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Review #1, by Fashion123 The End...Or Not

3rd January 2012:
Really great story it was really good and r u going to finish it? X

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Review #2, by WizardRock The Beginning

27th July 2009:
ha, good stuff. i like this. 'nice' Snape appeals to me ;)

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Review #3, by WizardRock The End...Or Not

27th July 2009:
this was great. i enjoyed reading it. i just hate it when Harry is in such bad light, but I've personally never liked Ginny so I'm glad she gets the cr*p boyfriend o_O

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Review #4, by TiNaXxX The End...Or Not

12th April 2009:
This is a good story. I like where it is going. The only downside I guess is how much it makes me hate Harry :D But anyway, keep writing!


Author's Response: Thank you.
I honestly don't have anything against Harry (except in the 5th book/movie, his temper bugged me) but I decided that not everyone's lives could be perfect. And Ginny was never really one of my fav characters so I chose her to be the one with the rubbish boyfriend ;p


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Review #5, by Saphira1994 The End...Or Not

11th April 2009:
Awesome i love the descriptiveness when hermione and draco are getting it on in the kitchen

Author's Response: haha. thank you! I've never really written anything like that, I was worried I'd mess it up :P


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Review #6, by Saphira1994 The Beginning

11th April 2009:
This is a good story when you finish it all i am sure i will have plenty or hours of enjoyment reading it all.

Author's Response: Thanks! I doubt the story will be more than about 10 chapters...but you never know =]


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Review #7, by Timechild The End...Or Not

11th April 2009:
Nicely written chapter. You present the PoV's nicely as well. I like what's happening with the pace and development of the stories. I also look forward to chapter 3.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I'm also working on a different story right now (What Went Wrong? - Dramione fic) and I'm waiting for the first chapter to be validated.
When it is, I'll post the 3rd chapter =]


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Review #8, by Timechild The Beginning

11th April 2009:
Interesting start to the fic. I like the different points of view that you presented. The emotions were quite clear and nicely presented. You do good works thus far.

Author's Response: Thank you! Support is always appreciated!


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Review #9, by xDarkChocolatex The Beginning

7th April 2009:
wonderfully written. Update soon. The banner + story is great!


Author's Response: thanks so much!
I will probably update today...
Kudos to Horizonblvd for the banner!

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Review #10, by Draco=MyLife The Beginning

6th April 2009:
good story. I enjoyed it. It had a good balance of romance, angst and a bit of humor (was that intentional?)
I dont know why...but Harry constantly rejecting Ginny made me burst out laughing :)
I love the banner!! It's amazing.
You should update soon!!


Author's Response: haha. thanks! Everyone sees Harry and Ginny as this perfect little couple with no problems or anything...I wanted to change that :P
Complete credit for the banner goes to Horizonblvd @ TDA!!
Thanks again. Reviews make me happy =]

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Review #11, by WOOOWZZ The Beginning

21st March 2009:
First story I've read which had so many different stories and pairings all in one lovely chapter =]
and trust me, I've read a lot ^_^
cant wait to

Author's Response: Thanx for the review!!


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Review #12, by w00tforthisstory The Beginning

21st March 2009:
nice story, personally, I think the Dramione and Snarcissa are the best couples in this :PP
Harry/Ginny are too...JK Rowling-ish type. Too non-original. Harry/Cho is better cause they didnt actually end up together =]]
will continue reading this so please get writing!!

Author's Response: Dramione's number 1 for me =]
I just started the story off the way JK made it...
Draco/whoever the mother is of Scorpius...
But in the next chapter it's going to change!

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Review #13, by DramioneSnarcissa4Ever The Beginning

21st March 2009:
aw. 'gawjuss' :]
that was beautiful.
loved it. i will definitely keep track of this one =]
update soon!

Author's Response: haha. Thanks!

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Review #14, by IBetYouWantToKnowWhoIAm The Beginning

20th March 2009:
ooh. wonderful =]]
can't wait for the next chapter!! update ASAP!!

Author's Response: thanks!
I am going to update soon!

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Review #15, by Charlie The Beginning

16th March 2009:
I liked it please write some more I really want to know what will happen next and if my favorite characters (Draco and Hermione of course) get together. So please no matter what continue with this story its a great read!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Charlie. You're my first review =]]
Draco/Hermione will eventually get together :P
I will continue, but I'm going to give the chapter a few days for readers to review first :P



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