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Review #1, by xxSTARxx "Slip of the tongue."

8th March 2014:
I love this story but you haven't updated for forever - can you please add another chapter soon??


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Review #2, by Molly Raesly "Slip of the tongue."

21st October 2012:
That's a Dark Angel reference.
Also, I noticed that none of my nagging from these two years have been mentioned.
The weird thing is that only the last 1000 words or so of this chapter were things I haven't read yet. The Quidditch part I feel like I've known for years (which I have) so it was weird to think of it as new.
Anyways, thank God they're together. Now we just have to see how it's going to get all messed up!

Author's Response: =P

whoops. i realized that when amanda reviewed last night. i was flustered. i'll add it eventually.

wronnngg. the last 3000 or so words were just written these last 2 days. haha.

thanks, querida! and you know me too well...

~ Danica

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Review #3, by Amanda "Slip of the tongue."

21st October 2012:
So good. As per usual. I laughed out loud twice. I liked the handball tidbit. I love Jenyse. What is Ian's fate? A girl can only wonder. Like she has been for the past five years.

Author's Response: hahaha. i wrote the handball part so long ago that i had to go back and ctrl+F it. i'm so weird. thanks, mandar!!! and sorry for keeping on your toes for 5 years...

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Review #4, by edowayne "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

21st July 2012:
you need to keep reviewing so that the whole world can read your magic

Author's Response: awww! you're way too sweet! thank you so much for reading, reviewing, and appreciating! i hope you come back for the update i just made!

sorry sorry sorry for the long wait and thank you thank you thank you for the heartwarming review!

~ Danica

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Review #5, by nnnnnnn "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

12th February 2012:
Danica!!! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Hi!! i'm sorry! it's updated now! 8 months after you made this review! hope you come back and read it!!

sorry sorry sorry!!

~ Danica

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Review #6, by Hope's Mom "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

19th November 2011:
Finally - she is going to give Ian a chance! I found this story's predecessor yesterday in the archives yesterday and inhaled it. Did you hear me yell "NOOO!" at the end when Ian woke up and didn't remember Jenyse? This has been a sweet story watching Ian and Jenyse find their way toward each other although the Travis chapter was a little painful (poor Travis). I loved how you used Lily/Snape to help Jenyse with her guilt over her lack of feelings toward Travis. I love how her "Boys" are such great brothers to her (especially Sirius, James and Remus). Even Peter is tolerable (usually I can't stand him). I suppose Ian won't ever remember being Alec but will she tell him and would he be jealous of himself? Wouldn't that be weird? Thank you so much for writing such an entertaining story - I hope you come back to it!

Author's Response: hi!! sorry this took way too long. thank you so much for reading and for your review!

oh, so THAT'S what i heard on November 19, 2011. i thought that "NOOO!" was just in my head. =P

you're way too sweet and i really appreciate all that you've said! i really hope that you come back and read the new update!

thanks again!!

~ Danica

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Review #7, by tiana "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

28th October 2011:
i love this story! please update soon!

Author's Response: i love your review! update is now up! a year after the fact! haha. thanks so much!

~ Danica

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Review #8, by siriusly_forgetful24 "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

26th October 2011:

I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with this story! I especially love Ian, :) I won't even try to match the length of this chapter because, well, I would probably start rambling and I am going to spare you from reading that. Anywhoo, I hope you post the next chapter soon because I'm really impatient and I can't wait to find out what happens next BUT don't feel any pressure at all to do post if your busy...Alright, I'm starting to ramble, time to go. Love your story, can't wait for more. :)

Author's Response: HI!!!

so sorry this is pretty much irrelevant now, considering how long it's been, but here i am, answering your review that you have been so kindly to write.

thank you so much!! i'm so glad you found my stories! you're too nice. hope you come back to read the next chapter, even though it's been a year since you were last here.

~ Danica

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Review #9, by Amanda. "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

1st August 2011:
I love it. I love it I love it I love it I love it.

Author's Response: I love you. I love you I love you I love you I love you.

