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Review #1, by Annelf Epilogue

10th October 2017:
I only rated this chapter a 9 cause I hate that she died in the end. but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought it would happen ever since I started the was the only ending that seemed right, like you said, the best way to end it. Still hate it though :')
Other than that, great story, the parts about Mary, in the end, never failed to make me cry and I loved the character development you had going on with the mains, so kudos for that! A lovely read, thank you!

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Review #2, by Beth Epilogue

11th September 2017:
I've read this whole thing in under 24 hours and you are a fantastic writer. I really wish it hadn't ended this way as I was so invested in Sirius and Laura's relationship, but I can understand that in order to remain true to canon she had to die. You've created such a complete and incredible character that, despite only 'knowing' her for a day, her death really upset me, so congratulations on being such a wonderful author. Have you written or considered writing any original novels? I think you could.

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Review #3, by flufflepuff5 Epilogue

11th June 2017:
I have loved this story and finished it in a few days. But SERIOUSLY why couldn't of Laura have lived and be happy with serius why did you have to end it like that, never been so disappointed in an ending in my life

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Review #4, by M Return to Hogwarts

26th May 2017:
Please tell me you don't type like that for Mary the whole time

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Review #5, by FadingAntigone Epilogue

18th May 2017:
When I originally finished this series, I was a little disappointed. I had envisioned a completely different ending for Laura and Sirius. But I recently read Chapter 30 per your author's note, and I realized that this was exactly how it had to end. It fits so well into canon--and you can tell that you really did the research and worked alongside the story instead of against. Beautifully done! xx

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Review #6, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Return to Hogwarts

27th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

I must say that i love the fact that all your characters are so vastly different. I'll admit that I first read this story ages ago, I had major trouble understanding Mary's accent, but having watched Broadchurch and hearing the accent for myself, it all makes perfect sense now and I think you did one excellent job with portraying how exactly she speaks and getting it just down right as well. Major kudos to you there.
The fact that you describe so much of both Bea and Laura also makes it work quite well, especially because you let the viewer show the entire nature of the Gryffindors, and then particularly the Marauders and Lily, from an outsiders point of view. Well, Laura is a Gryffindor, but shes not close with them and that makes it really refreshing to read as it is.
And then the fact that she isn't exceptionally pretty and not good at all kinds of stuff, which makes Laura even more relatable as a character than she otherwise would be. It's a great setup for a story because it also makes you sympathise with her and I couldn't ask more for that in a maincharacter. It's really nice to read and I am very glad you portrayed her that way. Excellent start to a story and I cannot wait to read more!

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Review #7, by Claire Evergreen Return to Hogwarts

27th April 2017:
Hey! Here for CTF :)

So I've admired this since I first read your work is your writing style. It is so distinct, but at the same time it reads as so normal? I don't think that's coming out right, but I mean that as a really sincere compliment. The way you write is just so you and so distinct to this type of story that it would feel wrong if it were written any other way. The first person extremely detailed inner monologues that give us backstory normally feels kinda clunky and too much for me, but it coupled with what we get of Laura's personality works amazingly together to give this really tight, concise feeling to it.

Gosh, everything is just so wonderfully normal in this story and I definitely know now that I'm not saying this right. But what I mean is you drop us right into the normal, everyday life of these characters and make the reader fill in the blanks for themselves. Even with the detail backstory type stuff we get from Laura, the characters' actions show us more than narration could ever tell us. Your characters are real people with real feelings and real reactions to things. It makes me feel like I'm really inside the story.

I think you know how I feel about this story, but still, I absolutely am in love!


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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn Return to Hogwarts

26th April 2017:
Hello! I'm here in pursuit of a flag. Do you have it, by any chance?

This is a great introductory chapter. Laura, the protagonist, is off to Hogwarts at the beginning of the school year with her sister, Beatrice. Her sister is starting 7th year and Laura describes herself as two-and-a-half years' younger, so I'm guessing she's a fourth year? It's quite interesting that this story begins in fourth year; usually authors cut straight to the chase and shove us into 6th or 7th year, where the teenage action really hots up. It's a refreshing idea to begin earlier, to be honest.

I love Beatrice's description, and we learn more about her in this chapter than we do about the protagonist. Beatrice sounds like a few people I know; incredibly intelligent and competitive, but socially awkward and unpopular as a result. I wonder if she's somewhere on the Asperger's spectrum?

