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Review #1, by ShadowVine48 Chapter 21

9th January 2012:
I like this story the repeating in previous chapters was a little distracting and I couldn't understand how this chapter goes with the last but over all good. Next please?!?! :)

Author's Response: This story has been updated and slightly revised, but moved to a new site. If you'd like to keep reading, you can find it at dracoandginny(dot)com, under the same name. My penname there is Ginny Malfoy. I've just uploaded chapter 8 on that site, but I hope to be caught up soon, and I'd be really excited to see you there!

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Review #2, by Lizy Chapter 21

15th January 2010:
YARRR! I love it! Keep up all the good work.

Author's Response: Thx! I'm moving to dracoandginny (dot) com soon and I hope to see you there!

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Review #3, by Liselotte Chapter 21

3rd January 2010:
Love the mystery this added! You wrote the chapter splendidly also. Can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Thx again! I really luv hearing from u and please let me know if u see anything u don't like. I want my story to be as good as possible. I don't know when I'll update, but when I do it won't be here. I'm moving to dracoandginny (dot) com. Same story title and my name is Ginny Malfoy. I hope to see u there!!

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Review #4, by Ivy Chapter 17

26th December 2009:
This story is just getting more and more interesting! The way you're telling the story with witty jokes, it just can't make me stop reading!
What a brilliant idea!
I can say that is just so unique...Just so "Malfoy" and "Weasley"
Love it!


Author's Response: Awesome! I've found it's hard to keep my readers interested through the less 'exciting' parts of the story so thx for letting me know I got that!

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Review #5, by Ivy Chapter 10

25th December 2009:
Thought Malfoy never speak to Weasley his feelings, his mind without any reservatory or a contemptuous attitude for the first time.
It was great! I like the way Malfoy speaks out his thought, his pain for all those years.

"Malfoy, much to her surprise, did not turn away but rolled over and buried his face against her shoulder. Ginny ignored the tears now soaking her robes and pulled him close."

Despite he's Malfoy or she's Weasley, they're friends after all, and deeply inside, they're all the same. They seem to sympathize with each other. That's the great point of this chapter.

Brilliant! I totally like it!


Author's Response: Thx! Writing the chapters where he was more...out of character than normal, for lack of a better term, was definitely the hardest and I'm really glad I seemed to have gotten my point across.

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Review #6, by Ivy Chapter 7

25th December 2009:
I've been reading your story so far. It's pretty good. I really like it and the banner too.
But i think your fiction still needs something, "depth" i suppose.
The character's mood needs more descriptions and to be shown.
Anyway, that's just my comment, otherwise, your story is very interesting.
Well, now i'm gonna moving to the next chapter.
Thanks a lot.


Author's Response: Thx for ur review. I'm glad u like it. And this is my first fic and while I think the idea was oaky, my writing definitely needs some improvement. It's something I'm working on and I hope I'll get there eventually.

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Review #7, by safa Chapter 17

19th December 2009:
oh my god you are such a good writer this wat i call comic romace are they gonna get serious soon?

Author's Response: Thank you! Reviews like this make my day! They may start to get serious soon, I don't want to tell u too much and give anything away! I can tell u that there will be a small bit of angst and stuff b4 they get their Happily Ever After but we will get there!!
I do plan to finish the story but somewhere else. After Xmas go to dracoandginny (dot) com and look 4 it there!

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Review #8, by whitney23 Chapter 21

18th December 2009:
I love it, I totaly love it , its different so different and so refreshing, ur extremely talented I couldnt stop reading, ur writing is superb, I love d interaction btw Draco and Ginny, its wonderful the chemistry btw dem makes u wanting more happening btw dem plse finish writing dis exquiste story 10/10 Love Whitney

Author's Response: WOW! I can't even begin to tell u how much I luv getting reviews like this! I've read some amazing stories and I always feel like mine pale in comparison so having ppl review on my story like I review on others making writing so worth it!! I do plan to finish the story but somewhere else. After Xmas go to dracoandginny (dot) com and look 4 it there!

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Review #9, by Life after death Chapter 21

17th December 2009:
Great new chapter, please post more soon!

Author's Response: Thx for reading and for reviewing! I plan to post more soon and I am so sorry that this one took so long!!

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Review #10, by JennMalfoy Chapter 21

16th December 2009:
Like you said it was a little bit boring but It was still good, and I'm glad to see another chapter up!

Author's Response: Sorry if I bored you! I meant that my disclaimer would be boring 'cause I was too tired to think of something more creative. lol
Yeah, I had a bit of a hard time writing this one and it didn't quite come out the way I wanted! It took me forever to get it posted and when it did I was so excited!