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Review #10, by Woodrow Rynne "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

18th May 2011:
*happy sigh*
I love this story. It's so beautifully written. I just hope this has a happy ending or you'll crush my heart. :)

Author's Response: hello there, new reviewer!

i'm so so glad that you found and like this story! i hope this has a happy ending too. =P i miss alec!

thanks thanks thanks for finding, reading, and reviewing! you're awesome! i hope to see you at the next one!

~ Danica

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Review #11, by are you sirius "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

9th February 2011:

Author's Response: hahah. thanks so much!! so sorry this reply took forever! it's been crazy lately! but your review is very much appreciated! hopefully i can get a new chapter out soon! probably not this month, but soonish!

thanks thanks thanks!

~ Danica

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Review #12, by nikki "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

5th February 2011:
YAY!! A new chapter! It was amazing as usual! Update faster next time. =D

Author's Response: hey! sorry for this SUPER late reply to your lovely review! it's been insaaane all year. luckily school ends next friday (17th), so i can finally get back to al--ian!

thanks so much! i'm so glad you approved of this chapter! it was fun to write. i think. stressful, but there were some fun scenes. specifically the ian-neesy sexual tension scenes and sirius-jondi scenes.

i'm sorry to say that chapter 10 won't be done this month (going to Orlando last week of june.HP WORLD!!!), unless i get a miraculous writing surge the week after next.

i'm so so sorry for making you and everyone else wait this long! i'm a horrible author, i know.

thanks for your patience!

~ Danica

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Review #13, by lindsay1220 "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

1st February 2011:
I didn't do a double-take this time, because I was thinking "Oh, hmm, I wonder if Danica's updated"... CREEPY, RIGHT??!? I still froze in shock, of course, but I didn't close the tab!

So let's get crackin', shall we? Jarron: Liked him, of course, even though his appearence was brief.

Baby Jaylyn: AWW!! Adorable! You just slipped in the best little details about her, like how she stole James's glasses. And of course, Jenyse's bedtime story, but I'll get to that later ;)

Sirius and Jondi's love affair: YESS!! Totally awesome! Those two *shakes head affectionately* And her daddy getting worried about her promiscuity, BAHAHA!

The rest of Jenyse's family: Loved them all, because you made sure each was a distinct character. BUT, I especially love Jenyse's mum! She was SPECTACULAR!! Favorite bit for her mum?
MUM: Jenyse Syl Baccari!
JENYSE: It's just payback, he smacked me first!
MUM: Oh, that's okay then...

The Marauders were loverly, especially at the grocery store (Remus: chocolategottagobye!) You know, most of the times we heard from Remus in this chapter were..related to chocolate XP And Sirius, with his flirting, and being all understanding when Jenyse- no, wait, talking about that later :D

Ian: SOO. ADORABLE. I. ALOMOST. COMBUSTED. Serioulsy! And he's just an opportunistic little bugger, isn't he? The lemon scene was so SQUEE!

I just love all the little things you slip in, like that old couple with that yummy lemon! Those litttle things are what distinguish your writing from other stories on this site, and what make it so enjoyable! I was just up here in the loft, giggling away like a buffoon, chewing on the handle of some scissors I found during the suspenseful scenes (yes, I'm weird) because you're writing just does that to me :)

AANNDD... the BEDTIME STORY. DUUN DUN-DUN-DUN DUUN DUUN. Haha, just kidding ;P T'was brilliant, and of course the whole time I was reading it I was thinking "Okay, who's gonna walk in?" I was hoping for Ian, but that would have been too EASY! Then again... Sirius *melts into a puddle* I did ask you for a chapter more focused on Sirius than Remus, and you certainly delivered! And also, THANKS SIRIUS, CUZ SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT!

Buuut... now you've left us with the biggest cliffie in the history of sexual tension. *Sighs* I guess I'd better buckle down for a five-month wait... Now another suggestion (a la how I suggested "Look a clown" to get rid of Ian?...yeah, that didn't happen) : When Ian and Jenyse are snogging, she should call him Alec, and he'd get adorably enraged in a way I'm sure you wouldn't drag out to torture us all...

