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Review #1, by Guest The First Snow

1st July 2012:
Amazing story!!! You kept the suspense and tension the way through! And I love the love-triangle. Please update! :)

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Review #2, by mouse The First Snow

11th November 2009:
so I guess that's it then?

Author's Response: unfortunetly yes :[

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Review #3, by Gen of the Highlands It's A Date

9th July 2009:
wow malfoy seem to have a competion to see who can set the other off huh?
wells as for the correct spelling of Minnie's name it's: Minerva McGonagall
:D 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for the correction :)

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Review #4, by Millie The First Snow

1st June 2009:
this another fantastic chapter and an amazing story! When is the next chapter up?? I cannot wait! LOL anyway keep it up!

Author's Response: i am not quite sure about the next chapter... gosh you guys make me feel so guilty! lol thanks for reviwing!

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Review #5, by AlexavieraJRaven The First Snow

29th May 2009:
hehe loved it even if conner and her kissed! lol well written and done very well and poor Dray he needs to kiss her, tell her he is jealous already!!!

As for the lack of photos it's alright cause truthfully it's a nice touch and original as well as the story but you don't have to feel bad about not having one it's ok.

1000/1000 as always and awaiting more quality writing from ya.

Thanks for writing this story i really enjoy reading it so very much!!!


Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!! gosh, you always make my day with these lol and thanks for giving me slack on the photos, i like them, but i get a bit lazy sometimes. hehe

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Review #6, by AlexavieraJRaven Speechless

29th May 2009:
lol he should have kissed her :D hehe that really would have put her in a pickle!! lols i loved it great writing as always

1000/1000 and take care doll keep up the good work!!


Author's Response: yup yup! I was like kiss... no kiss... kiss... no kiss. I wanted them to prolong it just a tad longer, and i know where i want it to happen ;)

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Review #7, by AlexavieraJRaven Every Couple Has their Fights

29th May 2009:
Nice very nice!! heheh poor Connor can you say.. screwed up mate??

Nice i love it hehe :D

1000/1000 and keep up the good work!


Author's Response: yep. Connor was just digin himself into a bigger hole

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Review #8, by AlexavieraJRaven Butterbeer & Pumpkin Pasties

29th May 2009:
nice so very nice indeed^_^ yaya and more coming lol :) hehe I just love this story!

Keep up the good work.. 1000/1000


Author's Response: thannks chica!

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Review #9, by AlexavieraJRaven Twisted Wands

29th May 2009:
Love it! Wonderful!!!

Poor Dray hehe but you know she'll go with him to the concert hehe :D if not then oh well then hmmm she does have a bf but she should dump him and hook up with Draco anyways!!

1000/1000 as alwatys written nicely, a bit original and thats a good bonus loved it!


Author's Response: oh darn those boyfriends... lol

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Review #10, by AlexavieraJRaven Close to Civil

29th May 2009:
Don't worry about the chapter images being tardy it's okay1

Good chapter as always i liked it very much sorry my computer has been being a right git so I got a newer one.

1000/1000 keepup the good work and yaya there is more!!!


Author's Response: im just glad you got a chance to read it :] thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by _marcy_dobby A Skip Date

27th May 2009:
Shakespeare was ENGLISH.

Author's Response: yeah... i totally blanked when i was writing that part... hahaha

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Review #12, by Kaykay The First Snow

21st May 2009:
I'm your favorite reader!!?
*dances happily around bedroom before realising the curtains are open* :P
Aw thank you XD

*ahem* anyway!
Very awesome chapter!! I loved the bit at the start with Hermione and Draco :P
She's getting quite flirtatious(?) with Mr Malfoy XD
I liked the whole snowball tradition thing too. That's really cool (hee hee, cool, snow?? *sigh* :P )
And even though i don't really like Connor much, i thought the part under the tree was brilliant!
I'm not even too sure why i don't like Connor... obviously because i want her to be with Malfoy but there's just something about him i don't like... hmm... ah well lol :P

Hope you update soon!
I can't wait for more :P

x Kayleigh x

Author's Response: lol yes there is just SOMETHING abut him thats annoying i agree (and im the one who made him up!) lol well i think he is kinda the ;i need a bf so ill date you cause you seem like the bf type' lol

thankks for reviewing!!

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Review #13, by Hermionetwin The First Snow

18th May 2009:
Great, and haha, i loved hermione's forwardness about the sex comment, lol way to go hermione. she is starting to break a little further out in her shell when it comes to boys!!

Author's Response: yup! our hermione is growing up! lol

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Review #14, by Slytherin Pride The First Snow

14th May 2009:
Is conner in Gryffendore or Ravenclaw I'm confused? Great story though.

