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Review #1, by bananasareamazing Hurting the Innocent

23rd July 2013:
wait it says that Harry has chocolate brown eyes Harry has emerald green eyes? Thought I still love this story!

Author's Response: oops...have to go back and edit that, thanks!

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Review #2, by the reader Epilogue

8th November 2011:
Well you did well. I wasn't sure at first but it ended well. Thanks

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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Review #3, by the reader Hurting the Innocent

8th November 2011:
Well it is about time.

Author's Response: lol... had to draw it out...

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Review #4, by the reader Speak No Evil

8th November 2011:
Just when it was getting good. I hope you don't spoil it for them.

Author's Response: Would I do that? quite possibly...

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Review #5, by the reader Surviving House Arrest

7th November 2011:
I don't like stories that leave you empty in the heart.

Author's Response: It'll be filled quickly...

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Review #6, by the reader The Crisis

7th November 2011:
a little bit unrealistic but kept you going for the suspense

Author's Response: One of my favorite chapters that I wrote!

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Review #7, by EpiskeyPM Epilogue

2nd April 2011:
Wow wow wow, that's all I can say. Your story actually taught me about love, believe it or not:P Thank you for writing this beautiful story, it was so great. The emotional rollercoaster was amazing.

Author's Response: Aww... I'm glad! Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by EpiskeyPM Soul Deep

2nd April 2011:
Words cannot even... I'm sorry, but I just don't have a proper review for this. So much crazy, warped nonsense happened that I'm literally just sitting here like, "What is this I don't even." Good heavens.

Author's Response: lol...leaving the readers speechless...that's a first

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Review #9, by EpiskeyPM Loving Hermione

2nd April 2011:
This demon saying he loves Hermione.. maybe Harry is her demon? I don't know, I'm making crazy assumptions. And Harry better not die! That'd crush Hermione.

Author's Response: whoa...that would have been a cool twist...

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Review #10, by EpiskeyPM Hurting the Innocent

2nd April 2011:
SQUEEE! (that's literally what I did) So much love for this story!!! Poor Ron, I know what that stupid demon did to him really effed with his head. I'm super glad no one held it against him, though. So excited to read the next one, I love this story so much!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #11, by EpiskeyPM Speak No Evil

2nd April 2011:
Oh my God, so beautiful!! Honestly, I was smiling this entire time. Hermione just loves him so much and I absolutely adore how hard Harry was trying to fix things. I actually screamed when the phone rang, those damn demons!!! Gotta keep reading(:

Author's Response: lol...stupid phone...ruining the moment

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Review #12, by EpiskeyPM Surviving House Arrest

2nd April 2011:
I was grinning like an idiot at the part where Harry recreates the stars for Hermione. It was so sweet, I love their relationship in this. Gonna continue reading!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #13, by EpiskeyPM The Crisis

27th March 2011:
Wow, so intense! And long; I love long posts. Hermione needs to hurry up and admit she loves Harry:P And Harry needs to stop being daft and see he does, too. On to the next one!

Author's Response: glad to be of service!

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Review #14, by Mione_BFF_Gin Epilogue

16th January 2010:
This was the first fanfiction I'd ever read and I loved it! Gin(my awesome bffl and the person i write Fanfictions with) showed it to me. I loved this story and I've remembered it for months but never made a review so I Loved it! I'm a total H/Hr shipper (slowly getting Gin on my side!) but I loved it!

Author's Response: I'm so glad I made a lasting impression!

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Review #15, by datbenik513 The Crisis

15th December 2009:
OK, it has been quite long in my favourites. It got instantly there after having read the first chapter. Now I finally have the time to catch up with my reviewing.

I can't - and won't - deny that I instantly liked this story due to it being an intelligently written Harry/Hermione. I've made this transition from being an avid Canon fan into a Harmonian.

It must be one of the best stories I've ever read. I can say that for sure, even based on this first chapter. Intelligent, literate writing, vivid descriptions, nice, well-flowing dialogues, spiced with a very original idea. It's some amazing writing skills you've been exhibiting here!

I have understood from the setting that the events here must be taking place sometime after the War and Baldyfart's defeat. I love this AU setting, my only question is: where are Ron and Ginny? Will they come into the picture later?