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Review #11, by luv_addictGxJ Chapter 21

16th December 2009:
awesome chapter! haha udate again soon!!!

Author's Response: Thx! I will try! My plan is to update before the queue closes for Xmas!

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Review #12, by Babycakes12241990 Chapter 20

7th November 2009:
Chapters 15-20 wow...chapter 20 was loaded with info and you doubled up on a few paragraphs to let you know if it hasn't been pointed out. so how come dont they get together?? I was kinda hopin they did...

Author's Response: Yes, it's been pointed out, but thank you. I need to go fix that. They will get 2gether soon, I promise. :D Their relationship will be somewhat rocky, though, I must warn u. It'll be soon though.

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Review #13, by Babycakes12241990 Chapter 14

7th November 2009:
Chaps 9-14 amazing..why why why doesn't she just admit to him how she feels...things would go so much know its to make the story entertaing..ITS AMAZING..ur writing is great.

Author's Response: Thx! And everyone knows that Ginny is stubborn. Giving in would be no fun!

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Review #14, by Babycakes12241990 Chapter 8

6th November 2009:
chapters 1-8 have been amazing..but im still confused...why those "hit men" after Ginny??

Author's Response: If u remember from chapter 1 someone tried to get her then. And he told Harry that they would get revenge. I can't tell u too much without giving it away but there is more going on than meets the eye. Everyone is in hiding and they went for who they could find that was close to Harry. Does that explain it for u?

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Review #15, by riddletia Chapter 20

29th October 2009:
God this is sooo sad and beautiful, i really love hearing Malfoy's confessions, he's such a poor boy...
as always, you write it with talent and it's a pleasure to read the whole chapter from the first line to the last one ! Ginny and Draco are made for each other, i think we really understand it when they share their feelings and their burden, they are sweet and Draco is gentler than i could ever imagine !! I love them. I love you. Keep writing until they are married and have children ! Even if there is quite a long time between the updates, it is worth it :)
(And once again forgive me it's messy and i don't speak english very well)

Author's Response: That's okay, I've seen worse, and that's from English-speaking people. lol Writing Draco's confessions was hard. It's nice to get his point of view sometimes and I'm glad u like it. I have most of the story written out already but I don't know how far exactly I'll take it. I posted a one-shot from Draco's POV, plz go check it out!! And thx for reviewing!

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Review #16, by hannahrulzthehart Chapter 20

27th October 2009:
It kind of repeats in some chapters, but other than that this series is awesome! I was hooked from chap 1, but I didn't review cuz I wanted to hurry and get to the next chapter! You HAVE to update soon! Plz? I'll give u a virtual cookie!

Author's Response: Sorry about that. Repetitiveness is one of my issues and I'm trying to work it. I've been very lazy lately and should've updated b4 now but, rest assured, I shall update soon!

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Review #17, by malfoyfan Chapter 20

21st October 2009:
please write some more! this is great!

Author's Response: I will and thank you for reviewing! I luv to hear what my readers think!

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Review #18, by Erudessa94 Chapter 20

11th October 2009:
aw love it so far! Can't wait for more!=]

Author's Response: Great! Thx! Should have another chapter soon!

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Review #19, by dangel Chapter 20

9th October 2009:
Nice chapter but I want to see more questions! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! But what do u mean by more questions?? Can u be more specific?

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Review #20, by dangel Chapter 19

9th October 2009:
Great chapter! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thx, glad u liked it! I will try, things r a little busy right now.

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Review #21, by Life after death Chapter 20

8th October 2009:
Its a terrific new chapter, some of the paragraphs seem to be repeated though...Anyway, glad D/G are getting closer, looking forward to reading more! Thanks for updating fast

Author's Response: Thank you! Reptetive I've been told. Srry, about that. Repetetive authors is one of my pet peeves so I'll try to fix that. And ur welcome. *Bows*

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Review #22, by JennMalfoy Chapter 20

6th October 2009:
Really good, but you have a bunch of paragraphs repeated in there.

Author's Response: Thx! Do I? Dang it. I'll have to see if I can fix that.

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Review #23, by luv_addictGxJ Chapter 20

6th October 2009:
another awesome chapter! udate soon!!

Author's Response: Thx! Will do!

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Review #24, by Erudessa94 Chapter 19

26th September 2009:
love it so far! Please write more=]

Author's Response: Thank you! I luv hearing how much everybody is enjoying my story, it just makes my day!

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Review #25, by Life after death Chapter 19

22nd September 2009:
Great new chapter, looking forward to seeing how it progresses!

Author's Response: Thx! I'd say we're about halfway thru...its the story that nvr ends! I think there will be about 40 chapters, give or take a couple.

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