As always, credit where it's due... THANKS, MOLLY RAESLY!! I'm sure this story wouldn't even be up, let alone be updating (albeit slooowly, haha) without you!


P.S. Now that I've written this behemoth of a review, can I give you a challenge? UPDATE FASTER!

P.P.S. And don't be all wimpy and update in, like, four months, two weeks, and six days, either ;)

P.P.P.S. It occurs to me that I use a lot of British-isms, like mum and snogging... and I'm American. XD

Author's Response: hi!!! so so sorry this reply has taken a bajillion years. as i said in my reply to your review of ASTU, it's been INSANE lately!

wowza. this review is awesomely long! i'm gonna take it paragraph by paragraph so that i can answer every thought you gave me. haha.

1. i love hearing about your reactions to my sporadic updates. haha. look at you, you psychic, you!

2. i love Jarron. i'm kinda sad i couldn't have more of him in this chapter. there was a lot that needed to be done. he's loosely based on my brother. that's why i love him so much. =D

3. Baby Jaylyn! she's such a cutie! i want a new baby in the family/family friends circle! my cousin and his wife have been trying for one, but no such luck yet!

4. Sirius and Jonds. hahha. they've gotten a lot of love. they're kinda like my sister's boyfriend and my cousin's niece. except Sirius plays into it, and Kent (sister's bf) thinks it's hilarious and a little strange. Jondi is a very smart girl for choosing Sirius...

5. Baccaris. =D looove them! i'm a very family-oriented person, so any family theme, i love love love. i'm SO glad that you noticed the distinction in each member of Nees's family. and Mama Baccari is awesome. oh, and by the way, that whole scene with Jarron jumping on Nees in the middle of the night and smacking her? yeah. REALLY HAPPENED. i didn't smack him back, the next morning, but it truly happened. and that was the exact dialogue as i remember. haha. my brother's an idiot.

6. Marauders. ahh. loves of my life. Remmy and chocolate. it's too great to resist. and Sirius. for some reason, in my head, i just imagine him kinda "like like"ing Jenyse, in a way that he doesn't think he'd be good for her, but wants her to be as happy as possible. you know what i mean? which makes the cryfest that much more meaningful. i dunno. it's weird. like, i'll never mention it in the story, but it's just a back-in-my-mind-random-thought. y'know?

7. Ian. m'boy. haha. he is quite adorable, isn't he? the lemon scene was sooo fun to write. along with the kitchen scene, tickling scene, end scene. clearly any scene he's in...

8. aww. you're so sweet!! those "little things" you like so much are really just random tidbits i like to add in for random fun. haha. without really thinking about it. i'm glad you enjoy them! ...umm...scissors? i don't think you should be chewing on anything remotely sharp...especially when you're in suspense... haha.

9. CRYFEST! the one scene that has been planned since the very beginning of this sequel. ahh! i'm so glad you liked it! it was terrifying to write. it needed to be right. there's so much i wish i would've added to it, though. i may edit it some time in the future. probably not... hah. so yeah. Sirius just seemed perfect for some reason. hahahah!! "THANKS SIRIUS, CUZ SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT!" bahhah! you're great.

10. muahah. Ian-Neesy sexual tension. my favorite. remember that scene during the quidditch practice Ian came to way back when, when he was fixing Nees's form on her broom? ahh. THAT was fun to write. oops. forgot about that "look a clown." i'll tie it in next chapter! promise! and snogging? who said there would be snogging?

11. Molly Raesly is my savior. and you are absolutely right. without her, this story wouldn't be on this or any other site. i had about 3 or 4 chapters written before she convinced me to post them.

ahh. that was long. =P thanks for that! you're amazing!

~ Danica

P.S. challenge...not taken...? i guess you would say? haha. sorry!

P.P.S. whoops.

P.P.P.S. don't worry. i do it too, as an American myself. snogging, rubbish, arse. i do it all the time. =D

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Review #14, by miss_aurora "I could never hurt that pretty face of yours."