Laura doesn't seem to have much regard for herself when it comes to physical appearance. I did have to laugh at the sentence where strange behaviour at primary school and in muggle society was attributed to being Welsh and from the country!! The poor Welsh (and country folk).

There's so much going on in this chapter, especially with the introduction of so many characters, but you manage this really well, bringing in a few original characters, and the marauders. Poor Peter - he never seems to fare well in fanfiction :(

I struggled a bit to read Mary Mcdonald's dialogue to begin with, but as I got used to it, it became easier.

I can't wait to see where the story goes! I hope the flag is hidden in here somewhere!

Brax X

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Review #9, by Fuagcity Epilogue

31st March 2017:
I happened upon your alternate ending to this story - which they break up and she moves on - and had to come back to look at the original ending again. I left a review back in April last year praising your story. Since then I've gone through the death of someone very close to me - someone I loved, and still do. I was emotionally invested in the loss at the end of your story and find that the emotions ring true even now that I've had my own first hand experience with the death of a loved one. Yours is still one of the best stories on this site.

... BTW - even though it still is a devastating end to the story, the original ending is still light-years better than the one-shot alternate ending you wrote. Breaking up just isn't true to the characters you brought to life. If I may be so bold as to com pare you to The Bard - your tragedy is every bit as tragic as the ending of Romeo and Juliet even if it isn't written in iambic pentameter... (he has you beat there of course_

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Review #10, by Stef Epilogue

20th March 2017:
This is a well written story and I adore it. I've read it four times now. Have you written anything since?

Author's Response: Thanks! It's so nice to have people re-reading this. Since I finished it I've written 2 OF novels in varying stages of completion, and I recently re-joined the world of fanfiction but on another site. I've re-done this story and posted a few new one-shots if you want to have a look, but you'll have to google the story name to find it I'm afraid as I'm not allowed to link here. Thanks for the review!
cheers Mel

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Review #11, by jambon357 Epilogue

24th January 2017:
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for writing this story! I have read it so many times yet I always find something new every time I read it! I would say that it is as fabulous as the Harry Potter Books! Please write more stories this length (maybe a James Potter II/OC ;) ). Keep up the AMAZING work! x

Author's Response: Aw thank you! That really has made my day ... though I don't think it's quite at JKR's level, I'm happy to take the compliment! :D

I have no plans to write next-gen at this stage, and I admit that anything new is unlikely to be posted on this site as I have moved archives. (As an aside, a revised version of this story is on both of my new preferred ones.) My current project is to finish Year of the Snake, so that's next on the list. If I feel a pressing need towrite a next-gen story, though, it may possibly happen. :)

thanks again, Mel

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Review #12, by P Epilogue

21st January 2017:
You write really well, I couldn't stop reading. And it's great that you've almost always kept up with canon from JKR. Cheers

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I put a lot of work into this story so it's lovely to have that recognised. :)
cheers Mel

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Review #13, by MRpadfootandprongs The end of term

3rd January 2017:
i wasnt expecting sirius to ask for a dance

Author's Response: Nor was Laura. Which was kind of the point, which I think you gathered. Ah, the teenaged years. So much drama!
cheers Mel

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Review #14, by MRpadfootandprongs The Sirius Black fan club

3rd January 2017:
Elvira reminds me of someone I used to know
really liked this chapter

Author's Response: Yes, I think a lot of people know an Elvira, of sorts. She's exaggerated, of course, but so much fun to play with as a character. ;p
cheers Mel

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Review #15, by quill2parchment Return to Hogwarts

22nd December 2016:
Great first chapter! I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you found it interesting.
cheers Mel

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Review #16, by emma28 Epilogue

13th December 2016:
This is an amazing story! It's incredibly well written and the character development is done really well.

It's so nice and refreshing to actually read a Sirius/OC story that's really good and COMPLETE! So many are just abandoned or just not updated in years.