Throughout the whole chapter, it's obvious that there's something in the air between your heroes. They are, however, unsure of their feelings, exhibit the sort of shyness, awkwardness anyone would feel when being around somebody they're madly in love with but don't know how to tell it.

You made a reference on events in their pasts, when Harry would climb up to her room to protect or comfort her. I'd gladly read more on those.

The underwater scene with Dumbledore appearing bears a strong resemblance to the "limbo" scene from DH. You managed to give it a twist of originality though, which is good.

The scenes where the demon first appears were chilling - in both senses - and kept me literally on the edge of my seat. Tossing around those cars like empty soda cans did really give a good insight into the demon's real potential.

Then, it's an adrenaline-filled rush as Harry does the run of his life to save hermione, before it's to late. Excuse me, I need to take a pill to calm down.


Author's Response: LOL, i think that's the longest review I've ever had, and one of the best. I'm so glad to hear that I was able to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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Review #16, by windmelody Soul Deep

5th October 2009:
but Hermione gets kind of werid.

Author's Response: yea, she tends to get a little dramatic at times

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Review #17, by windmelody The Crisis

3rd October 2009:
I love it!
can't wait until I
finish with the next ch

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #18, by snorkack1 Epilogue

29th August 2009:
ok you write a beautiful love story really really made me feel.
but your details especially peoples appearences was annoyingly off.
and the story was to muggle no one used magic for anything.
bring out the wands and let's see more.

Author's Response: yea, i've been getting a lot of that, but it just seemed to me that using magic would have been the easy way out, and would have made the story a little boring, but thank you!

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Review #19, by Dmali Speak No Evil

2nd August 2009:
sigh, no one in this story does much wand work do they. u mentioned earlier that hermione found harry's wand and thought itd b safer if it was nearby, but they havent done any magic to note since the story began. i mean, theyve finished school, they havent even apparated anywhere, harry had to run to save hermione in her room, and had to climb the trellis to get in? doesnt make much sense to me. theyre acting perfectly muggle. that would be fine except theyre supposed to b in danger, shouldnt some sort of protective wards been put around hermione by now. also couldnt they have her voice restored as well via some magical potion?

Author's Response: yea... i find it a bit anti-climatic if harry were to just "poof" into the room... but thank you 4 reading

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Review #20, by Dmali The Crisis

1st August 2009:
the sequencing of events are abit haphazard at times. i think its because once tihings begin to happen, they jsut chaotic very quickly. good story idea, i look forward to how u develop it.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #21, by ImarealLuna Epilogue

30th July 2009:
Ok so I'm not gonna lie that story was extemely weird. I liked it though it was very original. It almost took the whole world of Harry Potter actually out of it. There wasn't too much regular magic going on or anything like that. Other than small things like that it was good.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #22, by gravacor Epilogue

25th July 2009:
I liked the story. Everything cleaned up nicely and resolved itself. Harry's comments on feeling the hurt and that the demon stayed with her because he loved her so, was dead on. I'm glad that Hermione didn't dwell on that too much.
It seems at the end the demon is indeed not dead. I'm thinking he probably can not truly die.
I'm sorry to say that I cannot join you on the D/Hr ship. Good luck on your next story.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #23, by gravacor Soul Deep

6th June 2009:
Another great update. I loved the way that you showed how most emotions are tied together. Demon's love caused jealousy and hate towards Harry. "Soul forest" was an interesting idea, one that I didn't get that she would be further hurting Harylry fighting, thus herself. You actually made me feel compassion for the demon, something I never thought I would at the start. Can't wait till the last chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you felt that way.. that's exactly what I was aiming for! Thanks 4 reading!

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Review #24, by gravacor Loving Hermione

6th June 2009:
Loved the way it turned out, however, I was disappointed in Harry. Truth be told, he has had ample opportunities to tell her how he felt. Guys really are clueless sometimes, and I am one...It took a tremendous amount of courage and really love for Hermione to decide to not kill herself and to give Harry that one more chance. I'm just glad that he didn't screw it up. Now we find out how strong the bond is...

Author's Response: LOL... glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by GinnyLilyana Soul Deep

5th June 2009:

I'm angry now.



Author's Response: lol...sorry... would it be really mean if I waited to post the last chapter after the queue closure?? Thanks 4 reading!

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