1st February 2011:
Oh my, I miss this story a lot. And despite the challenge, I know I won't be able to write a review as long as this chapter, but I'll try my best. Haha :D

Ok so first of all there are too many Js to keep track on until I reread some paragraphs to ensure that I know which one is the brother, which one the niece, etc. But it's fun, really. Jenyse actually has a huge family (not including her cousin, it's quite big I guess) while I don't, so it looks so much fun for me.

Sirius and Jondi are funny. Haha... Her father already said so, she's such a flirt and it seems like Ian is her second boy toy which means in the future there might be more? I thought handling one Sirius Black is hard enough but this girl is something. Haha... I don't have much to say about Jarron and baby Jaylin, maybe because I'm too focused on Jenyse. But it also breaks my heart when I read the bed time story part. For some reason when Jenyse offers a story, I already predict that she will tell that story and it's just sad.

Somehow Sirius comes and knocks some sense out of her. Now that I think about it, Jenyse is actually mistaken in one thing, Ian and Alec are one person, not two. That's probably how her heart starts falling apart and without realizing it, she refuses to accept Ian. But I think now Sirius finally plants that idea in her mind so hopefully she'll be able to move forward, at least accept Ian as who he is, not as a shadow of Alex.

There, it's not that long. I mean this review. And I love the last part when their fingers intertwined, I thought it's really sweet and lovely. Thank you for the update and just take all the time in the world for the next update. I don't mind waiting as long as you're not abandoning it. We have different educational system here so I didn't have AP Biology class but anyway, I know how it feels when facing crazy teachers or professors. Anyhow, see you later :D


Author's Response: hi! i'm so sorry this reply took forever. it's been crazy!

thanks loads for taking a whack at my long-review-challenge. haha. you're awesome! and this review is more than enough! you're so sweet!

ahh, yes. the J names. sorry. i go kinda crazy when it comes to the letter J, as you can tell. i've got an odd obsession with it. but this is the probably the last chapter that you'll have to deal with all those names. only 2 chapters left!

but i'm glad you think it's fun! i have a huge family. well, there's 6 of us in my immediate family, just like the baccaris (shocker!). but then i have 41 FIRST cousins...on my mom's side... then more on my dad's side. and we always used to have people living in our house. at one point, i'm pretty sure there were about 11 people living in my house. insanity. but, again, it was kinda fun.

i love Jondi. my cousin's niece is just like her. she flirts with my sister's boyfriend all the time. haha.

ahh. cryfest. that has been planned since i decided to make a sequel to ASTU. jenyse was bound to break at some point. and it just felt fitting for her to spill everything to sirius. and i hope your predictions for jenyse to face the facts about al--ian come true! ;D

ooh, and i kinda love the intertwining fingers, too. haha. weird for me to say that, but i just thought it very fitting.

aww, you just made my day. well, you make my day every time i read this review (and then forget to reply...). your blessing to take my time is just so refreshing and much appreciated. i am DEFINITELY not abandoning this story. i assure you of that.

thanks for the lovely review, words and patience! THANKS THANKS THANKS!

~ Danica

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Review #15, by iluv2eatcarbs "His name is Ian Hayes."

12th January 2011:
Hey! So I'm here always on time and not at all flake-y with actually getting around to reading/reviewing :P Yeah...that was sarcasm, because I suck and am a lazy slacker and awful friend at times. Anyway. This chapter was superawesomemegafoxyhot. And in that order.

It was so sad in the beginning I was like aw J (I'm calling her's a nickname of endearment haha) you did a really good job at describing all of her emotions and I loved how Remus went over and comforted her. But she should really tell someone about what happened! Can you imagine keeping that all bottled up inside? Lord, I would explode!

I also LOVED the Transfiguration scene with her and Sirius. It was hilarious. The hydrant and the dog part had me laughing, very clever Danica, very clever indeed! :)

I can't believe she's now having to tote around Ian, that would be way too painful. Loving someone who can't remember you. I hope that he remembers her, he can't not not remember her, otherwise you are made of pure evviil!

