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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Stubborn

18th March 2011:
poor poor lyla. 9/10 update soon. =]

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Out

26th January 2011:
haha that was the best curse/prank ever!!! update soon please!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: the next chapters written i just dont want to post it before all the mistakes are edited out, fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks.

Just want to thankyou for reviewing all the chapter =]


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Review #3, by Lillylover22 Old

26th January 2011:
i didnt really like this chapter for some reason.. 8/10 =]

Author's Response: can't like everything i suppose, thankyou for reviewing anyway.

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 An Early Riser

26th January 2011:
that was so cute!!! YAY remus and lyla are together!!! YAY!! you made me so happy!!! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: =] im glad ive made you happy

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 Talented Part 2

26th January 2011:
you called them the nuclear cakes?? come one i betcha remus likes her!!! im glad lyla played with them!! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: I cudn't have them playing with out Lyla really could I??? I dont know what the names is it just seemed like the daft sort of thing they might come up with. =]

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Review #6, by Lillylover22 talented (part 1)

26th January 2011:
was that a memory that james sort of witnessed?? i want lyla to end up with remus. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yes, he just wittnessed the day Lyla recieved her hogwarts letter.

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Review #7, by Lillylover22 Hospitalised

26th January 2011:
so what are they practicing for?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: cant tell you's a SURPRISE

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Review #8, by Lillylover22 Hungover

26th January 2011:
yeah i like this chapter the best. so lyla knows remus is a werewolf. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yes she knew almost instantly, she has a knack for reading people ;-)

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Review #9, by Lillylover22 Fun.

26th January 2011:
i like how nice james is. the after party shall be interesting. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: I wanted to portray him in a different way to how he normally is, im glad your liking him so far anyway

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 Patient.

26th January 2011:
haha the marauders stole all their ties?? that hilarious!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: =] just something silly and harmless to start off with =]

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Review #11, by Lillylover22 Hungry.

26th January 2011:
haha love sirius' internal monologue. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: =] thankyou

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Review #12, by Lillylover22 a Kid.

26th January 2011:
so can lyla read minds?? another thing.. lyla is in sixth year while the rest are in fifth right? 9//10 =]

Author's Response: Yes Lyla's a year older than them, its going to throw some interesting scenarios up but thats WAAY in the future =]

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Review #13, by Lillylover22 Smart.

26th January 2011:
haha lyla turned malfoy into a weasel!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: glad u liked it, i just wanted a little throw back to the books

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Review #14, by Lillylover22 Innocent

26th January 2011:
did you get the name capulet from shakespeare?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yeh i did, your only the 2nd person to notice i think =]

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Review #15, by Lillylover22 Asleep

26th January 2011:
This was great!! lyla sounds great!! 9/10 =]

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Review #16, by RidikulusTheory An Early Riser

16th January 2011:
A pale faced Remus? Hmmm, now, what did Sirius say to him?? *mischievious yet thoughtful grin*
Great job, keep writing. I love it!

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Review #17, by orangezauber Out

15th January 2011:
I thought I had read this chapter a while ago. At first I read it and didn't remember, but once the Serious talk (pun intended) came about it clicked. The strange thing was that I did not review the last time I read it. Hmmm, must be my lazy-ness and not wanting to sign in.

Anyway, it was a great chapter the first time I read it and it remained a great chapter when I read it for the second time. I know that Sirius really doesn't like to talk about his family issues, but I would have like to hear a little more about his leaving home. I am sure it will come up periodically in other chapters so I must be patient.

I still really like Lyla's character. She has this confidence that radiates off of her even when she lets others do most of the talking. Thanks for posting. I look forward to what you have in store next.


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Review #18, by ElizabethSmith Asleep

25th September 2010:
I just started reading this, and I have to say that it is amazing. It's not quite how I pictured Lily, but I really like how you wrote her. I feel like everyone has a different idea of her and the Marauders, but I loved the way you did them both!

I'm planning to read on, and good luck!!

Author's Response: Thank you.
Im glad you're liking the story so far, and you're right everyone has a totally different idea on what the marauders should be like but im really pleased that you like how i've done them.

