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Review #1, by Just Somebody Have a Slappy New Year

15th June 2010:
Well, I think Teddy deserved every inch of red on his cheek...

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Review #2, by flying_rabbit Baby

19th April 2010:
Haha, despite all the stress it's causing, it's pretty funny that Al turned the note with the phone number of the restaurant into a paper airplane and exploded it :D
But can't they just Floo over to St Mungo's? Or at least talk via the Floo network? Since it's a wizarding hospital and all, would they even have a phone? I get that individual families could have a phone, but the hospital? :S
It's sweet that James wants to deliver the baby himself; I think Al's comment there was a bit uncalled for. I mean, what does being (un)faithful to his girlfriend have to do with delivering a baby? I hope that those are two entirely different things! But it's definitely original that they're trying to deliver the baby themselves :) Even if Victoire's not really cooperating and James becomes sick when the baby comes out xD
I'm glad Alice finally seems to have forgiven James :) But, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought all babies had blue eyes when they're born? :S Ha, purple curls? That's certainly unique :D
Something tells me that Amelie might not like her middle name very much once she grows older, just like her grandmother didn't like it ;)
Is this the end, or are you continuing this? In that case, hopefully you'll update soon! :)

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Review #3, by flying_rabbit Gathering

11th March 2010:
Well, that was certainly an interesting gathering they had planned there. It's sweet of Teddy that he still finds Victoire attractive, even if she, as James says, looks like a hippopotamus. Too bad Victoire's waters broke right when they were trying to get Alice and James back together, but maybe, when they're in the hospital, Alice will be scared for Victoire and James might be the one to comfort her :P And then Victoire made it all happen anyway! But has she really pregnant for that long, then? I thought she got pregnant around the start of January, or something, and if it's the beginning of the summer now, that's not very long, is it? And Alice was acting weird at the party? Hm...
Hope you'll update soon!

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Review #4, by flying_rabbit The Dance

26th February 2010:
Oh yes, that's a problem indeed... looking like an obese mermaid doesn't sound very appealing :P But it's very sweet of Dominique to buy Victoire a new dress, especially after everything she did earlier on in the story :) Teddy's amazement was great, and his present for her probably made the whole thing even better. At least Victoire did go to the ball :)
James is an idiot. Really. He's such a teenage boy :P Or did he drink too much? Well, still, that's no excuse. Hopefully Teddy can knock some sense into him (or already has). And I kind of hope that they'll talk it through, Alice and James.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #5, by Amee NEWTs

22nd February 2010:
I hope Victoire will be able to fit into one of those gorgeous dresses lol
cant wait for the next chapter
update soon

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Review #6, by HPfan29 NEWTs

15th February 2010:
Trolls... Can't wait for more

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Review #7, by flying_rabbit NEWTs

14th February 2010:
Those exams sound horrendous... How come Victoire didn't even know which exam she would have next? She seems to be suffering from an extraordinary amount of hormones indeed, no matter what she says :P Man, she really has a temper!
Too bad the NEWTs didn't go too well for Victoire. Or Alice. But it is nice that they're organising a dance for those poor, exhausted seventh years ;) And they're even permitting guests to come :) Hopefully Victoire will be able to fit into one of thos gorgeous dresses from home, though...
Hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: LOL. I'm glad you liked it. I'm also glad that we don't have to do those tests.will update ASAP! xxx

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Review #8, by crazy_isthenew_normal Finding out and Making up

21st January 2010:
Oooh - I'd like to see what Bill has to say about that! But I've always loved Bill, so I'm sure he won't take it too badly..hopefully xD

Author's Response: Well Bill is totally based on my Dad in this story, never know. lol. Thank you for reviewing! xx

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Review #9, by Red92 Finding out and Making up

21st January 2010:
I love this story!!
Cant wait for the update

Author's Response: Thank you!! It should be pretty soon, hopefully! x

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Review #10, by crazy_isthenew_normal A Confusing New Year

20th January 2010:
Awwh yay (: they kiss!
So far I've only just read the first two chapters - but they are both amazing! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the story, please continue with it! xoxo

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Review #11, by awesome247 Oh Sweet Baby Jesus!

17th January 2010:
"twisting my own silver-blonde hair around my manicured and pedicured fingertips" um... pedicures are for your toenails, you can't have pedicured fingertips. Other than that, nice story! And I love the name Elvendork:)

Author's Response: OMG, I'm so stupid sometimes, I totally couldn't have re-read that bit. Thank you, and sorry about that!! I love the name Elvendork too :)
Thank you for your review! xxx

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Review #12, by HPfan29 Finding out and Making up

16th January 2010:
Another great chapter. Loved the news about the baby. Can't wait to see Bill's reaction to them getting married. Please update soon.

Author's Response: I knew you'd be pleased about the baby!! lol. but I really wouldn't want her to lose the kid anyway, coz that happened to someone I know and I know how upset they were, so I just couldn't do it. Thank you for your review!! Will update ASAP. xxx

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Review #13, by flying_rabbit Finding out and Making up

16th January 2010:
Hm, strange people seem to always inhabit the Hospital Wing, no? Anyway, I'm really glad that the baby's okay! :D Must be quite a relief.
It's also great that Victoire and Dominique made up now, for real :) They'll have their fights and all, but at least the major thing is cleaned up :) Funny that Teddy seemed scared when she let Dom come in; after all, she did really like him. Must be quite a letdown ;)
And fortunately, Bill isn't mad anymore :D Or, you know, he's not as angry and maniacal and everything about it as he was before. He seems potentially okay with the situation :) I don't know, but the way I look at it, Bill ought to be happy (at least not mad and everything) that they're getting married, because it proves that Teddy really cares about Victoire, and he's not going to leave her and the baby alone. But then again, fathers might not be too rational in cases like this ;)
Can't wait to see what's going to happen now!

