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Review #1, by jessica Telling Harry

7th June 2011:
harry was in shock for a minutie and than he was that hermione is his twin sister then they told ron.

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Review #2, by Dobby The Truth and the Letter

20th August 2009:
Hi :D

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You can access them via Googling "The Dark Mark", and all you need to do is sign up to make a request and one of the very talented artists on this site will be more than happy to help you out :) It's a smaller site than TDA so you can't get lost, but the talent is just as good :)

Hope it helps you on your quest to find a banner! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice, ill check it out!!

HD :)

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Review #3, by anonymous Telling Harry

4th April 2009:
intersting twist in the story

Author's Response: Thank-you for the great review lol!

I know i didnt stay to the boook exactley lol but nobody really can lol.

Anyway my next chapter should b up soon

Pls keep reading and reviewing


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Review #4, by Femme_Fatale Telling Harry

3rd April 2009:
Well, just wondering why Voldemort never came after Hermione as he knew that she and Harry were twins. Maybe this will be explained later. I want to see what will happen next. Please hurry and update soon ^_^

Author's Response: Lord Voldermort never really knew that Harry and Hermione were twins, only their parents and of course the staff at Hogwarts. Lord Voldermort only had a feeling that they were, although Lord Voldermort is a killer, he was cautious about this kill lol. Sorry if i wasnt clear about that in the story. Hermione's real identity hasent been revealed yet. That happpens in the next chapter of the story, about the begining lol.

My next chapter should be up fairly soon, hope your enjoying the story!


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Review #5, by Femme_Fatale The Truth and the Letter

3rd April 2009:
One problem with this, if Hermione is Harry's twin her birthday would be July 31, like Harry's. But if you changed it to make it seem like they weren't related., why didn't you keep it September 19?

Anyway, this is a very unique idea and I didn't see any spelling or grammar mistakes. Good job so far ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah im sorry i messed up, ive only read the book once and i couldnt find what date his birthday was! lol So i just came up with a date i thought might work. Sorry about the mix up.


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