I hope to hear your thoughts on the later chapters it'll be cool to hear what you think as the story progresses.

Thanks again for the lovely review.


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Review #19, by strawberrydarhling Talented Part 2

13th September 2010:
Wow, loving this - its just so amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, im really glad you're enjoying it =]

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Review #20, by Just Emily Out

3rd September 2010:
I enjoyed this chapter, I especially liked Lyla's and Sirius' talk, classic lyla to fall asleep on him aha.
There were moments in the chapter when I was a tad confused like the bit just now when Sirius saw two James' dancing together and James wearing a cowboy outfit... was Sirius reacting badly to be upside down or something?
Can't wait for the next chapter so please hurry up (in the politest way possible aha) :D

Author's Response: Yeh it is just like Lyla, but she stayed awake for the important bit so it wasnt too bad.
Aw sorry for the confusion, yeh he started to hallucinate from being upside down for so long.
The next chapter is 3/4's written so hopefully i'll finish it up in the next few days and then have it up hopefully by the end of next week.

Thanks for all your amazing reviews =]


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Review #21, by Just Emily An Early Riser

2nd September 2010:
*SQUEEL* yes i did just 'squeel' ahaa
loved this chapter, i was a little anxious about the date as I was sure it wouldnt work out but I keep forgetting how much i adore Remus! He is such a dish! ahaa
Their whole relationship is just soo sweet and innocent. Love the whole memory of her and Sirius' first kiss, made me giggle.
But I am soo confused! garr!! I love sirius black so much but i love remus too - ahh well i guess i shall have to wait and see aha.
oh and by the way, i think i shouted at the screen when Sirius hair was gone... but i think i will grow to like it aha.
Loving the story and seriously just have more confidence in it because it is such a good idea and the portrayal of all the characters are brilliant and Lyla is such a memorable character. WOO NEXT CHAPTER! ;)

Author's Response: haha yes you will definatly have to wait and see to see what happenes with Lyla and Remus. As for sirius' hair i just decided that because he's feeling happer in this side of the story he could cut his hair (it probably needed it) =]

I'm so glad your liking the portrayal of my characters aswell because I love them!! =]


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Review #22, by Just Emily Talented Part 2

1st September 2010:
ahaa loved it! I knew Lyla couldn't hold a grudge forever aha - the whole weird sister part was genius!!! LOVED IT WOO!!!
sorry not really making much sense but ahh well ;)
Its annoying me now as I am beginning to fall for Remus, don't get me wrong that isn't a bad thing, but I've always liked Sirius and now i'm confused ahaa

Author's Response: Lyla doesnt do grudges very well, she's too forgiving on somethings anyway.

I'm glad your liking my Remus that means Im doing my job right =]


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Review #23, by Just Emily talented (part 1)

1st September 2010:
Really enjoyed this chapter (i always love some good twists aha)
The format or layout or whatever it is called, was really good: i loved how it was looking back on things to make the story become more clear etc.
I love Lyla as a character, how strong, funny and sarcastic she is! But it was really interesting to see her in a different surrounding, at home, and i immediately felt sorry for her as I felt like I have gotten to know her from reading this soo that part with her family was quite heart-breaking.
Love all the marauders, especially Sirius and Remus... ahh I love them all tbh ahaa
Can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: WOW! thank you, i think its important for people to see where Lyla comes from as she's not a canon character but i wanted ppl to be able to relate to her as much as the others. im really glad you're liking my portrayal of the marauders as well, you cant please everyone but it's great when someone likes what you've done.

Anyway thank you so much for the lovely review and please feel free to come and boost my ego when ever you like =D


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Review #24, by Dreaming of Remus An Early Riser

31st August 2010:
I LOVE this chapter! I'm really enjoying the story so keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review, hopefully the next chapter will be up in about a week or so =]

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Review #25, by jelly_sword An Early Riser

5th May 2010:
i dont like the remus/lyla mix going on here, i dont know why it's just realy getting on my nerves.

Author's Response: i'm really sorry that it's annoying you, hopefully something will happen that'll make you change your mind. You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try =]
I hope you're still enjoying the rest of the story though.


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