This is hands down the best sirius/oc story I've ever read. And I actually read it word for word. Normally I find stories just lose their touch and become boring so I end up just scanning the rest or just jump straight to the end. But this one had me hooked the entire way through!
I'm so sleep deprived right now, it's not funny! lol

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's a ridiculously long story so the fact I kept your attention is amazing, so thanks for that. It's been up for a while so I sometimes forget to check this site (a newer version is being posted elsewhere) so sorry if its' taken me a while to respond. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for the review!

cheers Mel

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Review #17, by Becca The girl least likely

8th December 2016:
I'm actually reading this through a second time, I really enjoy your story telling! I think that this chapter and the last highlight one of my favorite things: Bea and Laura's relationship. My older sister and I have one that's suuuper similar, and it made things difficult for me in high school when I had to break through being "the second coming." But I love the moments between them where it's obvious that even if Laura sometimes resents Bea for what she puts her through, the two of them are still sisters and Laura does love her a lot. The sister bond breaks through the stigma of Cauldwell, and I really appreciate the way you recognized that in this story. :)

Author's Response: You know, I used to know someone who was in that situation too - a close friend in primary school had a Bea, though it was a brother, not a sister. I suspect I subconsciously based Bea on that relationship. My friend had to change schools to end the "sister of" stigma, but Laura didn't have that luxury. I agree, though, that the sibling bond does overcome the social ostracising the younger sibling has - despite the bad press, that person is still their brotehr/sister, and that comes through. I'm very glad you think I captured that because I was certainly aiming to. Thanks for the comment!
cheers Mel

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Review #18, by dramione Exams

21st November 2016:
cute, and i would like to see more advancement in the relationship. Then again, i still have half the book to go.

Author's Response: Yes, there's quite a bit to go yet. Though I do like torturing people and making them wait, hahahaha. Glad you're enjoying it!
cheers Mel

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Review #19, by Sushmita Epilogue

10th November 2016:
This story was exceptionally good and I was surprised U hadn't won a dobby award in the Marauder era category. Your attention to detail, way of bringing the characters to life was unbelievably good. I wish u would write more stories as after this story I read everything you had written from your author's page. You are just that amazing! You have gotten me hooked to Harry potter fan fiction now and I cant get any other work done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! What a lovely thing to say. I admit I did want that Marauder era Dobby (as well as the canon one) but it never happened. However, one Dobby is better than none and I'm definitely not complaining. I've been working on some original fiction in my time away from this site so that may make an appearance eventually, otherwise it's just been tidying up what I already had and working on YotS. I hope you do manage to get some work done though - it's bad enough me wanting to write through my work day without you wanting to read as well!!

thanks for the reviews, they really did make my day.

cheers Mel

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Review #20, by Sushmita Cataclysm

4th November 2016:
That ending was spine chilling! The omnipresent Voldemort, in case we forgot.

Author's Response: Yes that was kind of chilling, wasn't it? But that was very much the idea. Sudden, horrific, no warning. Because that's what (I believe) the first war was like. Glad you appreciated that!
cheers Mel

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Review #21, by Sushmita Confessions

3rd November 2016:
I think I enjoyed the wait. It added to the romance. I think this is the one chapter I would want to read over and over.

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed the wait, because there were a number of people who were very keen to hurry it all up. But I had a very strict story plan and The Snog had to happen now, not before. Thanks for the feedback.

cheers Mel

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Review #22, by Sushmita Snowballing

3rd November 2016:
OMG! So hot! I'm totally in love with Sirius and Laura. I love the way u write and how everything flows so well.

Author's Response: Thanks! This was a rather popular chapter when it was first posted - glad it still gets that reaction. :)
cheers Mel

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Review #23, by Sushmita The worst news possible

3rd November 2016:
"I think Id rather get Kissed by a Dementor than have a life like that" so much irony built into that last line. You are a fantastic writer and ur attention to detail regarding everything is amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I did put a lot of work into this story so it's really nice to have that appreciated. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

cheers Mel

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Review #24, by AL Return to Hogwarts

14th September 2016:
Intriguing beginning. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! So pleased you enjoyed it.
cheers Mel

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Review #25, by AbraxanUnicorn Epilogue

11th September 2016:
This is pure brilliance! Read it in just over 24hrs and got virtually nothing else done during that time as I was too desperate to get on with the story to be distracted by real life. I wish Laura hadn't met the end she had, but I see why in order to fit in with JKR's original story.
Have to say, Laura and Padfoot's dallying in the middle of this was excruciating. It took a lot of inward strength not to screech "oh for goodness sake!!" at my computer as they almost got together then didn't quite. 10/10

Author's Response: Really? Why thank you! It's not often people sit and read something this long in a binge like that so it's really lovely when people say they've done it with your story. *beams* And thank you for understanding why she had to die, as not eveyrone did. :)

As for that extremely frustrating bit in the middle, well it was enormously fun to write, though I do understand how people were throwing things at their computers. But I had a very strict story plan and The Snog couldn't happen until the end of the calendar year. So I just tortured them both for a while, hahaha. *evil grin*

cheers Mel

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