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Review #1, by TheDirigiblePlum Hollow Pursuits

25th August 2009:
This story flowed nicely, and made it an interesting read because you got Draco's thoughts to piece together seamlessly, and they all matched his character well.

I enjoyed this little missing moment! I always like "missing moment" stories because I can imagine them in context with the books, and I always like thinking about the books. :D


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Review #2, by PottersGoddess16 Hollow Pursuits

17th March 2009:
I really love your work. You capture my attention in ways other writers do not.

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Review #3, by Tom_DracosGirl Hollow Pursuits

27th January 2009:
I'm a huge Draco fanatic lol, and love to discover new fics about his thoughts and feelings. I write him a lot and always enjoy reading other people's interpretations of him.

I really enjoyed this one shot, I thought you did a good job with conveying Draco's confusion as to what it is he really wants. This was a very interesting idea, I would never have thought of having him discover the mirror, it opens such a wide range of avenues to explore with a character like Draco.

Great job! I really enjoyed this!!

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Review #4, by BKL8008 Hollow Pursuits

22nd January 2009:
This is just excellent!
I don't even know where to begin in my praise of it.
Of course the mirror is showing Draco the desires of his heart - but Draco doesn't know exactly what he wants. That, in itself, I think, is what makes this story so great. 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! This is such a heartening review. I am so pleased you enjoyed it =)

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Review #5, by Stag Night Hollow Pursuits

21st January 2009:
It is me, Bibbs, under the other penname. I told you I would get to this today :) It doesn't matter that it is technically tomorrow for you. It's been a long time since I reviewed anything, so I apologize if it's nothing like how it used to be.

Anyway. Ooo!

I never would have considered the possibility of Draco, of all people, discovering the Mirror of Erised. Within the first sentence of the second paragraph, I was positive that what he was looking for was a solution for how to carry out his duty. So that was good, I suppose. Setting the background info, I mean. I liked his frustration with it, and how he seems to think it is teasing him. It probably is, and he's not the first one.

The part about his father was interesting. I won't go so far as to say touching, because I'm not a big fan of Draco, and I like Lucius even less. But an actual Draco fan would probably find the moment endearing :) It is well done anyway. I figure any young man would want most to make his father proud. I really enjoyed the part about "Malfoys dont do this, or do that, etc". It reminded me of the Blacks, who are the same way. It's all about the name, isn't it?

I also liked the part where he wanted to smash it, even after it gave him what he was looking for :) It reminded me that, even though he sat there looking all small in Lucius's eyes, he's still a bully, and a spoiled brat that has little respect for the property of others. Not that it has anything to do with anything. It just let me sit and look smug and say 'that's why I hate him.'

The odd part is when he sees Snape in the mirror, though he claims he doesn't so much want to see him. The thing is, obviously, we all know the mirror shows what you really DO want. So he can deny it all he wants. I find it interesting that he suspects Snape of offering help in a different way - a way out. It occurred to me then, that the Unbreakable Vow was taken to help Draco. Not to help him kill Dumbledore, but to watch over him as he attempts it, to protect him from harm in the process, and to carry out the deed should he fail. But never to specifically help Draco kill.

So I guess he was fulfilling the vow all along. From Harry's POV, and even ours as the reader, you automatically think that by taking the vow to help Draco, he vows to help Draco succeed. Your story made me realize that maybe it isn't so, maybe by taking the vow to help Draco, he vowed to literally "help" him. And that's something I never thought of.

That's why I like your stuff :) You always have such interesting insights that never occur to me, and they always revolve around the most secretive characters that really have you wondering in the first place.

Now, I know you haven't been on top of your review responses lately, but you better respond to this one :)

Author's Response: Yay bibbs, you konw I always love your reviews, no matter the penname (which is awesome, btw). And I am sure your reviews are still amazing - in fact, having read this one, I know they are =).

The idea for this actually came ages, as part of a 'Mirror of Erised' challenge. HBP had only just come out at the time, and Draco just came to mind as someone who really didn't know what he wanted during that book, and would probably have liked for someone to tell him.

So yes, he was looking for a solution. As we know in HBP, he was very anxious about it. At first it was supposed to give the idea that he wants the mirror to tell him how to do what he has to - but it won't. Because it mirrors that Draco doesn't even know what he wants to do, let alone how to do it.