Onto the next chappie :)


Author's Response: lauren!!! love ya! miss ya! i'm taking good care of your story. updating like you asked. =D

ahhh! thanks so much for all of the lovely things you said in this review! hope you keep reading when you get back!

thanks again!

~ Danica

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Review #16, by :D "I thought you'd never ask."

12th December 2010:
The only three words I can say about this story; oh my god. I love you. This is fantastic. I've been reading this series from the start, though I believe this is the first time I've commented. I have no clue why. You're brilliant. Please do me a great favor and become an author one day so I can read your books. Oh, and update. Like now. Thanks. You're lovely. :)

Author's Response: aww, you're too nice! thanks so so much for reading and reviewing! and with such nice words! haha. you said clue. =D

ahh! you have officially made my day. i can't make any promises, since i'm not very good at thinking of whole book scenarios, but if i ever do write a book, you can get the first copy. haha.

aw, you're the lovely one! thanks so so much! i'm actually taking a break from writing right now. on page 6. lots more to go. hope you come back and review again when nine comes out! thanks again! and happy new year!

~ Danica

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Review #17, by nikki "I thought you'd never ask."

31st October 2010:
hey update sooner please!!!

Author's Response: i'm trying! 6 pages down! lots more to go! sorry for the wait! don't give up on me!

~ Danica

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Review #18, by miss_aurora "I thought you'd never ask."

12th September 2010:
I feel like I'm such a lucky girl that many of my favourite stories are being updated these days. Yeah, 8000-something is a good number but I admit, compared to your previous chapters, this isn't really that impressive. Love it though, however.

I really really miss the relationship, or rather the friendship between Jenyse and Travis. I know, it's not like they were separated many chapters ago, but still there's something sweet about these twoand I simply love it. However, I do support anything between Jenyse and Ian which means that Travis will have to give up at some point, but I still miss him :(

But on the other hand, Ian decided that healer might be a better future profession than quidditch player, especially because of his injury and I think that's really reasonable. Love the part where Jenyse's father actually invited boys for the first time.

Thank you for the update :)

Author's Response: hey there! yeah, i know. 8000 words sucks. but it was all i could spit out for this chapter. i miss trav trav too. i grant you permission to give him a hug. ian ian the sexual bein's making a (less forward?) comeback! and ahhh. papa baccari. gonna be seeing lots of him soon! so excited. if only i could get some time to write. i hate the school year. i miss summer. where's winter break when you need it?

thanks for reading and reviewing!! see you at the next one, i hope!

~ Danica

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Review #19, by Voldy_needs_a_hug "I thought you'd never ask."

8th September 2010:
YAAY YAY YAY YAAYY!!! We're finally getting somewhere ;)

i love that avpm reference in the authors note. *taps on nose* youre the best. xD

isnt darren criss so yummy? :) *sigh*

i absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: =D i'm glad that you enjoyed this chapter! nice catch on the reference. haha. i couldn't resist. darren criss IS quite yummy, but since he's got all the popularity, i settle for brian rosenthal (quirrell/seamus; ESPECIALLY as seamus!). he's hilarious.

i absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter either! thanks for reading and reviewing! see you at the next one!

~ Danica

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Review #20, by niki "I thought you'd never ask."

8th September 2010:
Oooh!!! New chapter so fast!! I cant believe it!! And it was so absolutely amazing! I loooved it and Ian and Remus!! Remus is so cute!!! I love the chapter as usual!! ^_^

Author's Response: haha. i did promise to update before labor day! aka september 6th. i'm glad that it lived up to your standards! haha. i'm getting the same reactions to Remus from everyone. i love it. i enjoy writing him. his interactions with Nees are very fun in my head, so i figure i'd share them. =D thanks so much for coming back! hope to see you at the next one!

~ Danica

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Review #21, by MollyR "I thought you'd never ask."

7th September 2010:
Totally awesome.
Love manly man remmy!!

