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Review #1, by Oo PuRpLe BuBbLeS oO OWLs

2nd April 2010:
interesting...i like this idea!
update soon!

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Review #2, by :) OWLs

2nd January 2010:
First: you got a really good plot! second: you don't describe very well in this story, and that makes the story very boring.
Third: you skip alot.(thats negative in my book..)
Fourth: I liked that the memory off snape.

ps: my writing sucks...

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm trying to fix little things with this story right now. :)

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Review #3, by Luna Lover OWLs

21st November 2009:
i like it :)
a lot ...

Author's Response: Thanks. XD

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Review #4, by Kristina OWLs

24th September 2009:
I really really love the idea of this story. The only thing I can think of that needs some work is the transitions. You sort of jump from year to year without really showing any time passing. Also, I'm slightly confused about whether or not it's common knowledge that Janie is a vampire. In one of the earlier chapters Lily called her a vampire and the Slytherins all know, but they used it as blackmail. I'm slightly confused as to how all of these people would know if it's not common knowledge... Other than that I really like it :)

Author's Response: Its not really common knowledge that she's a vampire. Lily only knows because she's Lily (Money's on she knew Lupin was a werewolf before she was told) and Lily got mad at Janie one day and told Snape henceforth every slytherin knowing. Well and a whole gang of Vampires roaming Hogwarts know too...

Thanks for your review

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Review #5, by Avantgardess OWLs

24th July 2009:
I was hoping this was a parody. But it's just a pathetic Sue-story.
Yes, your character is a Mary Sue. And how overused is the vampire plot anyway?
It's more of a script than a story, anyway- you didn't out any description. It's just a bunch of dialogue with a few verbs.
At least you wrote James and Sirius in character.

Author's Response: Any suggestions then?

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Review #6, by Lol Remus' Secret

28th May 2009:
Please next chapter soon I love this story

Author's Response: Its coming. This story is actually done already.

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Review #7, by LOL Fast Break

27th May 2009:
Please next chapter soon please

Author's Response: Next one should be up soon

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Review #8, by Lol Burgundy Paint

15th March 2009:
Can't wait for the next chapter to come out ( hopefully soon)

Author's Response: Soon promise

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Review #9, by Just_Me_Black Twins Before Friends

31st January 2009:
Aww James is soo cute.. I can't wait to read more!! Update soon.

Author's Response: I've always liked James so one way or another I make him sound cute.

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