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Review #1, by Alexia Vender New Years Eve

5th March 2013:
sorry but this is really bugging me.
there: a place
their: belonging to a person

Author's Response: If you don't like it you don't have to keep reading it. I'm sorry it's bugging you so much but that is an option.

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Review #2, by Alexia Vender Gringotts

5th March 2013:
okay, i like this story, but:
where= a question as to the location of matter
were: the past tence of a task that was unfinished or never started
we're= we are.

Author's Response: Glad you like it but you'll have to put up with the grammar cus I don't feel like going back to edit sorry :(

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Review #3, by MoonlightFaerae The Summer After

10th June 2012:
I really enjoyed reading it, I couldn't stop, my family dragged me swimming and I actually got out of the pool, sat at pool side and read it on my phone! x

Author's Response: Hahahah! You are awesome! XD

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Review #4, by cait The Past Has Never Been So...Confusing

14th May 2012:
lts good, but why is cedric a vampire? how did it happen and why is he at school is he is one? and why would you mix twilight into it? not hating just curious

Author's Response: I wrote this SO long ago I'm going to have to go back and figure out what you are talking about...*five minutes later*...Oh! I made that joke because people who know both Twilight and HP make jokes about Cedric not being dead but a vamp. Its just a funny line that people throw about -- like a cliche cus Rob Pattenson plays both Cedric and Edward. It was just an AN joke =) thnx for being curious!

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Review #5, by laura!! The Summer After

9th April 2012:
cant wait til the sequel! it will be soo good!! amazing story line!! keep writing!! :)

Author's Response: Sorry, there isn't a sequel to this one--I'll take that down. Glad you like it though!

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Review #6, by NightCrimson The Summer After

25th February 2012:
of all the 6 fanfictions i've read of your's I absolutely LOVE this one better than any of the others!
Gracen is awesome..:D
and i like the idea of him being part Weasley and part Black.. very juicy..;)
Can't wait for the sequel!:D

Author's Response: Glad you like it! But sadly there is no sequel. There was no interest for it when I put it up forever ago so I just took it down. Sorry. But glad you love this one! =) You made my day!

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Review #7, by rexchung9o21 The Summer After

21st January 2012:

Author's Response: I took it down because no one seemed interested in it. sorry.

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Review #8, by Beth Pictures and A Strali

18th August 2011:
Aw, that was so cute! Harry and Gracen bonding over their shared adopted family :') I must also add that I love Charlie - always have, always will - and some stories completely ignore him so I'm so glad he's in this one :P Right, I'm going to keep reading now :D

Author's Response: I love Charlie too!! XD I'm glad I found a fellow Charlie-Weasley lover!! Glad you like this story! It's one of my older ones!! XD Enjoy!

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Review #9, by Beth The Past Has Never Been So...Confusing

17th August 2011:
I see your definately a Twilight and Potter fan like me :) With the whole Rosalie as Gracen's mum and Hale as his best friend :P I'm waiting for Jasper, Emmett or Jake now :D Your story is awesome by the way - I'm already hooked! xx

Author's Response: Glad you like it!! XD No more names like that though!! sorry!! thnx for the review!!

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Review #10, by jrchalut Mixture for the Holidays

15th March 2010:
I'm loving your story, but I only have one issue with it. Shouldn't they be paying with Galleons instead of Pounds in Diagon Alley? Other than that, I absolutely love it! I can't wait to read the rest and some more of your work!! :)

Author's Response: Well they would have been using Galleons if I had remembered how to spell it at the time I was writting thsi chapter - my bad. = )

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Review #11, by addictedreader The Past Has Never Been So...Confusing

9th February 2010:
Totally love your AN!! I'm in class right now and all three of my friends thought it was so funny! Love the story so far!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so much! glad all of ya like it so much! hope you enjoy the rest of it! = ) thanx for the review!!

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Review #12, by laughingxbubbles The Past Has Never Been So...Confusing

10th November 2009:
haha i got the twilight reference. =] im glad he's alive. killing him made me want to hurt jkr. but i lived, and so did he apparently. i think i'm going to like this story... great chapter!