Author's Response: thanks, love! i love my manly man (uncle) remmy, too. and you!

~ Danica

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Review #22, by lindsay1220 "I thought you'd never ask."

7th September 2010:
SQUEEEAAALLL!!! Ah! Amazing!! Yet again, I closed the tab, then thought, "Wait, did that say eight??"

And I loved the "A Very Potter Musical" reference, of course! And my thanks to Molly Raesly for getting you to put this out.

Oh Travis. Travis, Travis, Travis. Poor thing. You know, I didn't realize that Trav and Jenyse's situation was like Lily and Snape's until Lily told Jenyse, which made me want to do a headdesk. It was so obvious, looking back. So now I suppose Travis will just provide out heroine with some angst.

And EEEK!, Al-Ian's coming over for Easter??? YAAY!! I see sexual tension in their future... haha. Oh, Al-Ian. How I love thee. He is just so scrumptious. *slurps*

You know who else I loved in this chapter? Remus. How freaking ADORABLE was he?? He was definately in this more than the other marauders, and he was so CUTE! Next chapter, have Sirius feature in it, yes? *waggles eyebrows*

As always, your writing was excellent. Hurry with the next one! (haha, good one Lindsay)

10/10, as always :)


Author's Response: hahaha! i'm going to have to say that you are possibly my favorite reviewer. i think i might start writing more chapters, just so i can read your reviews. =D

ahh, i couldn't resist the reference. and i will relay the message to Molly Raesly! isn't she great? (p.s. she's got a story up on here under MollyR called Stray. check it out!)

i wish i could take credit for the lily/snape connection, but i can't. molly pointed that one out to me. haha.

ahh, yes. another reason why i love your reviews so much. i think you're the only one who refers to him as Al--Ian, other than me and molly. i love it! and yes. easter. i'm excited. are you? you should be.

Remus!!! everyone's commenting on him! i love it! i thought he deserved some love. and i love writing him with Nees. it's so much fun. plus, i always have nees/james and nees/sirius scenes. it was time for a change. a good one, at that.

haha. i won't comment any further.

thanks thanks thanks!! and you're probably right with that sarcasm. but i will TRY -- keyword here -- to hurry. school's starting and this year's going to suck (i can already tell), but i will TRY.

THANKS again!! see you at the next one!

~ Danica

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Review #23, by PetrificusTotalus "I thought you'd never ask."

7th September 2010:
Hiya :)
Loved this chapter! I like how Ian is starting to share similar traits with Alec and I know they're the same person but, like Jenyse, I see them totally different! I like Ian more and more and he likes babies-how adorable!
My favourite part? It's got to be the Jenyse and Ian interaction at the end, i like their banter lol
Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: hiya yourself! thaanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it! and yes, i think we all see Alec and Ian as completely different people, but, i figure that Alec had to have started out as Ian, but matured into what he, obviously, became. it only seemed right. and Ian liking babies. ahh. i love babies and guys who love babies. nice choice of favorite part. =D thanks for sharing!

and THANKS THANKS THANKS for reading and reviewing!! i'll see you at the next chapter, i hope!

~ Danica

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Review #24, by you know who, and no, i don't mean voldemort "Trouble in paradise?"

7th September 2010:

but it's annoying to type, isn't it? i think it is...

so AWKWARD. i felt awkward for everyone hahaaha.

i mean i guess it was amazing, as always... i guess. reading chapter 8 in a minute.

i still resent that!

Author's Response: you stinker.

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Review #25, by Voldy_needs_a_hug "Trouble in paradise?"

2nd September 2010:
Zomg! Im angry..i left a pretty long review for this chapter, but it somehow got deleted. :(

but basically all it said was EHMAHGAWD I LESS THAN THREE IT!!!

please tell me youve seen AVPS now? :D



Author's Response: hey there! it's all good. thanks for reviewing (again)! i'm glad you enjoyed it! and of course i've seen AVPS. watched it twice in a row, the night it went up.

thanks for the enthusiasm! see you at the next chapter!

~ Danica

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