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Review #1, by NightHunterDeath The Consequences of Our Actions

30th December 2014:
...I really like Sirius' point of view. Its so much fun, and yet I love Artemis' when she's depressed...I can't wait for the new update, so please do it soon

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Review #2, by NightHunterDeath A Very Unmerry Christmas

30th December 2014:
...why did I have to be right? Why? Why couldn't it be someone else...

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Review #3, by NightHunterDeath It Never Lasts

30th December 2014:
...I feel like its Voldemort that is the important guess and he's there for recruiting the family...I would like to be reassured that I'm wrong, but I'm sure I'll know before the hour is up.

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Review #4, by Aakanksha Revenge Isn't Always So Sweet

25th October 2014:
I love this story, so please update if you can. I really want to read more, I finished this in just three days. Please, please, please update!

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Review #5, by twitchy_pigeons Revenge Isn't Always So Sweet

2nd July 2014:
Hey! So, it's been a while since I've read this, and it's been a while since you've written. But either way - outstanding work!! Maybe you'll pick it back up? I'm extremely curious to see how things are going to work out between Sirius and Artemis. Well, anyway, love the story as always!!! Message me on fb sometime - I'd love to know how life is going for you. -A.

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Review #6, by Neha Betrayal

25th October 2013:
love the story...plz update soon

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Review #7, by loony_lovegood101 Betrayal

5th September 2013:
a lot happened in this chapter :D
you write incredibly well and i cant wait for more.
honestly, i just want Artemis and Sirius back together!

till next time

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Review #8, by SiriusPotterhead Sometimes Love Sucks

10th August 2013:
I was a bit shocked when Sirius punched her but then I remembered how horrible he was to her at the start and felt it was a reasonable reaction considering their history.
I'm not sure if I really want them back together yet; I like the whole angst angle you've got going at the moment.
Can't wait for the next chapter :) x

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Review #9, by Angela Sometimes Love Sucks

5th August 2013:
That was amazing! I just read the whole thing and I'm basically on my tiptoes waiting for the next chapter. Keep it up! :)

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Review #10, by loony_lovegood101 Sometimes Love Sucks

4th August 2013:
i just started reading this fanfic yesterday and it is SO GOOD.
please bring back sirius???
till next time


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Review #11, by Shyin Peer Pressure

26th February 2013:
Glad you're updating again. I hope you continue!

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Review #12, by twitchy_pigeons Peer Pressure

8th February 2013:
YAY!!! I'm so glad you picked back up on writing! I like to think it has to do with me. :) I assume you'll let me continue in that delusion. I can't wait until your next chapter!! Write fast! :) No pressure or anything. ;)

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Review #13, by twitchy_pigeons The Best Not-Christmas Ever

20th January 2013:
I love your story and I would love love love it if you started writing again...although I would be somewhat mollified if you just told how you'd planned to end it. :)

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Review #14, by twitchy_pigeons Time For a Change

18th January 2013:
I've been rather engrossed in reading your absolutely amazing story, so I haven't gotten around to reviewing like I ought. But I have class tomorrow and Brock is going to come home and yell at me for still being up lol so I'm gonna review before I get kicked off.

I LOVE YOUR STORY. YOU ARE AWESOME, AND I REALLY REALLY HOPE YOU PICK BACK UP ON IT SO I CAN CONTINUE READING. :) Artemis is wonderfully sarcastic, and reminds me of you lol. Sirius sounds like a very yummy dessert I'd love to scarf down...if only he were real, and I wasn't married... I love your transition with Lily and James, the fiery red definitely can't resist a certain someone. :)

Anyway, I regretfully have to go to sleep. But I shall be back tomorrow and reading.

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Review #15, by twitchy_pigeons Lighting the Fire

18th January 2013:
Can't remember if I reviewed this before, but I still love this story. :)

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Review #16, by dramione_ftw_4ever Somewhere Safe

18th July 2011:
Oh, and so THIS is where you decide to stop writing eh?!
*clears throat*
Oh, um sorry for that little outburst of mine... I didn't mean for that to happen... (:
If it means anything to you, the story is abesolutely amazing. I think it's pretty amazing, and kind of creepy how Voldemort has a blood bond with her. And actually, Voldemort couldn't be a first cousin once removed. The only thing he could possibly be is a second uncle. Just so you know ^.- Because her father would we the son of the crazy Gaunt that only liked to speak in parsletounge, and then as Voldy is the son of the daughter, the two would be cousins, making her his second neice. ^.- Like my logic there?
Also, one thing I didn't particularly like, was Sirius screaming at Artemis about going home anyways, acting as if she knew she was going to be tortured... Though I also applaud you on that there, as you stuck so well to the character of Sirins that you created I just have to be glad for you doing such a feat. ^.^
Another thing, this story is so amazing I have almost cried like 20 million tims in it. Like in this chaptr and the previous chapter where Voldemort is torturing her, and you see just how little her dad cares about her, and you see just how horrible Voldemort is, and how little he cares about besides himself, it just hurt, and I almost cried. You are truly an amazing author. All I can ask of you is to keep on writing your amazing story and to update soon. please and thank you!

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Review #17, by Brittney =] Lighting the Fire

16th July 2011:
Never mind it's just the site that is all out of whack. I'm sorry :3

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Review #18, by Brittney =] Lighting the Fire

16th July 2011:
AH! What happened to the story?! I was in the middle of reading and eagerly went to go to the next chapter and suddenly it was gone!! ='( I was so excited to read this, you have no idea. Please please please please pleasae please please please please please please please bring it back!

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Review #19, by Seriously_in_love A Very Unmerry Christmas

2nd May 2011:
i really like this story it really shows that apollo really cares no matter what his veiws are hope you update soon

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Review #20, by HPGurl123 A Very Unmerry Christmas

10th April 2011:
Oh! I am so very glad to see you come back! I hope you update soon! This is one of my favorite stories on here!

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Review #21, by Miri_and_Ollies_Christmas Elf A Very Unmerry Christmas

1st March 2011:
wow, this chapter was definitly my favorite so far! I loved the intenseness. I can't wait for more!

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Review #22, by LilyFlower_x A Very Unmerry Christmas

28th February 2011:
AHHH! Tense, please update soon! :O :)

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Review #23, by MorteLlina It Never Lasts

19th December 2010:
Don't make Artemis die (I don't know, that's just the feeling I got from this last update). Especially not beaten to death.

Author's Response: ;) you'll just have to wait and see!! No worries, I've got plans for this story! It's just a matter of getting it in writing.

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #24, by Blue Biro It Never Lasts

18th December 2010:
aw, pleasepleasePLEASE update soon! ive favourited this fic and will fan you as well in just a momment! :)
loved the chappie!
becky ;p 1 BILLION/10! yes, THAT good! :D

Author's Response: lol glad you liked it!! :)

I'll try not to take too long. Thanks for the review!!

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Review #25, by Blue Biro Paradise?

18th December 2010:
aw, Artemis and Sirius AND Lily and James!?! who would've known? ;p loved it!

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