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Review #1, by reut Embers

25th April 2012:
they are so cute. I loved the ending.

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Embers

24th April 2012:
Again that was beautiful 9/10 : )

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Review #3, by lunarocks14 Embers

3rd December 2010:
Aawwh, so sweet :) I love Al/Scorp slash fics! :D 10/10

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Review #4, by Indigo Seas Embers

10th June 2009:
Hey Liam, I thought I would spread some cheer, what with the recent HPFF Forums problems, so I figured I would write reviews for all my friends on TGS! So here I am, practically drooling after reading this awesome piece of writing.

Anyway, I thought it was great. Like, really great. Especially your character! I loved how you developed Albus. He's one of my favorite characters, partly because we don't know much about him. Different authors' perspectives lead to different stories, which is part of what makes this story great!

And the whole "ember" thing was just beautiful. Like, really, really beautiful. This line especially: "You’ve taken the embers, and turned them into an inferno.” Loved it. A lot. XD

What can I say? Great? Magnificent? Because it was. 10/10. Hope I made you smile (at least a bit :D).

Author's Response: Aha, wow, Rin, thank you! That's very kind, and I really appreciate it, so thank you so much. I shall definitely be returning with a review for one of your own now :)

Yes, I agree with you. I absolutely adore Albus' character. He's so interesting, he can really be turned and manipulated into anything the author wants. That's the case with all the next-generation characters, actually, but there's something that just screams "under-dog" about Albus, which I think makes him so intriguing to readers and writing. Being the middle child, and having an older brother and a younger sister, really puts him in the background. And plus, who doesn't love a bit o' Scorpibus? ;)

Aha, I'm glad you liked the embers theme. That was very interesting to write, as I've never done anything with a recurring theme like that (at least not as obviously or intentionally)

Wow, you're awesome.
Thank you so much, Rinny! ILY.

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Review #5, by Midnight_Fox Embers

30th May 2009:
four words: completly and utterly amazing!
now some more because those didnt do it justice :D
omg, i adored all of this! the writing was incredible; i love your style. The way you tied the fire theme into it, and, for some reason, i love this "whispering delicately in his ear" - it just adds a little extra, well, something lol
so basically, as youve probably gathered by now, i love this story to unhealthly extremes ^_^

Author's Response: Woahh, thank you! Aha, it's lovely to be given such high compliments. I'm very pleased you enjoyed the story.

Unhealthy extremes? Uh oh x'D
Thank you! I'm actually starting to lose faith in my stories, so its reviews like this that really lift me up and make me happy, so thank you ever so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #6, by Jellyman Embers

18th May 2009:
omgomgomg. I loved it! This was so fantastically excellent! Usually I prefer lighter slash fic (dunno why), but this really was absolutely amazing and I had to tell you that! I loved the fire/burning/ember theme you pulled through the whole story. Albus was being so incredibly sweet and Scorpius was being so stoic - completely gorgeous characters you've made :) Well done on a wonderful one-shot!

Author's Response: WOW.
Thank you! Aha, I am so sorry for the super late reply, I've been bogged down with school and stuff, so I haven't really been on.

But thank you. Your review has made my entire week. I'm glad you liked Albus and Scorpius so much, I hope I did the general characterisation of them justice, while adding originality at the same time ^.^

Again, thank you so much! You really have no clue how much this review means to me :)

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Review #7, by livvie Embers

29th April 2009:
AGH Liam. this is SOSOSOOSOSO amazing and emotional. I LOVE IT i love how you used the embers and fire to relate to both Scorpius and his relationship with albus, its really clever, its so sweet and it made me all fuzzy aww its just so cute i ADOREEE it!!!
I love you ;3

Author's Response: Oh wow. Umm, I love you so much it hurts sometimes? xD
Thank you so much. This review just ... AGH ^.^
Its made me so so so happy.

I'm glad you liked it so much.
I adore you!

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Review #8, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Embers

20th April 2009:
i'm quite confused by the ending >.< did they break up? does scorpius love him back?

Author's Response: No, they didn't break up. Scorpius loves Albus to death, but he doesn't need him all the time. That was really just him saying he didn't need him to fight away his nightmares anymore.

Sorry it was confusing! D:

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Review #9, by Phoenix_Flames Embers

21st March 2009:
Liam!! Oh, it was so beautiful. Really.

You wrote gorgeously. And I love you took the concept of embers and weaved it into this. You're so amazing!

I loved this. Loved it, loved it.

I have nothing to tell you but pwn all over this. :D How are you so wonderful?! XD

I really loved this part:

You’ve taken the embers, and turned them into an inferno.

It was just so gripping and meaningful.



Author's Response: Yay, Drue! I'm so glad you liked it. I mean, this story was just so simple to write, it really flowed, and the embers thing ... Well, I don't even know where that came from, but I had to call it Embers after all that xD

How am I so wonderful? Aha, thank you!

Yay, I'm so glad you liked it Drue, thankies!

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Review #10, by kissedbyavampire Embers

17th February 2009:
Aw, that's cute! I like your writing style, clean and not too many details. I can't wait to check out more of your stories!


