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Review #1, by dracodragons Welcome Home, Mara Longbottom - Chapter Two

7th January 2016:
But why would she put her own selfish reasons before that of her child? Her child deserves to have two parents and to put your "relationship" before her child's rights is just messed up.

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Review #2, by merlins beard Three Months Later

8th May 2014:
All in all - not too bad (obviously, since i would not have read it all if it was bad)...

BUT I feel cheated out of an ending. it feels like it was too hard for you to finish writing about the wedding, so it just stops right in the middle with no indication whether james and sophie are married, how sophie reacts, how mara reacts when james blows it all off.

the 3 months later bit just kind of shows in a side note that james is now with mara, but there is no story of how they work it all out, how happy ginny and albus are that sophie is out of the picture.

I like it, but it stops too suddenly with way too many loose ends. maybe you could go over the story again and tie some of them up?

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Review #3, by RavenClawGirl11 Always Expect the Unexpected

7th July 2013:
Hi, I was looking for a good James II/OC story on the forums and I stumbled across this one! I think this starter is really good: its full of detail, yet left me asking lots of questions; I understand it, yet I'm really confused!
~ Macy x

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Review #4, by Lemon_Drops Toeing The Line

31st March 2013:
Am I the only person to notice that in the last few chapters there have been such words as 'eyes', 'face', the term 'falling in love' and 'arms' replaced with - 'puppies', 'purse', 'falling in a flowery tee-shirt' and 'garden shed'? Can someone please explain why this is happening? It really annoys me.

Though I love the story, the changes really but me.

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Review #5, by J Welcome Home, Mara Longbottom - Chapter Two

25th January 2013:
Who is Mara's mum? Hannah Abbott?

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Review #6, by weasley123 Tense Coils

2nd November 2012:
Am I the only one who pictures Patrick as David Tenent?

Author's Response: I think you might be! Not a bad visualization though, if I do say so myself. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by Parvati_Khatri Three Months Later

3rd August 2012:
But... But... What happened??? What about the wedding??? I'm so confused... Though I must say I like this ending MUCH better than the ending of James and "that wench of a woman." Lol!
Amazing story all in all, could you maybe, please, please, please, write a sequel?

Author's Response: Perhaps I was unclear in the epilogue, but the wedding never finished. James called it off before he said 'I do' and realized he was being a dunderhead and that Mara was his one and only.

I don't know about a sequel, but I could write a few one-shots for them.maybe.

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Review #8, by Clueless Three Months Later

7th May 2012:
WTF happens? I don't get it.

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Review #9, by The Happiest Little Reader EVER Three Months Later

27th January 2012:
Soo, I just read your story in under twenty four hours is AMAZING!! I'll admit that for a moment I thought James would marry Sophie and I almost threw my laptop on the floor! Lol, I would never do that to my baby.
Anyhow, thanks for a great read! I can relate to Mara and her awkwardness a lot. I trip over flat surfaces. ;)

Ta! Xx

Author's Response: You read the entire thing in 24 hours? Holy crap, that is amazing.

Thank you so so so so much for your compliments. This was my baby for nearly two years, from its early stages of pre-publishing development to the very end. It makes me so happy when others enjoy it because of all of the work I put in it, so thank you.

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Review #10, by Europa27 Three Months Later

23rd December 2011:
but u did not fill us in on everything in between. do tell us... its rather abrupt u know...

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Review #11, by septumsempra Three Months Later

11th November 2011:
but...but... I need to know HOW they got together!

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Review #12, by andhearts Three Months Later

6th October 2011:
Oh you trickster, you! I spent a few minutes after the end chapter just staring at the computer screen saying "No" over and over. :D

This is a wonderful story! I love how you portrayed the characters and you're writing was fabulous.

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Review #13, by jade Three Months Later

24th August 2011:
I really like Mara's character, she's the perfect Longbottom. Great story :)

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Review #14, by MazK Always Expect the Unexpected

21st August 2011:
this looks fantastic! i'll carry on reading :)

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Review #15, by GRYFFINDOR_PRINCESS Three Months Later

8th July 2011:

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Review #16, by busybusybeta Three Months Later

28th June 2011:
absolutely perfect. i forgive you for the last chapter. this MORE than made up for it. i can't stop grinning like a total maniac.
i loved this story. i'm glad i stayed up all night to read it. i'm totally serious. It's 6am right now. SO WORTH IT!
and yeah, with the first author's note of the story, talking about non happy romance stories, i thought you might have fed james to the dragon lady to teach mara a lesson. but you're obviously WAY too awesome to do such a horrendous thing.
i will truly miss these characters. especially baby jack.

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Review #17, by busybusybeta Here Comes the Bride

28th June 2011:
WHAT?! i mean -- WHAT?!?!?!?
did you SERIOUSLY just end it there?! HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRUEL?! i am DYING OVER HERE.
*cue loud painful scream*

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Review #18, by busybusybeta Sweating Bullets

28th June 2011:
awww, that ending right there was just about the most bittersweet thing i have ever read. =(

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Review #19, by busybusybeta Tense Coils

28th June 2011:
oh god. vomit. i can't believe the wedding is still on! GROSS!
i mean, i knew it would be, considering the epilogue. but EW! i'm just sonfrustrated right now!

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Review #20, by busybusybeta A Quick Acceptance

28th June 2011:
who's in the janus thickey ward?? should that sound familiar to me?

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Review #21, by busybusybeta Does Your Mother Know?

28th June 2011:
you know, this chapter made me realize how much of this story reminds me of "my best friend's wedding." but a few differences: the fact that baby jack EXISTS, kilpatrick isn't gay OR mara's bff (so i KNOW that's going to be interesting), and mara's probably got a better chance of winning james than julia did when trying to win dermot. all DEFINITE improvements if you ask me.
ginny always was one of the smart ones. =D
CANNOT BELIEVE all that is going on with this story.

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Review #22, by busybusybeta 

28th June 2011:
i LOVE james POV, especially when he hints at loving mara. ;D

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Review #23, by busybusybeta How Is It That You Know Everything? - Chapter Seven

27th June 2011:
ahhh!!! i always liked teddy lupin. XD

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Review #24, by busybusybeta The Remembrance of an Incredibly Altered Memory - Chapter Four

27th June 2011:
ugh! I HATE attractive other women! lol. i am DYING to find out what happens next -- thank god i don't have to wait!

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Review #25, by busybusybeta Welcome Home, Mara Longbottom - Chapter Two

27th June 2011:
you have NO IDEA exactly how ecstatic i was to find that mara was a longbottom. XD
and, um, they slept together MORE than once?!?! O_O
is her mom hannah abbot?? this is why i love next gen stories. all of the possibilities for these characters in their adult lives -- they're just so much fun!
shame about neville's gran, though. she was awesome. =(

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