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Review #1, by BeautifulBrownEyesxx *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

28th August 2011:
Haha...That's the first song fic I've ever read and it was WELL COOL! XD

Author's Response: Awh thanks. I just re-read this fic and Oh. God. I can't believe I used to be this bad. But anyway, thankyooou :)

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Review #2, by adahpfan *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

8th January 2011:
ok, ill do wot we hav 2 do at skl 3 *s and a wish :)
*great screen name-probs best ever!
*great discaimer-again probs best ever
*great story-maybe not best ever bet sitill v. good
WISH its a little cheesy... i mean, cheese is great, its just... its very cheesy. ah well, still love it!

Author's Response: Awwe =) Thankyou

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Review #3, by BassPlayer3000 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

30th September 2009:
tha's amazingg for your first ever fanfic, mine's awful! XD allso you used my fave word at the end of your A/N [[Badaboom]] just incase you wanted to know what te hell I was going on about xD
Allssso [[yes, another also]]
I personally don't like the song but I think that it fitted in really well, well done :Dx)

Author's Response: oh hey thanks! havent had any reviews for this story in a long time. and badaboom is one of my fave words too!! glad you liked it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by hpgrl95 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

18th August 2009:
This was so cute! :)

Author's Response: Thank-you so much ^_^

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Review #5, by lilly *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

16th August 2009:
you should write more amazing epic in a box rose and scorpius fan fics!!! they rock!
X virtual hugs!
love lilly

Author's Response: Aww..thankyou so much,lilly!
ANd you know what...i WILL write more,keep checking my page for updates and check out my other stories!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #6, by potter_fan_17 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

5th August 2009:
Wooo go write more songfics! I loved that great door slammer dad - presenting - Ron Weasley a.k.a. best chess player LOL I made that up! :)) write more songfics! May God bless you!

Author's Response: Aww thankoo!!

may god bless u tooo! =D

thx for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #7, by Harry and Ginny *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

6th July 2009:
this story is so sweet. by the way it's Ginevra and not Ginerva and also u wrote sais when it should be says. keep up the good work please.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: its ginevra? oh crap! my bad and hehe!! u reviewed! yes ...the chapter is currently out for validation ,all of the mistakes (sept \\\'ginevra\\\') should be fixed

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Review #8, by ReAnna *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

22nd June 2009:
that was a good story i happen to love that song and i think it fit well with the story

Author's Response: i love the song too. Thank-you so much!


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Review #9, by emylee94 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

19th June 2009:
I like it..
It's a songfic..
Obviously ppl would know how it ended..
But i doubt that Ron would agree too soon..
Since he's that mad..
Oh yeah..
There's a few spelling mistake..

Author's Response: thank-you...ill try to fix the spelling errors...and as for Ron...who knows what draco said to him? maybe he 'imperio'd him or sumtin so he HAD to agree...listen to me make up excuses...=)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #10, by sonibella *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

13th June 2009:
'elloo Annie! That was a very cute story ^_^ . But there was one thing I didn't like .




IT WAS TOO SHORT!! :D Otherwise I luved it!! And NO im not juss saying it bcz its who I am ... and you-know-who .. i am --- (see how i made myself sound like Voldy? lol)

N e wayz! sorry got distracted :D great story .. keep on writing :)



Author's Response: hey nice surprise
i mean it's not like i told u to read the story or anything...really i didn't...uhh... *shifty eyes*
thanks and yes its short but its my first so deal w/ it..!! yes voldy? want a hug?
heck no ! ew! i'm not gay ! blech! (or shall i say bleAch!)hehe

okay thx for reading and reviewing...btw look down...Mina Slade...Mina...she left a review...fudge basket...but not a guy...'it doesnt suck as hell' MBW!


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Review #11, by HarrietHopkirk *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

1st June 2009:

jokes this is really good for a first fanfic! :) x

Author's Response: wow 2nd person to say that my next story "story of my life~Alina Gray" it will be LOADS better than this one



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Review #12, by amortentia18 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

27th May 2009:
To make a banner you have to put your picture onto an image hosting website, I recommend ImageShack. It will give you a "link for websites" link fo the picture. Then you go onto hpff and "edit story" and then "switch to the simple editor". Then click the Guide to formatting the simple editor, it gives a code to type around the link for your banner. Right click and copy this code then press "back". Paste this code around your link


Hope that I was helpful, it took me ages to figure out how to do it too.


Author's Response: thanks ^_^

now tell me what you think of the story =P


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Review #13, by scarlett nixon *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

25th May 2009:
This was a good concept. i really like the idea of Scorpius having his dad come convince Ron... that would have been really interesting to see. (Perhaps another one shot for just that, eh?) Overall it was very nicely written. I was a bit confused over what was what flashback and poetry and whatnot. The bold and underline and italics all in one story don't do it for me. But that's just me and you shouldn't take that too personally :]

As for writing more, go for it! You're a good writer.

Author's Response: thank-you so much!! thx for the advise..its what i lok for!! thankoo!