Author's Response: Gryffendor sixth year

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Review #15, by Ria The First Snow

12th May 2009:
I didnt like this chaptr as much as ones be4 it, but thats prolly also cuz i dont like snow very much:P So is Draco falling for Hermione now or something? Doesnt seem like him, write more ;)

Author's Response: more coming soon. and yes draco is starting to fall for hermione. and if he was in character, then he would not be in my story in the first place :p thats what fanfiction is all about. you have to change their characters a bit for your story

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Review #16, by mikalily The First Snow

11th May 2009:
gosh i want draco and hermione to get together!
love it keeo going:)

Author's Response: kk more coming soon!

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Review #17, by J_O_I_Rowling The First Snow

11th May 2009:
that was really sweet, but i want connor to get with someone else (i'mm horrid, i know!) so that draco and hermione can get together! is that so bad? probaby is, i mean, connor sounds so sweet, and draco is...well, he isn't sweet, exactly. more devilish, y'know? teachers coming round, gtg!

Author's Response: hahahaha you are reading this in class?? naughty! lol just kidding i do that too ;)
and you want Conor to cheat? hmmm not a half bad idea!

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Review #18, by Hermione_Malfoy_ The First Snow

11th May 2009:
Oooh, I like Hermiones daring side when she went into Malfoys room. I looove snow so I was like Gah, Yay! When I read this, dang I want some snow... but any who! A very very good chappy and I want Hermione and Draco together so Gah Hurry! Please! :D

Author's Response: haha i know i want them together too^_^
and isn't it wierd how we want snow when its almost summer but we don't want it during winter?

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Review #19, by dracosgirl1720 The First Snow

11th May 2009:
ugh cliffhanger man lol this was great a little dramonie flirting very nice i love it so far!!! and im really exciting to see whats coming next because things are starting to get a little hot between them awsome job!!!

Author's Response: ;] more hotness to come! haha

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Review #20, by Harry and Ginny The First Snow

11th May 2009:
wow! this is getting very interesting. how is Draco going to react the kiss of Hermione and Connor? what's going to happen? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: i will try my best to update sooN! i have the majority of next chapter written, so i just need to type it up ad add on the ending ;]

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Review #21, by senormalo94 It's A Date

11th May 2009:
Um i think it's spelled McGonagall.

Author's Response: thanks... :]

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Review #22, by HogwartsGirl618 The First Snow

10th May 2009:
Draco was watching! Hermione is messing with him a bit, isn't she? I wonder what he will do. Looking forward to next chapter to find out! =D Great job- my only suggestion would be to be a bit cautious of grammar and such.
Still brilliant- keep it up.

Author's Response: yes hermione isn't behaving really well :[ she is somewhat leading Draco on.
thanks ^_^

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Review #23, by rae Speechless

4th May 2009:
ok,so ofcourse i loved it,but there were a tons of grammatical errors in it,and it kinda got me annoyed :(
but other then that,it was amazing.i love long chapters,but for some authors it's hard to keep it interesting and to have emotion all the way through do not have that problem in the slightest,lol.

i also ofcourse loved the dramione was full of emotion and tenderness.and i also really loved the way you made draco like your own changed his hair and you added more intensity and layers to his eyes.i really enjoy that origionality.

thank you very much in advance for the story so far and what it has yet to become!

Author's Response: :] thanks darling!
im thinkin about having him change it back in the future. he keeps it black for hermione bc she likes it... i wonder why he might change it back? HINT HINT

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Review #24, by rae Every Couple Has their Fights

4th May 2009:
good job yet again...hermione is seriously getting frustrated with the part of her self that everyone had seen before.i can tell that she doesn't want to be just the girl that everyone knew for her smarts and bookwormity,lol.

Author's Response: good catch ;]

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Review #25, by Kaykay Speechless

30th April 2009:
Yey!! Another chapter!! So glad i signed in now :P
I'm supposed to be getting ready for a Madina Lake concert XD

Loved the chapter image!! It's so pretty!! XD

And EP!
That was freakin' AWESOME!
I loved the whole silence bit and then how Draco asked her about Quidditch. I thought it was so sweet!! ^_^
And that bit at the end with the tree and the cake frosting (:L)... BRILLIANT!!!

Please update again soon!! :D:D

x Kayleigh x

Author's Response: :D a madina lake concert?!Nice!
i was supposed to go to the jason maraz one here in madison, but i broke my foot :[

and the frostng thing was so random, but i liked itas well :]

thanks kayKay!
love ya girl!

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