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Review #1, by Bella Cullen. Hermionie Granger 'Goodbye'

31st October 2009:
HI This is really, really good!
By the way, in the 4th paragraph, under the very long (And funny) Has the name Elody in it instead of Onalee!
Really gr8! xx

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! and i will go and correct that right away! :)

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Review #2, by endless_epolgies Decisions

15th September 2009:
ahahaha love this chapter! i really like your writing style!
i love the last line in this chapter "Then everything was quiet till 8 o’clock the next morning, when one of the other girls in their room woke up with pink hair, courtesy of her now ex best friend." ahah made me laugh out loud! good work!!

Author's Response: wow really? i never thought i could write laugh out loud funny... im honored!!! I should update as soon as possible! thanks for the great review! im all happy now!! xx

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Review #3, by endless_epolgies 'Goodbye'

15th August 2009:
oooh may i ask why the name change? this was a good chapter too, a few typos here and there but all round good. =]
yaay we see Ron in this chapter. it's always the pretty ones that are jealous. a.k.a Daniel.
anyways update soon?

Author's Response: I changed the name because I thought Onalee suited my character more.
there does tend to be, i need someone to proof read them lol.
i am writing the next chapter right now! haha. thanks for you review!!!

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Review #4, by endless_epolgies Prologue

15th August 2009:
oh i love this. i love how it doesnt give anything away but makes you wonder about what happened to this character. i love this so far. :)

Author's Response: thank you! thats just what i was aiming for.

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