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Review #1, by HP Fan King Henrik

29th May 2017:
Loved your story! I was laughing, crying and cheering James.
James Rules!

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Review #2, by ByeByeBirdie King Henrik

19th April 2017:
I cannot tell you how much I loved this story. Words do not do it justice. I found it on a whim and am so freaking thankful I did. I might have (definitely) cried once or twice (ten times) because you brought these characters to life. You made them real. I feel like I know them inside and out. Every joke they made I felt I was there laughing with them. Every heartbreak they endured, I was there as a crying shoulder. Every match they played I was in the stands rooting them on. My heart literally ached when Avery broke up with James. I felt numb when James thought Quidditch was over for him. And I cannot remember a time I smiled that wide or cried as many happy tears as I did at those last few sentences in chapter 54. You gave what could have been a predictable story unexpected twists and turns. And the best part was, you turned a story about Quidditch into FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS. Who does that without it getting boring or stale? YOU. So here I am bowing down to you for taking such a small part of J.K. Rowling's world and making it into something great.

Please never stop writing.

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Review #3, by Guest. The Tornadoes & Dr. Legace

31st December 2016:
I love this, I really do. :D

I love James and I always imagined him like this xD You are hilarious. The writing style is easy on the eyes and brains to process without a dictionary lurking on the next tab with me.

You have managed to write secondary female characters and make them look good and bad at the same time. I have seen a lot of Fics in which girls are just shown as "sluts" except of course the heroine and this was better.

I like meta. I have a feeling there is more to her (I think she has something going with Bink for some reason...Eh..). I can see she is annoying and she is yet not a "slut", yet not a bimbo, yet not a girl who has got hots for James. (It's a compliment). I think I would like her more with sarcastic remarks on James.

Fred should be seen with Roxanne...She is her little sister I mean.

Sometimes, I want to punch James for the sake of Neville and Harry.

But then I think, this is normal and good.

I really really like this story.

Ps- "You know who!"

"Voldemort?"Avery gasped.

Loved this xD

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Review #4, by roxyroxtheworld Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

31st May 2016:
Awesome! I came back to read this one again cuz I never finished the sequel and I wanted to have it fresh when I read the sequel and finish it this time... and I love this story!!! Lol James is awesome! AND I think it's about time James aND Avery became snogg buddies lol so they don't break the code lol love the grotto and this story is amazing!!!

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Review #5, by Anon Hurting Avery Flynn

16th May 2016:
So many of your female characters are ridiculous and one-dimensional.

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Review #6, by madhatter36 Snowballs Bring Out the Honesty

28th March 2016:
AH I KNEW IT!! (I actually still ship Bink and Meta cuz it is really FREAKING AWESOME)

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Review #7, by LiveInTheAM A Midnight Start (with grades)

3rd December 2015:
It's interesting, but I can't get into the story. The main problem is that James, your main character is a jack***. Not likable at all. The only reason I care one bit about him is in wondering when he'll stop being such a prat.

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Review #8, by sambonifi9 Moving Foward

13th September 2015:
Wow, I actually felt bad for Emerson after reading that last part.

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Review #9, by MalfoyMannor King Henrik

15th June 2015:
I absolutely loved this story and now I'm going to read the already amazing sequel :)

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Review #10, by MalfoyMannor Back into Ravenclaws

15th June 2015:
I legitimately gasped when Paloma asked Wesley out. like what :O

love Haley though :)

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Review #11, by MalfoyMannor Auction

13th June 2015:
I love the irony of their situation cause James is the son of the savior of the wizarding world and they have the raise their own money for new robes :p

But i suppose it would be a way to raise them to be humble and modest

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Review #12, by Amy (padfootspatronus) King Henrik

11th June 2015:
WOW. First of all, 100/10 is more appropriate!!!
I started reading this a few days ago and I got hooked... I am in love with all your characters! Even Lawson and Emerson (well, love to hate!) My heart broke with Avery's, I was rooting for Palbus, and Lily is amazing! Freddie and Amy are awesome too, I hope they get married in the sequel ;) and Bink, what a guy!
I was so angry with the whole Mr. Flynn situation; I had to walk away from my computer and get some chocolate to calm me down! Also, you totally nailed the Scottish weather thing (though it's currently extremely uncharacteristically warm!!!)
Anyway, despite the fact that I start work in 9.5 hours, I'd better get started on the sequel, and all your others...
Keep writing, your work is a joy to read!!!