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Review #14, by mina slade *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

20th May 2009:
o.o wow, it doesn't suck like hell.but too fluffy for me cuz it was so rushed and the flashbacks were just.weird?
lol ur such a pushover, handin out thank you's like free candy LOL :)

Author's Response: glad to know it doesn't suck like(the deepest darkest pit of) hell but hey THANK-YOU for reviewing..and yeah the flash-backs? w/e least you didn't humiliate me till i broke down.(which you tend to do loads so,huh!) remember it IS my 1st story so...yeah ok want some more free candy?


~Bartholomew =P

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Review #15, by writergirl8 *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

3rd May 2009:
hey! Don't ever think you're a horrible person, this is really good... here is how you do the banner:

1. Go into manage stories and click on 'Edit Story'

2. Scroll down to the story summery

3. In the toolbar over the summery, there is a picture of a landscape. it's a mountain with a sun over it. Click.

4. (Do you have the banner on photobucket or any website? Because they have to be there...) there will be a box, and under a box is a toolbar. Copy and Past or type in the URL of the image. Then press select... now you're done!

PS: 8/10

Author's Response: thank-you


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Review #16, by PottersGirl *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

29th March 2009:
Lovely story! Very Cute

Author's Response: thank-you so much =)


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Review #17, by MrsWonWon *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

27th March 2009:
you are a horrible person for writing this story and wasting precious moments of my life.
heh- just kidding! =)
The spacing is really far apart, but its good and I kinda had an idea to use this song for a fic...guess you've beaten me to it! LUV the song although!
Yeha, it got really cliche at bits but that was it and the spacing...good!

Author's Response: thank-you
i fixed the spacing and im waiting for it to be validated =) thx for reading and reviewing!!!


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Review #18, by lisapaulinee *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

26th March 2009:
It was okk.. I think you should've made it more interesting. The song fits well, but at times it sounded like you should've added more to the fill-ins between the songs lyrics. Some of it flew by way to fast and made me wonder,"wow... they were missing something".

Good for your first fan-fic, and I'm terribly critical when it comes to this stuff.( not that I can say anything, because I've only written one story myself).

Author's Response: im sorry =( i tried to make it as interesting as possible but be sure to read my next fanfic its a lily/james
i promsie it will be MUCH better!!!
Thankyou so much for reading and reviewing


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Review #19, by Nymphadora Lupin II *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

25th March 2009:
there were too many spaces in between the sentences, it hurt my eyes.

Author's Response: im sorry !
im gonna delete the lines...right now and then wait for it to be validated..thx for reading and reviewing!


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Review #20, by Twister Princess *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

9th March 2009:
Aww!! How sweet!! I loved this story! And I love that song, it's one of my favorites. You fit the story and lyrics together brilliantly. Great work!!

Author's Response: thank-you so much.. =D i think this song is so common...but i realized afterwards that its too common just cuz its easier to write a story based on it.. n y wayz...thx for reading and reviewing

~Annie (",)

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Review #21, by hmmm... *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

15th February 2009:
hmm...not sure if i should reply to this story...

Author's Response: not sure how to reply to you.thx for reading!...i hope u liked it. =)

and technically u did reply by saying "should i reply"..oh well...thx anyways


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Review #22, by Hippogriffs4life *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

10th February 2009:
that was really good love story is like my fav song... so write some more and i will read them

Author's Response:'ll read my stories if i write more?!?!?! YAY ..that means i have to keep writing..yay but im sorry i wont be able to write for like a month because 2 of my brothers are getting married and i have 40 relatives coming over and junk so i wont have time...but as soon as possible ...ill try my best to get anything and everything on here...if you have any requests please dont feel shy and ASK AWAY !! i have no idea what to write..i was thinking something along the lines rose and scorpius' wedding..what do you think...ya know...because what you think is what really matters!

Thank-you thank-you and THANK-YOU for reading AND revewing...and i really hope you read my future stories


(p.s. is this response too long?...hmmm...)

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Review #23, by Trisha *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

10th February 2009:
awsome! and i love how the story fit with the song. love story is a perfect song for the story

Author's Response: Thank-you Trisha !! yes i love "love story" and just..Thank-you..loads..i truly mean it...thankyou...its reviewers like you that tell us writers to "keep going" ...u rock!!


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Review #24, by Natures Nobility *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

10th February 2009:
I liked it...
i also love your username...
it made me laugh
I'm an Annie too lol :)

Author's Response: Yay Annie! Thank-you SO so so so so much for reading my story and also taking the time to review! i feel really great that you liked my story! thank-you and i hope you read my future stories =D

~Annie (",)

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Review #25, by adluvshp *Tap*Tap*CRASH*

9th February 2009:
WOW!!! Nice!!! I liked this!!!

But when u say continue writing, ISN'T THIS FANFIC OVER?

Author's Response: thank-you so much this is the first fan fiction i have ever written...thankyou so much for taking the time to read it =D im so happy...and as for your question..i meant continue writing as in general not this one.. =D

thanks really made my day (and i'm not just saying that...i truly TRULY mean it!)


~Annie (",)

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