Author's Response: I hope you like it too! and Ced was one of my favorite characters as well! so I'm glad you enjoyed that little part!

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Review #13, by unregisteredanimagi_ The Summer After

25th October 2009:
i liked this story, it kept me entertained without being overly silly, emotional or unreal. i hope to read some more stories from you. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like it! thanx for the review and I hope you enjoy my other stories! = )

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Review #14, by pinks The Summer After

22nd October 2009:
Ooo, thanks for dedicating the chapter to me! Again, I've really enjoyed reading this story--you developed a number of interesting original characeters. I do wish we had learned more about the mysterious shopkeeper, but I suppose that's what the sequel is for :).

A few grammar nits for old time's sake:
"barley" should be "barely"
"You better be glad we where done" -- "where" should be "were"

Author's Response: That is exactly what the sequel is for! Thanx for reading and helping with all the grammer nits and such! = )

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Review #15, by sinwillys822 The Summer After

22nd October 2009:
awww very cute chapter, and thanks for the dedication can't wait to see what happens next. 101010101010101010101010

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! and your welcome! thanx for all the 10's too! = )

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Review #16, by pinks Gracen Weasley

18th October 2009:
Great job on this story; I have really enjoyed following Gracen's adventure. I look forward to reading the epilogue and more of your stories.

Author's Response: I'm so thankful to have your reviews! You have helped me SO much in my grammer and such! And I hope you like the epilogue and some of my other stories! thanx! = )

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 A True Weasley

12th October 2009:
ohh i am so glad that they talked to him, can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: DUN! DUN! DUUDA! Ok, I'm weird I know - next chapter should be up soon - and then only one more to go after that! = )

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Review #18, by pinks A True Weasley

10th October 2009:
Great chapter! Glad to see that Gray is finally part of the family.

Just one typo that I spotted: In the sentence "the ground literary burned form our show," "form" should be "from"

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked the chapter! And thanx for the typo point out! = )

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Review #19, by pinks Gringotts

8th October 2009:
Great chapter! I'm glad he found the family vault. Here is the typo list:

"loosing" should be "losing"

"too keep him safe" should be "to keep him safe"

"where there" should be "were there"

"I crash sounded" should be "A crash sounded"

"volt 366" should be "vault 366"

"Inside where neat stacks" again a where/were mix-up

Author's Response: Again, you're a life saver! the only one I didn't seem to find was the 'where there' so that I could change it - I'll look some more later. thanx for the help and the review! I'm glad you liked the chapter! = )

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Review #20, by pinks Being Part Of The Family

8th October 2009:
Great chapter, keep up the good work!

small typo--"Ron complained, walking into the kitchen where all of us where doing just find making out own lunches for a change."

the second "where" should be "were" and "out" should be "our".

Author's Response: Thanx you! you are a life saver! I try and have correct grammer and no typo's but I just kinda fail! Thanx a million again! And I'm glad you liked the chapter! = )

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Review #21, by pinks Reason 364 Why The Twin Should Never Help With Potions

8th October 2009:
I'm curious why the shopkeeper keeps helping Gracen.

Author's Response: Well, I'll give you a hint, there will be a sequel and it has something to do with Gracen's mother. thats all you get thou. = )

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Review #22, by sinwillys822 New Years Eve

8th October 2009:
aww this chapter is sweet, can't wait to read his reaction to them adopting him.

Author's Response: I know me too! Oh wait, I still have to write that...thanx for the review! = )

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Review #23, by pure angel New Years Eve

8th October 2009:

Whats in his pocket?

I want to know *puppy dog eyes*

Update soon

pure angel

Author's Response: More too come soon! Promise! = )

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Review #24, by sinwillys822 Gringotts

4th October 2009:
i luved the chapter and can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: More to come! I hope to finish the story before the end of the year! all fingers crossed! = )

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Review #25, by Lillylover22 The Journal

3rd October 2009:
huh. it is intriguing. 8/10 =]

Author's Response: Thanz! = )

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