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Review #1, by emilysoxo Jailbreak

15th May 2011:
HOLY. This is AMAZING. So professional! Wow.
Your biggest accomplishment has been your imagery. For some reason, I can perfectly picture every scene and every movement! Its really awesome. Plus, you have the reader on his/her seat! That sense of adrenaline is definitely portrayed.
AH can't wait for the update again. Cheers, Em :)

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Review #2, by SunSation Gal 07 Jailbreak

21st October 2010:
YAY! An update!!! And a awesome update that it was. They made it to England, though apparently not completely unnoticed, met some new characters, and holy crap! Albus?! Oh, ho, ho, this just keeps getting better and better! it was well worth the almost year wait! And I'd wait a year for another chapter of this awesome, truly amazing story.

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Review #3, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Baby Alone In Babylon

29th September 2010:
Oh that can't be good. Rasheed doesn't seem like a guy to mess with. I think if I met him in a dark alley, I'd be hoping for Max or Hugo to valiantly rescue me from him.

Still she is blind to Max's emotions. You'd think she would understand his worry over her well being rather than think of him as being over protective. Which is completely understandable.

Fantastic chapter! Sorry the reviews are so short, it,s hard to leave longer ones on my phone. Lol!

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Review #4, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Arrakis

29th September 2010:
This chapter was great, Kali!

I really liked the introduction of the medi-witch. For some reason I've always liked reading about healers in fanfiction. And your healer is fantastic!

I really feel for Max, he loved Grace. Yet, she either doesn't notice or chooses to ignore it. He'd do anything for her, and yet it will never be enough, I fear. It's heartbreaking. I hope Grace smartens up and notices!

Off to read the next chapter (which is hard to do at work)

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Review #5, by DarkLadyofSlytherin 15 Kilometer Voyage, Part II

29th September 2010:
Hey Kali,
As promised I've read this chapter.

This review will be short though.

I love that this chapter featured Hugo. I love Hugo! Though I really hate that Grace was shot. I can't wait to see how this all will turn out. And I definitely wouldn't want to be attacked by a Pest, they are evil creatures!

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Review #6, by miss_aurora Jailbreak

14th September 2010:
Oh my gosh! You update this! Asdgsa, I feel so happy. First Hugo and now Albus? You got me curious there. Sorry no long review, but I promise I'll write better next time. Now, off to reread this! :)

Oh and answering your question, most people in my country are moslem, so I get to see arabic characters a lot, though I'm not one. So it's kind of nice to see the arabic used in a fiction :)

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Review #7, by melian A Goddess's Wrath

15th November 2009:
Back again!

Right, inner critic stuff first. My main comment on this one was the use of Muggle technology, namely the laptop. I understand that this is next gen and therefore the wizarding world could have embraced this sort of thing more, but it did throw me a little. It's not an error, but it did make me raise my eyebrows. And I also noticed that you use American spelling - again, not an error because that's the way I expect you were taught to spell, but some people like to use UK spelling no matter where they are from so I did notice it. But, like I said, not a problem, just an observation.

Okay. Your story. I admit I smiled when Grace said she didn't like snakes - for just a split second I was taken back to the Indiana Jones movies, which can't be a bad thing. :) And now of course the reader is fully aware which era we're in, so that's a good thing. My minor discomfort of last chapter is completely allayed.

I liked that Hugo knew what the Urn was, even though the connection was really bad so we couldn't make out exactly what he was saying. At least we could get the whole story later on when he appeared in the fire, though I do wonder why they didn't just communicate that way with him in the first place. Maybe he was nowhere near a Floo. It doesn't really matter.

Nice touch too with the poison from the Pest, I had a suspicion that something like that may be in effect but it was a great way to leave us on a cliffy. I do admire people who can do cliffies so well, I struggle with them and it's such a key part of storytelling. I'm most impressed with yours.

All in all, a good start to a story. Feel free to re-request.

cheers, Mel

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Review #8, by melian Catacombs

15th November 2009:
Hi! Here with your review! And SO sorry that it's taken me so long to get to it - things have been a bit crazy of late and things like reviews have fallen by the wayside a bit. But I'll try to make up for it now.

