly is and always should be an absolute sweetheart. We can't just have a second set of all of the generation before ^_^.
Oh, I'm so glad that you find it funny, because I was worried that the humour may be lost on some people. She is doing rather a lot of the chasing :P.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

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