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Review #1, by peace2lovepotter Meet Me On the Grounds

1st September 2011:
Hi! Here I am with my review!

This was very moving, there Lydia was, sitting waiting for her love Remus, only to be told by one of his best bfriends Sirius he wasn't coming. What made it worse was that he didn't want to break up with her, it was because of him being a werewolf he didn't want to hurt her. This was very strong, powerful and emotional, and I really really liked it! Love Livvy x :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by marauderqueen Meet Me On the Grounds

2nd August 2009:
sad nd sweet. loiked it

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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Review #3, by Pretty Purple Pelican Meet Me On the Grounds

19th July 2009:
I think it was really nice and sweet, but I think that ending part could have been left out. We all know why Remus can't be with her, but it's more painful to just end it with Lydia's confusion. I think if you could expand it a little more in the first half, it could really be a beautiful story. It's nice as it is, but it could be even better. Your writing style is very good! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I mostly wrote the ending part because I wanted to write Remus in somehow. I guess more like how he was hurt by what he had to do and to kind of contrast his younger self with his older self as well as Lydia and Tonks since Tonks got to marry him and Lydia didn't even know what was wrong. xD It probably doesn't look like that, though. I'm kinda bad at contrasting...

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Review #4, by confusedlover Meet Me On the Grounds

13th March 2009:
very lovely.

i thought that you did an amazing job on this. your characterization was unbelievable and your word choice and sentence structure was immediately effective from the start. my only not so positive compliment is the fact that this seemed a bit...pointless (?). i do not know whether that is exactly the right word but in a way, this did not seem to have too much of a plot. but then again, at the same time it does. to me, it just does not seem to get too much across. wonderful job though. i really enjoyed reading this and found it incredibly pleasurable. keep writing.

Author's Response: thanks for the review. sorry it took me so long to respond. i thought i had. xD

yeah its a bit... kinda like eh, who cares? but i'm into that sort of thing at the moment. xD

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Review #5, by The Empress Meet Me On the Grounds

11th March 2009:
Great job! I feel so badly for Lydia, having her heart broken like that. Just awesome!
I like your descriptions. It definitely helps to convey the emotions that the character(s) are feeling, especially having Lydia thinking about how much she likes Remus, may even love him, no matter what anyone else may think. And then to have him break up with her through Sirius! That is great because it is anything but a trite Remus. It shows perfectly, I think, that while he has the best of intentions he goes about it in all the wrong ways; hurting more people that way than if he shared the truth and loved them anyway. The story is very believable and easy to follow. I like how you characterized Lydia so well in such a short story. Once again, great job. There were no major mistakes or anything that I noticed, good work! I think my favorite part is the line 'Tears were in his eyes but he refused to wipe them away and the refused to fall.'

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Yeah, I felt a bit bad for Lydia, but if I remember right, I wrote this when I was depressed, which explains for the horrible circumstances. xD I thought it would be best for him to do it since he almost, I think, left Tonks at one point because he was a werewolf. I must admit, that is my favorite line as well.
Thanks so much for the awesome review. It made my day!

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Review #6, by someone___1 Meet Me On the Grounds

21st January 2009:
poor, poor lydia! i feel SO bad for her. why couldn't remus just tell her, he loved her after all!

Author's Response: Cause that doesn't make for a nice good angsty story? xD (And it would lead to problems for Tonks.)

Thanks for the review.

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