Author's Response: LOL well I have to admit I kind of based Bill's initial reaction on my Dad, thinking about what he would do in that situation. And wow, do I feel sorry for Victoire. Thanks for the review!!! Will try and update soon, but I have 2 more chapters of 2 other fanfics to do

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Review #14, by Cornelia And now we wait

14th November 2009:
Please write more! I want to know what happens!

Author's Response: I'll try to update as soon as possible, I'm glad you liked it! xx

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Review #15, by gryffiegurl213 And now we wait

14th November 2009:
i love it i ned more what happens

Author's Response: Not telling, you'll find out soon enough, lol! Thanks for reviewing glad you liked it!

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Review #16, by flying_rabbit And now we wait

14th November 2009:
Oh dear, she's been out for three days? I'm glad she seems to be okay and I really really hope the baby is as well! It's very sweet of Teddy and her friends to stay with her the entire time, and, even though Victoire herself finds it perhaps a little too much, that her whole family is there. It's good that Bill didn't throw a scene because of Teddy being there (although he might have done that earlier, he had three days to do that :P) and I'm glad Dom apologised. Hopefully, she meant it. I hope Bill will approve of Victoire marrying Teddy... Oh, and why don't they know what happened to the baby? :(
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! They dont know about the baby because Madam Pomfrey never really has to deal with all that stuff, cause not many Hogwarts students get pregnant at that age (lol), so she had to send some scans off to st Mungo's to find out whats happening. Hope that helps!

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Review #17, by HPfan29 And now we wait

14th November 2009:
All I can say us please don't kill of the baby. I've said it before and I'll say it again it will suck if you do so I really hope that you don't. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Well I dont particularly want to murder a poor innocent unborn baby, xxx

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Review #18, by Nuala The Weasley Slut

29th October 2009:
Ive been checking back every day for this
carnt wait to find out what happenes next

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you like it so much, thanks for the review!!! x

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Review #19, by HPfan29 The Weasley Slut

28th October 2009:
First off I'd like to say WTF!! Please don't kill off her baby. I can't begin to tell you how many stories I've read where the baby dies, but let me tell you that they all suck afterwards. I don't mean to sound mean, but I really don't want this story to go that way. I really hope that you keep the baby safe and I hope that you please update soon.

Author's Response: All I can say is that I hate stories where that happens too.which is probably a pretty strong hint. Oops. And I understand that you weren't being mean, you were just worried, so don't worry about offending me or anything! I will try and update soon but i've got courseowrk to do and gcse revision so it might be a little while..thanks for the review!!!

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Review #20, by flying_rabbit The Weasley Slut

28th October 2009:
Dom really is a terrible sister :( Hopefully Victoire can find something to get her back. If Dom thinks this is going to make Teddy like her, I don't think she's mentally very stable :) James is a little odd. What on earth did he put in her drink? And why would you even want to play Quidditch in the middle of the night? :P I hope everything is alright with Victoire and her baby :S
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Lol no Dom really isn't the sanest of people, is she? Oh he put vodka in her drink lol and yeah I know thats just what I can imagine James doing..
Well, you'll have to wait and see.thanks for the review! x

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Review #21, by Katie. Sick in the Head

21st October 2009:
it just gets better and better.
I love reading these! :)
well done xx

Author's Response: Thank you my dahling, lovee u!!! x

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Review #22, by Nuala Sick in the Head

11th October 2009:
Poor Victoire. Doms pritty sick but i sort of undrstand how hurt shes feeling too.
Hope you update soon.
Love your story

Author's Response: Thank you so much, will try to update soon.and yeah I totally understand how Dom feels, i've been in a similar situation. But I promise I did'nt force her boyfriend to snog me, lol! x

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Review #23, by Veela Girl Sick in the Head

11th October 2009:
Wow poor Dom I feel really bad for her. I understand everyones point.

Author's Response: Lol I know I don't really know who to feel sorry for either, and I'm writing it! lol thank you for reviewing x

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Review #24, by flying_rabbit Sick in the Head

11th October 2009:
Nice story :)
Dom is indeed a little insane, although her situation isn't the most ideal one of course. They could've guessed that someone would hear them, good thing it wasn't Bill...
But if Victoire's in her seventh year (right?), then she's 17, and legally an adult, so Bill can't really keep her in his control for years from now, can he?
Anyway, hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response:! But yeah you're right. I didn't mean to make Dom so insane, it just kind of happened. She's very fun to write about now. And yes, Victoire is in her seventh year. Thank you so much for the review! x

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Review #25, by HPfan29 Sick in the Head

10th October 2009:
I must say that I really like this story. In some ways it is kind of funny. I hope that you update soon.

Author's Response: lol I will try it's just i'm getting loads of homework cause i'm doing coursework right now...thanks for the review! xxx

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