The way I do reviews is that I allow my inner critic to dictate the first bit, and talk about any typos, grammatical errors and the like that I saw. Then I talk about your story.

The thing is, though, that I didn't notice any glaring mistakes. There were a few places where your punctuation wasn't what I would have used, but it was still correct so I'm not going to single anything out. So well done there!

Now, your story. I will say first and foremost that I appreciated your Author's note at the start that gave a bit of background, though the Sirius fangirl in me was disappointed at the announcement that there would be a character called "Black" who wasn't him. Just a comment that's completely off-topic, but I thought I'd throw it in.

Overall I think this is a good start to a story. You've introduced your OCs well and we have enough of their background to get a bit of an understanding of where they're coming from. I liked the idea of a Pestilence being a form of curse or something that is set up on tomb raiders, and also the idea that the number of curses and things set up in the tombs meaning that using magic isnt' really an option. I had wondered why they hadn't just Apparated out when they set the bomb, but you explained that very well later on.

My only comment would be that we don't know when this is set from the first chapter. More info might be coming later on but at the moment I feel the story is without an era. Maybe it doesn't need one - several stories can be seen as timeless - but I feel kinda lost when I don't know when a fic is set. There was a hint with the mention of Hugo but then again it may not be Hugo Weasley, so I'm unsure. (Okay, I just checked the main story page again so now I know, but it wasn't stated in the chapter. Just an observation.)

So, this was a very good first chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing what was in the Treasure room. :) On to chapter 2 ...

cheers, Mel

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Review #9, by Phoenix_Flames The Pomegranate Sirens

8th November 2009:
Oh yes. Sleep, yes. Wow, Grace is such an amazing character. You have developed her into such a well thought out, unique character. I applaud you.

Kalina, you should know that I don't have any CC for you. When do I ever? ;) I only have compliments and I can point out my favorite parts, but that would take forever, because all of it is spectacular.

I did very much like the cooking reference Hugo made. It made me laugh quite a bit. ;)

It's pretty late, but I'm gonna try to read the next chapter tonight. Kalina, why did you let me get so behind in this story! :D


Author's Response: *hugs* Did you write this late at night! Shame on Drue! D: Don't trouble yourself for me, sleep time is better spent, well, sleeping! *hugs* But I'm so glad you like Grace! I actually thought I was losing her grasp in this chapter, because it had been so long since I had written her.

*blushes furiously* You flatter me entirely too much, my dear. Aha, I'm glad you enjoyed that! ^^ And Drue, don't even bother if it's too late. I would much rather you be rested than for you to trouble yourself on my account *hugs*.

Thank you so much for this amazing, amazing review. It's made my morning. ^^
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #10, by Phoenix_Flames Baby Alone In Babylon

8th November 2009:

Kalina, I'm so sorry! :D

But wowww.

Not a filler chapter at all, I thought! It was...AMAIZNG! The cilff hanger, and ah, ah! It's fantastic.

I'm too excited. I'll leave you a longer, more helpful review for the next chapter. ;)



Author's Response: Drue! How lovely to hear from you! *hugs* And no worries at all, at all! I'm so glad you enjoyed and didn't think it was a filler chapter. To be perfectly honest, I almost considered not putting this chapter up because I didn't know what to do with it. Chronologically, it fits. Oh, well! Thank you so much for the amazing review! ILY DRUE!

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #11, by SunSation Gal 07 The Sight of the Earth

2nd November 2009:
YES! New chapter! -happy dance- OMG! Rahima! They killed her! Oh, now I really do not like them! I really liked her. Oh crap, now they've got to go. Back to England? Oh, things are going to get even more interesting. Awesome chapter Kalina and well worth the wait.