I didn't think of the mirror as teasing myself. Draco see's it that way, certainly, but I wanted to convey it more as bluntly honest - to a point of being totally unhelpful. It can't know anymore than the person who sits in front of it, so that is all it can show. So I guess it is teasing, but only in that it is mocking Draco with is own lacking knowledge.

The part with his father wasn't all that important, except to highlight that Draco knows his father expects alot of him, and that he doesn't think he lives up to it. The most important part for Lucius is that Draco notices the shadows behind him, suggesting that Draco is more aware of his father's actions than he might otherwise admit to himself. Also to perhaps signify that, on a level, Draco knows what he has to do is wrong.

Hehe, I love that you picked up on the spoilt brat moment. You can feel sorry for him, but he is still a umped up little git at heart.

I always figured Snape's vow was to help Draco, not to kill Dumbledore, which is probably why that came across in the story =P. I never thought Snape spent the year trying to convert Malfoy in any way. Given Lucius position, trying to turn his son would have been tantamount to suicide. I think, instead, he perhaps tried to make Draco doubt for himself. Showed him the possibility of an alternative that Draco shows here he doesn't want to see.

This is why Ilove your reviews =) You get me rambling, even when you say you don't think they are any good.

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Review #6, by _Anya_ Hollow Pursuits

15th January 2009:
Wonderful idea for the Mirror & Draco, I've always thought that Draco needed some soul-searching and this is the perfect outlet. You started this piece out so strongly and with such a great purpose. The theme of Draco's hidden loneliness is clearly visible - you establish that right from the start, so that's good.

My main problem with this piece is that it is too short I know it's a one shot, but you don't offer any sort of resolution. while I understand this is an ambiguous piece, the story has to go somewhere. I am left feeling like I just watched the trailer of a movie...unless you've got part two still to come of this one-shot, you really have to develop the Snape thing more. You describe his personality in 2 sentences at the end. I don't understand anything significant about Snape from this brief, hasty description. Maybe get Draco to reminisce about the time Snape tried to turn him to the good side, or offered him advice and comfort but Lucius just snubbed him. Add some detail...make it up if you need to. you've got a great idea, so go with it!

Also, you say, "Lucius Malfoy loves him, dotes on him even" I wouldn't say this is particularly true, just look at the way Lucius talks to Draco at Borgin and Burkes in book 2, blaming him for not outscoring Hermione. I think you'd be more convincing sticking with the point that Lucius is always expecting too much from Draco, in every single aspect from academics to Quidditch. Snape has been abused in his life and knows what that feels like, and so Draco finds himself drawn emotionally to Snape because they've both been trodden on by crazy, overbearing fathers and have disappointed them.

Author's Response: Thank you for this review and all your comments. I am very pleased you liked the general concept, and the start - which I do agree, is probably the stronger part of this fic.

Now, I don't mean to belittle any of your comments at all, and I do appreciate them, but I have to admit I don't agree with them all. Firstly, the length. I did agonise for some time over the shortness of this piece. There was even a time when it was somewhat longer. However, if anything this piece has taught me that you do not need to necessarily go anywhere in order to achieve what you set out too. I deleted a chunk of writing that was, clearly, just filler - and distracted from the purpose of this piece. That purpose isn't about Lucius, or even Snape. It's about Draco, and to highlight the insecurity and troubles he suffered during HBP. In all honesty, I think that HBP itself provides all the ending you need to this. You konw where it goes, so why add meaningless stuff just for word count?

Back to Snape, you said you thought there should be more significance to him. But the only significance I intended him to have was as a representative to Draco's gut feeling that there is, perhaps, a different path to walk other than what is expected of him. I chose Snape as an ironic figure, given what we, the audience, know about him.

I agree, Lucius doesn't dote on Draco. But again, this story is from Draco's pov, and I think Draco believes himself to be doted on. He gets everything he wants, in a material sense, and I can easily imagine Draco equating this to love. Power and money areimportant to him more than affection. It's supposed to be another one of those scenes where we, as an audience, can sympathise with how wrong Draco has got it, because we know better.

I did enjoy reading your review though, and all your comments. Thank you very much for taking the time

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