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #11, by I_LOVE_love Embers

15th February 2009:
I like it, it's sweet. I feel bad for Scorp though, all that least he has Albus!! haha, very nice one-shot!

Author's Response: Awh thank you for the review. Yes, Scorpius and Albus deserve each other ^_^

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Review #12, by DracoFerret11 Embers

14th February 2009:
Hey, DarkRose from the forums here to review:

What a powerful one-shot. It really was gorgeously written.

Your prose easily entices emotions and imagination from any reader, I greatly appreciated your style.

The line: "When you love somebody so much you feel as though your heart might burst out of your chest when you see them, you automatically know when they are upset." really struck me. It was extremely well written.

Your characterization was really magnificent as well.

Fantastic job! :D


Author's Response: Gorgeously written? *blush*

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, it's put this big grin on my face, so thank you!

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Review #13, by confusedlover Embers

13th February 2009:
very lovely.

this was beautifully written. i have been hoping to get a slash request on my review thread for quite some time and so i was quite excited when i found yours. i have not read many stories that contain such pairing, but i am quite interested in starting to pick up on reading a few more and think that this might have just done it for me. i loved it. honestly.

your characterization was amazing, and even though i really am not a big fan of next generation stories, this one really caught my attention from the very first word to the conclusion. your description and complexity as you write was incredibly appealing throughout the course of this story and as a reader, that is pretty much all that you can hope for while reading through something like this.

the only suggestion that i have for you is to watch your tenses. in two or three places you sort of seemed to mix a little bit with the wrong form of words. an easy mistake- one that i have made time and time again and one that i find that a lot of writers struggle with- but a mistake that has an easy read-through fix.

overall, i thought that you did an amazing job on this story. nothing seemed out of place our confusing and other than your tenses, i have nothing to consult you on. wonderful job with this one-shot. this was a very fulfilling and pleasant read for me tonight.

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much for the review. It's made me blush a little bit actually, aha, so thank you for that.

Next Gen + Slash = ♥
For me, at least ^_^

I messed up the tenses? Really? Eep, I didn't mean to do that. I should be getting this beta'd soon, so I'm sure that'll fix it up a bit, thank you for pointing it out by the way.

And thank you so much for the review, really it's made me very happy :)

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Review #14, by marinahill Embers

8th February 2009:
Hi Liam :)

excellent choice of ship! I couldnt think of a better pair. I'm quite keen to write a slash fic, but I'm a bit scared! We'll see.

I loved this! Slash is so hard to get right, but you've hit the nail on the head here. You really explore Albus and Scorpius's relationship, how they need each other. Albus's love for Scorpius was heartbreaking, and beautifully written. The beginning, especially, was well written. You introduced them perfectly and i just loved how as the fic went on, it got darker. Scorpius's dreams were quite chilling, and it was great how you showed the changes in them both when he had the dream.

Thanks for requesting! 10/10

- Marina

Author's Response: *major blush*
Thank you for that amazing review!

Oh you should so write a slash! Their easy, and pretty amazing to write, to be honest. I was more worried when I decided to write a one-shot slash, because it might've come off a bit rushed, but clearly it wasn't as bad as I thought ^_^

Albus and Scorpius really do need each other. Especially Scorpius. He's a very messed up kid, and I honestly think if Albus didn't love him he'd self destruct. Even more so than he already has.

Thank you so much for the review, Marina, it's plastered this huge grin on to my face, so thank you! ^_^

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Review #15, by ghostwriter1030 Embers

7th February 2009:
Oh I loved this so much. I love Albus/scorpius slash anyway, but this was a real tear jerker. I love the plot about draco and astoria's deaths and how albus comforted him. This was really good read, wonderful job.

ChellDaBelle1030 aka ghostwriter1030

Author's Response: Awh thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much (:

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Review #16, by Mystery Madam Embers

5th February 2009:
Hello, love :)

Wow. Amazing! This was so sweet, yet so...dark? Really intriguing too.
I really loved the emotion in this, the ending especially. It was just so real.
I am lost for words. Really. I loved loved loved it.

Love you,
Katie xx

Author's Response: Katie my darling dear amazing friend ^_^

Ehh, thank you so much. That's made me smile alot. It is pretty dark, but at the same time ... it has a nice ending at least ^_^

Thanks for reading and reviewing. It means alot to me♥

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Review #17, by Love Made Visible Embers

5th February 2009:
The first sentence jumped off the page for me, I thought it was a really great opening and thoroughly dragged my attention into the story. A great opening sentence is crucial, and this is one of the most effective I think I've come across on this site. It was just so original and different, it didn't give too much away about what was going to happen in the story, yet it hinted a sort of desperation and vulnerability. Something tragic had obviously happened, and the first sentence oozed that; it was everything a first sentence should be.