Author's Response: D: I know, I know, they killed Rahima. :'( It was sad to write, but it had to happen. I'm glad you liked her, though! Thank you for the lovely, lovely review, Lee! *hugs*
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #12, by DJjazzyCarlton The Sight of the Earth

2nd November 2009:
"Oliver Martinez as the other thug." Oh my goodness...I don't know why but when I saw this I just burst out laughing...I love the visual aid idea. I'm also really loving this story!! I love how consistent this story has been. Sometimes, you start reading a story and from the third chapter on it just goes downhill, even though the beginning was great. But not this story! This has been amazing all the way through! I really want to apologize for not reviewing the entire story! :( But I shall definitely do that soon!!

So this chapter was AMAZING! I can't even begin to describe it...there are so many components that made it so perfect. Okay, first off, your writing in general is just absolutely wonderful. The imagery and descriptions and detail...I'm in love with it. And your characterizations! So perfect! I love how you've portrayed these characters! Everytime I read this story I feel like I'm sitting down to watch a really good action movie; I can see everything perfectly within my mind. And the plot is so exciting and original!! Grace's character is just awesome. I love how she just doesn't take crap from anybody and the last few lines of the chapter were just absolutely incredible. You not only ended the chapter perfectly plot-wise but you ended it perfectly stylistic wise as well (hopefully that made sense...).

Anyways, I loved this chapter and this story is shaping up incredibly! Amazing job, Kalina!! :) 10/10


Author's Response: Jazzy! Oh, my goodness! LOL, I'm glad that sentence amused you! Oliver Martinez was an original contender for Rasheed, so I just had to stick him in somewhere. Gosh, thank you so much! *blushes furiously* I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me - I've been working for so long on this story that it feels like it's been with me forever, but it hasn't! And then I remember that though I've nearly completed the story in my head, it's not down on paper. Bah. XD Please don't apologize for not reviewing! I'm happy just knowing that you've read it, and that you enjoyed it. :)

Oh, thank heavens! The first few lines were stagnating at the bottom of the document and I just didn't know where to go with it! But ultimately I pushed myself through (thanks to NaNo) and so here it was! *blush* Thank you! I'm so pleased you like the characters. :) As for the movie - well, I write the way I imagine things, so perhaps that's where my very visual writing style comes from. I do love the abstract, though, and I envy writers who can make someone think just by using a few select words. Bahaha! I had so much trouble with this chapter's end! But I am /so/ relieved to hear it worked out well. Phew! :) You've taken a great load off of my chest, Jazzy. Thank you! ^^

Thank you so, so much for this amazing, amazing review, my dear. :) I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated it! *hugs*
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #13, by soliloquy The Sight of the Earth

2nd November 2009:
Yes! I have been waiting for this story to be updated & was overly excited when I saw that you had! Dang, you're building up so much that I can't wait to see what it all becomes - and just, I love the interactions between all the feels so real & reminds me of a movie. I can see the movements, the dialogue in my head.

Amazing update :D

Author's Response: Aw, thank you darling! *hugs* I'm so glad you liked it! Yes, it is building up. -hides- I'm afraid I'm confusing my readers far too much. XD Thank you very, very much for the sweet review! ^^

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #14, by dracos_hotter Catacombs

2nd November 2009:
Here from the forums!

A very dramatic start. Attracts my attention like money does a broker.

Personally, I wouldn't build up a picture of a character using photos from films, I'd describe them -- I can't help but feel you took the easy way out there.

Grammar is near perfect, I salute you.

The plot is fresh, and I'll give you the fact I've never seen anything like it. I'm just wondering how it ties in with Harry Potter. Besides the whole magic thing. I guess I'd have to read on to find out.

All in all, a great start. Not exactly my sort of thing, though.


Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you very much for taking up my request. The idea of a cast list actually helps me visualize the characters, and I thought I'd add it in to see if it had the same effect for other readers or writers, for example. I don't personally feel as though it was the 'easy way out', so to speak, because it doesn't particularly interfere with the text itself (where I do occasionally describe the characters), but as I don't like to go into great length about what a character is physically like, I chose to instead mention snippets about their physicality - example: Grace's black hair, Black's suntanned skin, etc.

Thank you! It's often a weak point of mine, so it's great that it's getting much better.

