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Review #1, by marauderslover15 The truth is out

17th February 2014:
The best ending that could satisfy any girl's heart. Really wonderful and romantic. I truly enjoyed this. =)

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Review #2, by marauderslover15 A storm inside and out

17th February 2014:
I"M SCREAMING. I CAN'T believe this just happen. I'm excited to find out how Hermione will react to Draco's engagement

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Review #3, by marauderslover15 Lean on me

17th February 2014:
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Uh-oh, I can't wait to keep on reading to see what's to come!

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Review #4, by marauderslover15 Against all odds

14th February 2014:
Love the way they meet!! I can't wait to continue reading

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Review #5, by marauderslover15 Running

14th February 2014:
Ah so excited. Love what you did with hermione and Ron's relationship. And that he plays an important role in her life. Great chapter

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Review #6, by anonym The truth is out

3rd August 2013:
That was absolutely lovely!!

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Review #7, by Kylie The truth is out

11th April 2013:
Sequel?? :))
I loved it so much :)

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Review #8, by jp The truth is out

6th April 2013:
loved it! :) cute story

Author's Response: Tks! I appreciate it!

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Review #9, by The_Dark_Side_Gal Dead end

26th February 2013:
Oh my merlin I want to say 1: excellent story and 2: I love that you put in folkestone! its where i go to school :D so thanks x

Author's Response: Really? I've never been there! Does it make sense the way it's pictured?? Thanks!!

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Review #10, by AbbyDaiquiri The truth is out

18th December 2012:

Author's Response: After months without checking in, your post is a pleasant surprise, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by pooh The truth is out

25th February 2012:
that was a nice story!

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Review #12, by brooke The truth is out

18th January 2012:
sequel? i just loves the story and i loved that dracos mom supported him!

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Review #13, by Atlantean_Diva The truth is out

10th May 2011:
This story was absolutely lovely! I adored it.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for that!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #14, by Atlantean_Diva Caught in a trap

10th May 2011:
Aww this was so sad. :(

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Review #15, by Atlantean_Diva A storm inside and out

10th May 2011:
Gush... that's all I have.
Jeez, I'm really not liking Lucius, but then that's normal.

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Review #16, by Atlantean_Diva Lean on me

10th May 2011:
Lucius is going to be pissed when he finds out. I hope Draco has finally learned to man up.

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Review #17, by Atlantean_Diva Against all odds

10th May 2011:
I felt bad for Hermione, but I'm glad Draco was there to pick her up, literally.

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Review #18, by Atlantean_Diva Running

10th May 2011:
This was a good start. I thought you really captured Hermione in this chapter. She always played her feelings for Ron close to her chest, and Ron was pretty on point. He's so freaking insensitive.

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Review #19, by Ring_Felton97 The truth is out

7th April 2011:
Loved your story! Very fun!

Author's Response: Nice to know that you liked it!
tks for R&R

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Review #20, by Kayla Solaris The truth is out

5th September 2010:
Excellent story, really nice!!

Author's Response: tks! I was out of HPFF for so long and haven't seen your review till now! Cheers!

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Review #21, by alice The truth is out

21st August 2010:
aww so sweet =]
nice story, I love the reference to pride and prejudice.

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Review #22, by Phoenix_Embers The bright side

29th March 2010:
I love the story so far, but I had a personal question, just out of interest: Where'd you find the last name Irons?
Great plot!

Author's Response: hello!
got the name Irons out of the blue, actually...
I'm glad you like the story!
tks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER The truth is out

7th February 2010:
love it. got the drama,got the sweet parts.everything a story needs love it.ill add u to my faves because u r now one of my fave authors.

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Review #24, by rainbowsocks The truth is out

30th December 2009:
“Internet?” was Imelda’s guess. “I hear the whole wizarding world is well registered on the internet, but disguised as fiction.”
that was like so funny. i was just like rofl
and about the sunday breakfasts (:
i loved it, this story was just so, so marvelous i can't believe i hadn't read it before !
but then again, i went searching through completed dramiones out of boredom to find this. it was worth it.
loved it
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Tks!
A lot of people seem to like that little internet part!
Please come again for other stories.

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Review #25, by Wolf Girl The truth is out

4th December 2009:
That is such and amazing story!
Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks!
Feels great to know you like it!

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