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Review #1, by jennaBee Incredulity

12th March 2009:

I made your banner yay!! thought i'd pop back and re read your lovely little story again.

okey - coke i love the way in which your attacking the james/lily story you've made it really interesting and different to others i've read. i love the truth or dare bit! cliche yes but i still hold a real candle for it especialy in marauder fics.

i love what you have so far, i'd love to read more,


Author's Response: I love the banner!!! Thanks so much for making it!Thanks for reviewing too! I`ll be on the writing part then ^^, I ve already got a bit but I kind of forgot about the story...

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Review #2, by White__Roses Intervention

9th February 2009:
... and there were also a few badly healed scratches from moony's last transformation and of course some bitemarks from his last encounter with Lily.

haha, I like that one :D

Okay, so I was going to suggest to you some changes you could make to make your fic more easily readable, when I remembered that on your profile it says that you're not actually English, right? It's your second language?

Well, anyway, I really like the idea behind this so far, and you've got really funny ideas (I loved the Sirius santa/pope thing :P) but it's just pretty hard to read. It's sort of all in a couple big paragraphs, and the grammar isn't quite there yet.

Soo... I suggest a beta! Extremely useful people, betas. Especially if English isn't your first language.

If you want, I could beta you (I'm doing that for someone else, too) because I really do like the idea behind this, and I'd like to see it more developed! Or if you want to get someone else, that'd be fine as well. But I suggest that you re-submit this once it's been beta'd, and the other chapter too.

My email is: white (underscore) roses (at) hotmail (dot) com

Only with the (underscore) and dot and stuff as actual symbols, of course :) But again, you don't have to use me if you would prefer someone else:)

Author's Response: I'd love to have you betaing me!
Thanks so much for reviewing and everything!

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