Aha, I'm glad you found it original. :) It ties into Harry Potter much more than the first chapter gives away. I'm sorry it wasn't your sort of thing but I am very thankful that you took the time to read and review.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful review! :)
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #15, by miss_aurora The Sight of the Earth

2nd November 2009:
New reader (obviously). And I should say that I was rather surprised when I read the arabian exclamations, for a trivial reason. Oh, I wonder how Grace knows Kurt, and it seems like the path they are taking is going to be rocky and risky. Instead of asking too many questions, I decide that I'll be a good reader and wait for the next installment instead (though I couldn't help but ask this: why England? Don't bother answering though).

Thanks for writing :)

Author's Response: Hey there, thank you for reading and reviewing! :) Why were you surprised to read the Arabian exclamations? I don't speak Arabic myself, so I asked one of my friends who does to latinize the words. Grace knows Kurt as he was with Rasheed when she and Black were first attacked in the desert. And also some other way which ties into the plot (which I can't quite reveal yet! XD). I chose England for two reasons, one of which I also can't reveal yet. The other one is that it is Grace's natal home, and that she knows it better than anywhere else. She also does not speak any language other than English (and a bit of Arabic), and it seemed a little too cliche to have her go to America.

Thank you very much for your review! :) It was very kind and insightful. ^^
XOXO, Kalina

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Review #16, by SilverShadow04 The Pomegranate Sirens

27th October 2009:
I like it I like it, the adventure, Egypt, bargains and misdeeds! I love this story :).

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm pleased you like it! ^^

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Review #17, by SilverShadow04 Baby Alone In Babylon

18th October 2009:
Hello ^_^, not mad about filler chapter at all, I completely understand when was is needed just to continue the story along so we can get to the good stuff :) I just wrote one the other day, I didn't want too I had rewritten a bunch of times to make it more then filler but sometimes you just have to give in. And I agree this chapter certainly does move the story along and the cliffhanger :o good thing another chapter is already up ;).

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! :) I'm glad you understand. I've been having such a block lately with this story, hopefully that will go away soon! ^^

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Review #18, by Mione P45342 Catacombs

29th September 2009:
ahh. gives me chills. there multiplying...

Very mind catching. I finished the chapter in a few minutes.

I just couldn't stop reading.

Author's Response: Grease! I love Grease! Thank you so much for the review, I'm glad you liked it! ^_^

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Review #19, by Violet Gryfindor The Pomegranate Sirens

14th September 2009:
More twists and turns here, but it's moving the plot forward very well, revealing more about the characters, both protagonists and antagonists (calling them good or bad, heroes or villains, wouldn't suit, seeing that Black and Grace are hardly the heroic type, nor are they entirely "good"). It's great how you place so many of your characters in a "grey" area - it's hard to tell just whose side their on and what they're going to do next. It makes for a more thrilling type of story, one where the reader can't guess at what's going to happen next; it'll always be a surprise.

I really like how you're able to combine plot development with a large amount of detail. Your descriptions are amazing, producing a very clear visual of each scene. I could picture what their rooms were like, so filthy and lived-in, haha, but it suits both of their personalities - their driven by action and end up neglecting things like housework. What particularly stood out to me, detail-wise, what how much fruit imagery you used here, and not only because it's in the title. I can't describe my thoughts exactly, but I liked how, in the first scene, Grace expresses her thoughts and emotions with the fruit.

Another excellent chapter, and I'll keep a lookout for the next one! This is a fantastic and original story to read. ^_^

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Review #20, by sligers118 The Pomegranate Sirens

3rd September 2009:
I read the other version of this chapter, not realising I wasn't supposed to, but this one is a little bit clearer. That said, I love this story. It's really clever, and well written - with very convincing OC's. I'd love to know why Hugo's been ostracised from his family... there are so many different mysteries, it's almost hard to keep up. It reminds me a lot of the mummy and indiana jones - two of my favourite films. Anyway, please continue :)

Author's Response: Yes, I'd realized after I put up version 1 of the chapter that it wasn't going to segue very well into chapter eight, and that wouldn't do. Clever! *blush* Thank you - and I'm very happy you like my OCs. As for Hugo ... hehehe. Shan't say a word. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely review. I'm so happy you like it. ^^