As the story progresses it becomes increasingly apparent how much Albus and Scorpius need eachother. There's a sort of desperation and fear inside Scorpius after the murder of his parents that makes me aware of how much worse off he would be without Albus. It's obvious he would not cope and I like the idea of Albus being the strong, level-headed one in the relationship. In a lot of Scorpius/Albus fics I've read it was Scorpius that was the domineering half, it seemed compulsory that he was to be this strong, manly, burly character that needed to look after the people around him; I find it inspiring how you've gone in a different direction and let Albus take the lead role in the relationship. Something else which struck me is how much Albus needs Scorpius: he seemed to be acting the hero and trying to save Scorpius' soul, and I feel that without Scorpius he would be lost, almost as if he enjoys being the doting one in the relationship. It's extremely interesting analysing these two's motives.

This fic is extremely poignant and you've captured the emotions excellently. It doesn't concentrate on the physical side of the relationship which is admirable of you, it centres entirely on the emotional desperation in the pair of them and it's wonderful. Your imagery is also something that leaped out to do it very well, your descriptions are well written and professional. I enjoyed reading them a lot. Your similies are brilliant and allow the scenes to flow out wonderfully. I can genuinely see the story unfolding in my mind and nothing is choppy or uneven about it.

The only thing I would suggest in order to improve your story is to remove the three love hearts at the bottom. I know they're quite significant in the story and it does represent the love between Scorpius and Albus; I just feel that it takes away the such obvious, inspiring sophistication that your story has. I think it would look more professional without them. But other than that there were no errors that occured to me, I didn't see any grammatical or spelling mistakes and it makes your fic seem a lot more polished. A really great story Liam, keep it up.


Author's Response: This review is incredible.
Just before I go into what you've said, I just want you to know how grateful I am for this, so thank you, thank you, thank you :D

Ack, where do I begin ...

I'm glad you liked the opening! Originally I was going for something big and dramatic, but slowly it turned itself into more of an emotional thing, and I have to admit I prefer it that way.

Scorpius is very vulnerable, yes. He's in a very dark place, which is understandable after such horrifying events that have just bulldozed his life.

As for Albus, I totally know what you mean. There aren't that many of this pairing out there (not that I've seen, at least) so I mainly based that off of Drarry's. Draco always seems to be the dominating one, and Scorpius is the same in the few that I've read. Albus isn't exactly domineering, but he is very protective.

Imagery created by the metaphors in this are very important, aswell. They really make the story what it is, and the frequent references to embers in the fireplace are something I wanted to make descriptive and important, so I'm glad you liked that.

Thank you so much for this epic review. It's amazing, thank you!

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Review #18, by Rose Wilts Embers

5th February 2009:
Hey there Old Buddy, Old pal!

Oh my goodness! I've never read a Scorpius/Albus fic before, and quite honestly, I've NEVER considered it. So I didn't come into reading this fic with great visions in my mind.

What can I say? You absolutely blew me away. You're amazing! I BEEPING loved it.

I loved how you didn't make it based on a pyhsical relationship, not the ... er... animal aspects of it. It was so deeply beautiful. Seriously. I loved the fire metaphors (metaphor?) and how everything was so delicately described. How you just brushed over the details and made me want more.

All the stuff about the Malfoy murders and how it made Albus sad to see Scorpius sad was all so lovely... in a twisted way. Ha ha. All so touching, maybe that works better?

Far out! I'm completely in love with this. You're such an amazing writer. -blabbers on- SQUEE!

xx Laura-ra-ra-ra

Author's Response: Lauurra.
Hey there ol' buddy ;)

This review is amazing! Thank you so much, it's fixed a semi-permanent grin on my face now. Aha, you amaze me with your awesomeness.

The animal aspects? Aha, I never took that into account when I was writing it. To be honest, I never really thought of them having a, ahem, sexual relationship. Scorpius is just a frightened guy, who is terrified that the people who murdered his family are going to hurt him aswell, and Albus is just ... there for him. Not in an "anamalistic" way either :P

Deeply beautiful? *blush* That's nice of yeh ;)

Gah, this is just made of win. Thank you so much Laura-ra-ra-ra :D


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Review #19, by KaraBlack Embers

4th February 2009:
Oh my that was so sad! :( Awww.I can't...I can't believe that he. Oh Scorpius!

That was...really angsty. Like, I saw the angst in the beginning but that got quite angsty there in end didn't it? ^_^

I loved it! I really liked this line: "You've taken the embers, and turned them into an inferno."

That was awesome :)

I feel so bad about what happened to Scorpius, aww, I'm sad that people can be so cruel to them ><

Amazing hun, amazing. ^_^ 10/10

Author's Response: Yay, Kara! I'm so annoyed right now. My internet has messed up on my laptop, so I'm having to use my mum's computer, which also means I can't post chapter four of SaL for a while ...

But thank you! Seriously, this review just means so much to me. Out of all of the lines in the story, that was definitely mine aswell. I got a burst of inspiration :)

Albus and Scorpius are just amazing, aren't they?

Well, I'm glad you liked it, thanks hon :)

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Review #20, by redherring Embers

4th February 2009:
Ahhh, I do love a good Albus/Scorpius. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks alot (:

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Review #21, by Azule Embers

4th February 2009:
um. WOW.
I really don't ever read 'slash' but this is utterly fantastic.Really poignant.Good stuff Liam R !


Author's Response: Yay, thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
Thanks for the review!

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