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Review #1, by Dontcallmenymphadora27 The Ring of Fire

26th December 2017:
I love your writing and stories. But I find Hermione's characterisation not so correct. She doesn't avoid Harry like she does in this, and also doesn't stop Ron from doing his work, just coz she thinks it's dangerous.. she wouldn't do that, she would actually help

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Review #2, by Siriuslypotter The Ring of Fire

17th August 2017:
You are a pretty good writer. I've read both of your long stories. Just wanted to say good job and I hope you write more!

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Review #3, by Kat The Ring of Fire

29th November 2014:
I loved this novel! You're an amazing writer; thanks so much for sharing this.

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Review #4, by Wormtail The Ring of Fire

12th July 2012:
These two books have been the best two HP fanfics i have read! PLEASE keep writing

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Review #5, by Kzintzi The Ring of Fire

5th July 2012:
Loved both of these stories - I hope you write a new one in the same chain. I've been raving about these to all my friends and my wife has just started the first one :o)

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Review #6, by Kzintzi The Social Event of the Season

5th July 2012:
I really enjoyed both of these stories - I hope Sand_Dollar writes another one in the same chain. not much more to say really, except I'm re-reading these for the second time and have been raving about them to my friends.

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Review #7, by Alyssa M. Dougherty The Ring of Fire

6th September 2011:
It Was An Amazing Story And I Hope U Are Writing Another One

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Review #8, by kat The Ring of Fire

16th July 2011:
FANTASTIC JOB. Between this piece, and the onset of autumn, you have written some of the best fanfics that I have ever read. You perfectly captured the characters of Ron, Hermione, Harry, and the whole gang, while adding a few things here and there to make it your own. I must admit that I have become quite attached to your version of how events proceeded post-hogwarts, so I would be SO HAPPY if you wrote a another story for this series. Again, excellent job :)

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Review #9, by Soul Sister A Cave in the Mountains

14th May 2011:
The Room of Requirement can't make food.

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Review #10, by Rachel The Ring of Fire

24th April 2011:
It's infuriating to read because I never feel like I can finish it but now that I'm done I wish I had a million more chapters to go. I'm one again marveling at how you've brought these characters to life again and given them the most wonderful quirks. I wish you'd write a million more though I know you won't. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for finishing these stories, too often I find myself reading something great only to have it be abandoned half way through. You've got a gift and if you're ever to publish just know I'll be your number one fan.

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Review #11, by NotToReal The Social Event of the Season

29th March 2011:
I've read the Onset of Autumn and really loved (and still loves) that story, so I'm excited to see what your next story is about. After reading the first chapter I really want to read on. Very good story, love it!!

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Review #12, by domslev The Ring of Fire

28th March 2011:
exceliant, i enioyed this very much, thank you for taking the time to write it

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Review #13, by dannylay The Black Pearl

3rd March 2011:
fantastic story so far

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Review #14, by Soul Sister The Ring of Fire

14th February 2011:
I hate this! It's OVER! PLEASE WRITE MORE!

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Review #15, by LVB The Ring of Fire

2nd February 2011:
Well, once again you have managed to knock my socks off. WOW. The plot was so intriguing and well thought out. I felt so sad when Ron and Hermione were seperated but got very excited when you introduced the wonderful Professor Dumont.

Your characterisation was impeccable yet again. I particularly enjoy your Draco- you've managed to keep his core characteristics yet make him actually likeable.

Thank you so much for sharing this story.

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Review #16, by thestral517 The Ring of Fire

23rd January 2011:
Thoroughly enjoyed the story.

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Review #17, by thestral517 Dinner at Green Trees

21st January 2011:
Enjoying the story. Well written.

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Review #18, by Alix The Ring of Fire

11th December 2010:
I have just read "The onset of autumn" and this story and I love both of them. Your characters are very much like canon and the stories are such a mixture of mystery, adventure, love and humour that I couldn't stop reading once I started. I look forward to reading a new story of yours.

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Review #19, by potthead The Ring of Fire

18th November 2010:
excellant! you are an awesome writer
I enjoyed both your stories. I am looking forward to
reading more, Again good work

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Review #20, by Daniel The Ring of Fire

27th October 2010:
Awesome. both books were really really enjoyable to read - thank you.

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Review #21, by PurpleShoes2 The Social Event of the Season

25th October 2010:
Now how did I miss you had a sequal lol I loved your otherone :) and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this :)

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Review #22, by xsighxsighx The Ring of Fire

10th October 2010:
Quite sad it's over, really enjoyed the ending! You're amazing, but I think by now you know this! Any future plans for fanfictions? Or maybe your own book? I'd buy anything you right haha.

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Review #23, by Ellasar The Ring of Fire

7th October 2010:
dude.fantastic story...will miss it...any plans for future ??

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Review #24, by kareem33 The Ring of Fire

5th October 2010:
I have yet to read this last chapter. I don't need to. I already know I hate it. Not because your story is bad or poorly written. I hate this chapter because it's the last one.

With every posted chapter, some 5000, 6000, even 8000 words, I find myself just breezing through them almost as if they were short drabbles. That's how well written, how engrossing, how just wonderful I found your story. Congratulations on writing a very entertaining story, and I hope you continued success when ever you choose to write another.

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Review #25, by blinkfan182 The Ring of Fire

30th September 2010:
Amazing story, loved it from start to finish. You're such a great writer, and I'm so glad I'm stumbled across your stories. You always kept me guessing and wanting more. Hope you continue writing!

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