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #21, by soliloquy The Pomegranate Sirens

3rd September 2009:
Grace might not be the only one suspicious after that. ;) I love this story so much - the visual aid helps a lot, actually. And I might prefer Stroma in the role you've designated him for more than McLaggen. Lovely rewritten chapter (I did read the one before :P). The plot just continues to thicken, huh? :D Hehe. I'll be awaiting another update. ;]]

Author's Response: Seeds of suspicion are indeed sown everywhere, it seems. :P I'm very pleased you like this story! (And I agree with you about the Stroma bit - I felt his role in HBP undermined his potential rather than enhanced it. That being said, he's also very pretty to look at). Thank you so much for your lovely review!

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #22, by SunSation Gal 07 The Pomegranate Sirens

2nd September 2009:
Okay, yet another awesome chapter, Kalina. And the Dutchman dude is creepy, especially with the picture of Morgan Freeman. Wow. And that is quite a difference in value. And why do I have a feeling that the meeting will not go well. Hehe. And once again, I love Rahima. What with her comments about the place being sanitary and the scene between her and Grace at the end. Love her. Love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: An awesome chapter? *blush* Thank you, Lee! I like to think it's made better by your BEAUTIFUL chapter image! And LOL @ the Dutchman. He's fun to write. :) I'm happy you like Rahima! Thank you so much for your reviews, Lee. ILY.

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #23, by VampireKisses Baby Alone In Babylon

19th August 2009:
Hey! It's me again xD. I was just looking over my review again, an I saw that I had 10 words instead of 10,000 words xD. Just thought I'd clarify :P I love this story so much!


Edit: wow, this is my first anonymous review. I love the "prove you are human" check for spambots, it made me laugh.

Author's Response: Haha, hey, Kristen! :) I'm sorry it's taking me a while to respond to your absolutely fantastic review - I'm just not sure I can put any coherent thoughts down. You made me melt completely. Thank you! :) ILY!

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #24, by Violet Gryfindor Baby Alone In Babylon

15th August 2009:
Ack, a cliffhanger! I love how he pops up like the villain in all adventure movies. One minute it's peaceful, the next he's there, heralding great action. :P This chapter put me into a bit of a lull after the action of the previous ones, then you pull that cliffie, which was a stroke of genius.

It's not filler at all - every action film or story has these interludes, and this one worked well to further develop Grace's character, providing further background that I remember wondering about in earlier chapters. :D You've given her a mixed background and it suits her with all its adventure and hardships, revealing why she is how she is here.

Still have to admit, though, that I like your Hugo best. Just the way that you write him makes me like him, I can't entirely explain it. I loved how he had figured out a sure way to always win the bets, and the short answers he gives Grace while she complains about translating. Your characters are engaging, which is wonderful to see! :D

Author's Response: Oh, Susan! -blush- Truth be told, I was a little inspired by those typical adventure movies. :) Especially Indiana Jones, but, as always, that's pretty much a given. A lull! That was intended, my dear. Not much action to be had, but heart palpitations at the end, dare I say? And genius? I really rather think not. XD

Well, I guess I called it filler because it seems that of late, in the fanfic world, any chapter in which nothing ~!!*BIG*!!~ happens is immediately labeled as filler. So I guess that's what happened here. A mixed background? Ha! You could definitely say that. There's more coming in the next chapter. Think of her like Shrek. She's got layers. Like an onion. ^_^

Personally, I think I prefer writing Hugo to writing Black. Black is always so bitter and bruising. Hugo can vacillate, which makes him a much more flexible character. Thank you so much for this amazing review, Susan! -huggles-

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #25, by mademoiselle Baby Alone In Babylon

12th August 2009:
even if this is sort of a filler chapter, it is MY FAVOURITE CHAPTER! the description is so good i can see the scenes in my mind and everything just flows! the transition to the next paragraph is easy to read and so natural. wonderful job :3

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you liked this chapter. Thank you so much for reading & reviewing!

XOXO, Kalina

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