Amy xoxox

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Review #13, by Anon King Henrik

4th June 2015:
Writing quality is still top-notch. New cast of characters and all. Victoria the Pygmy Puff is my favorite part (how protective and caring he is to her). I do have to say that this story is longer than usual, though. There were times where it felt like it was dragging on. Then again, it might be just because I read too much in the last week.

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Review #14, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage King Henrik

24th May 2015:
I really hate you.

This might not be the best of starts for a review and I know it, but, well, it's the first review I've ever written so I am going to be honest. And that, unfortunately, starts by saying that I hate you.

No, okay, I don't, not really anyway, since I've never met you and can't possibly hate people on writingstyle alone, but yet I do.

Cause it doesn't always happen that I refuse to do mundane stuff like eating, grocerieshopping (poor cats are pretty much out of catfood right now), and going to bed when I should, just because I can't put the story down.

In fact, I only ever did for work.

You see, I find your story to be that good. And that bothers me, cause I can't a) ever be as good as this, and b) put this story down.

I love the characterisation in the story. You give every char enough flaws, despite making it humorous. You sometimes explain why certain chars behaved that way, if needed be, and honestly, with all those stomachaches and cramping, I expected Bink to be really sick - though, lucikly, he was not.

And while you could see Javery from miles away, it was fun to yell at James to realise what an idiot he was, to root for them and to get frustrated when they were to thick to make anything happen.

The pets were also an awesome mention. I keep laughing at the name Falcon Cat and I love the fact that James has a pink Pygmy Puff named Victoria. You'd almost think Lily had picked her out just to annoy James.

I also loved the faceclaims above each chapter (though one didn't work for me, so I couldn't see it, and even though I really could not see Robert Downey Jr as a Harry - but thats me). You really could vision the characters that way.

That all being said - I can't at this moment not think of anything more to add - I can't wait to see what you did with the sequel! I'll definitely go on straight to that one.

Love, Ineke

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Review #15, by anonyxxx King Henrik

5th May 2015:
This was just epic awesome. I can't believe I how badly i was hooked to this story. From the start, to James' mind was hilarious, silly, serious, fun, dramatic, heart warming, sweet, funny...well as you can see i can go on and on and on. It was like an emotional roller coaster and you didn't keep it serious all the way, having light hearted sentimental moments that pretty much made my day. The drunken rambles, Emerson Edwards (nuff said), even whimsical Fred and seriously bada** Lily, the story was epic and it left us feeling happy and warm and mushy inside. So thanks, for one epic happy adrenaline rushing roller coaster that was your story :) Please keep writing, you have a wonderful flair for communicating your ideas in simple and uncomplicated terms while endearing all your characters and bringing them to life.

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Review #16, by Sherry Not just Broken (Shattered)

12th April 2015:
Whose is james in the fancast? He's so hot!

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap King Henrik

7th March 2015:
“The Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, starting in the fall, is my sister, Lily Potter.”

I knew it!




Mistress, I can't wait to read the sequel and leave you reviews and cry at my desk and cheer for James and the rest of the team. This is wonderful. See, Lily was right and so was I. Everything works out in the end. It always does even if you can't see the silver lining.


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Review #18, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Complete and Utter Joke

7th March 2015:
She slapped the side of my face. “You found a way around it.”

^ Yes Lily, yes. Avery is going to make her team and Bink is going to make his. I think he will as a reserve though. Is that why he pushed Rose away? Because he knows he's not going to be around and he won't be able to have a real relationship? Oh Bink!

I think James will do it. I mean we have a sequel happening but I think he has too much talent for someone like David Flynn to ruin his life and his career in one shot. By his letter James showed that he has more to offer than just what he does on a broom.

He has heart.

That's what all exceptional players need (and have).

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap You're a Quidditch Player

7th March 2015:
You know all about it, considering our last team meeting was devoted entirely to it. But we have something they don’t.”

“Face symmetry?” Freddie offered.

I know there's a sequel and everything for the most part is going to turn out all right in the end but I'm still going to miss these little parts. There's going to be new characters I'm sure and we won't see these guys just as much. They will be there I know but these moments, these quips from the ones I have become so attached to are everything.

Wow. I didn't think they were going to win. I actually started crying the moment it just...they...I just...I thought they were defeated. What I liked most about this chapter was Lily. She is going to be a great captain one day. She's already a great sister. A great friend and motivational speaker. She's a mini-Ginny but still has her own flair. She's fantastic.

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Review #20, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap She's the Talent

7th March 2015:
I'm thoroughly embarrassed by my last few reviews for this story. Looks like using my phone in the cold and reviewing was not a good idea. They don't make too much sense!

Anyway, what is up with Bink? Is he back with Meta? Or did he get a Quidditch offer with Meta? What's with this Meta business? We haven't heard from her for ages. Of course she's going to pop up in the end.

Maybe it's a good thing! Maybe she can help James get a deal.

How sweet was it when James wrote that letter? She's the talent. Gosh, even though he's an immature boy he has a heart of gold. I think you can see that throughout the entire story. I think that's what makes James such a likable character and brings me back for each chapter. I'm always rooting for him no matter what.

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Review #21, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Best Friends

7th March 2015:
Now I'm on the train and my fingers hurt because it's cold but I made through this lovely chapter. James, you are so transparent and so is Avery. Just snog each other already and Lawson! I thought it as Scorpius to be completely honest with you and I loved the Albus part. I agree! He should be expelled and who know Albus was such a lover and a fighter! Haha.

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Review #22, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Sweet Sixteen

7th March 2015:
I'm at the train station waiting for the train (obviously) with no gloves on so I can read and review this story talk about dedication. Tears in my eyes because it's cold and Bink is a wrong wrong man. He's just trying to provoke James, I think he knows about what Avery said to him. It's really cold I wanted to say things about Freddie. Smart things instead I will say: go Fred!

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Review #23, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Prefect Duty

7th March 2015:
“What?” he said. “I’m half black. That’s my method.” He shrugged.

Giggles. Lots and lots of giggles.

She explained all about elf rights, how insensitive we were, how happy she was Hugo brought it to her attention and about how ashamed she was that two of her nephews had the audacity to shame her work.

Hugo doesn’t know how to have fun. What a wet blanket.

“Look at this,” I said wildly, throwing my hands in the air. “My baby brother is blackmailing me.” I moved my arms around him, pulling him into a too-tight hug. “I’m so proud!”

Oi, what a relationship.

Watch out, men of Hogwarts. He’s going to steal your women.

Not really. Can’t even get one to be his girlfriend.

HAHA. Wait I couldn’t stop laughing. Like an awful cackling laugh when this happened:

Albus chuckled. “Can’t promise you that, baby. I live on the right side of the law.” I didn’t see it, but I knew he straightened his Prefect’s badge.

Al, I love you.

This was a great chapter to read now that I have to go make a trek through the cold and the snow to get to work. Grr! Thanks for entertaining me as always Mistress.

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Review #24, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Good-Luck Ducks

4th March 2015:
She gaped at him. “You were serious?”

Oh no. Oh that’s awful. I can’t stop laughing. I’m just as bad as they are.

“Play your cards right and we can go back to my room tonight.” Rose smirked.

WHAT. Rose, you are a hot fox. A hot tamale. You are sinister.

You go girl.

“I want you, James.”

I want them together but then at the same time I don’t. I feel like their relationship turned abusive and just changed who they are completely. They brought out the worse in each other when they used to bring out the best.

Love can make you do crazy things and it can also make you crazy.

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Review #25, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Hospital Wing

4th March 2015:
“She’s a fifth year.” He shrugged. “She’s just nice and stuff. She wears sneakers with her robes. She laughs at my jokes. I mean, I want to and all…but I’m kind of just having fun with her.”

Freddie wants a girlfriend. A real one. He wants a relationship with feelings.

Aw, my Freddie is growing up.

“Would it bother you if I took Rose on a date?”

I knew it. That sexual tension.

We're going to beat Slytherin and it's going to be amazing and James and Avery are going to be amazing and they're going to be pro players. And Ginny has pull too! It'll all work out in the end. It always does. have a sequel. Haha. :D

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