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Review #1, by Akirah Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th April 2014:
You ruined the entire story in the past few chapters. You never explained who that man Hermione bought as a date to Pansy's wedding was. And her & Draco's reunion and engagement is nonsensical. There is no rationality to how they resolve their issues, you present a jumble of emotions & angst but don't follow through with any of them. You leave so much hanging. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I enjoyed reading most of the story. But you truly made me dislike both main characters in the end. You left so much unsaid between them. How is it ok for Hermione to expect Draco to remain faithful to her during the year they were separated but not hold herself to the same standard? If she truly loved him so much?! And what happens in 4 months other than them just having sex? Nothing is resolved/addressed? And why would you make Hermione this lovable protagonist if she eventually turns into this cowardly, insincere, confused mess who can't seem to figure out what she wants?

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Review #2, by littletaty Chapter Twenty-Seven

11th March 2014:
Amazing fanfic! I must say that my heart stops with your fake end hahaha.

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Review #3, by Cassie Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th March 2014:
Make a sequel! Make a sequel! Make a sequel! PPPLEASE!

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Review #4, by annaconda88 Chapter Thirteen

22nd February 2014:
What?? Seriously? Its getting beyond ridiculous...
Wandless apparition? Hermione and draco without a wand?? You might have misunderstood the definition of an apparition point, which is for sure not a sparkling place where u can apparate away without a wand.. It should be a gathering point in some crowded areas where people get suspicious.. They could have just apparated in the woods or in the house or whateva.. The explanations bout the muggle hunter is just silly..
The story starts to annoy the hell out of me because of total lack for details!

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Review #5, by annaconda88 Chapter Ten

22nd February 2014:
Nice idea for a story... But a lot of flaws regarding characters and plotline..
Shacklebolts daughter could by no means be blonde and pale.. Further, he would never be part of those pureblood rich snobs and raise a spoilt brat like miranda.. Totally out of character and just she even shaebolts daughter?? Since the surnames change a couple of times within a few sentences!
Hermione has been to the manor a few chapters before and even slept in dracos bed since they stayed for the night.. Why would she be so amazed and surprised by a room she sah just a couple of days or weeks before? Just seems as if you forgot parts of your own story..
Further, even though I'm a few chapters ahead, I'm still not able to understand why hermione agreed to this wedding part.. Dont think that it is really understandable since she could just have apparated away in front of the diner.. Its out of character again that she would agree without further questions to a marriage! With malfoy.. Dont get it.. Maybe this part of the story could be improved and edited...
The newspaper articles could be improved as well... There are loads of repetitions in these bits..

Good idea, could be a nice story nonetheless.. Just pay attention to details..

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Review #6, by Dramione_love Chapter Twenty-Seven

15th February 2014:
Wow, wait. Is the fake ending the jaw dropping moment? OMGGG I was like F*CK NO when you put that fake ending there you scared the hell out of me you did. First of all I HATE Miranda. There. That's out of my system pheww. I also became REALLY F*CKING FRUSTRATED with Hermione but hey it turned out to be fine. Poor Draco :( I loved your fanfic it made me laugh quite a lot
"Blaise sent patronus after patronus to Pansys apartment, begging her for help, in fear that Draco would pop a vein and suck Blaises body dry of his soul. " this part especially hahaha well great story! Loved it. Could you write not a sequel but something maybe a one-shot or an epilogue explaining their lives later? Like if they have children and their friends and everything it would be amazingg! Love, dramione_love

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Review #7, by Hetkal Chapter Twenty-Seven

9th February 2014:
Many flaws like hermione never saying i love?

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Review #8, by RonWeasleyFans Chapter Twenty-Seven

4th February 2014:
We are sat in the college student lounge screaming right now. This is by far the best fan fic we'v ever read !!! So amazing !!! Loved it so much !!! sequel now !!! have you already written one? can we read it like now omfg!x

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Review #9, by potterhead07 Chapter Ten

1st February 2014:
but anyways sorry about that but i just needed to lett out my anger. but you wrote this story so well so far, and im absolutely loving it. I know this isn't the end of the story yet, but i just really wanted to review.
Great job! :)

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Review #10, by Melaine Chapter Two

16th January 2014:
You really need to sort out if you're writing in past tense or present tense instead of changing every other sentence. And also, these characters are really mary-sue-like and I think the story would benefit a lot from going over a longer span of time and being more realistic with what happens. No one, seriously, no one is ever going to act like miranda did. It just doesn't happen. Anti-heroes are really hard to portray, because they demand advanced character studies. In this story, Miranda is just a girl who cheated on her guy for no reason and she left him just to come back to take him no matter what. She's not a real person, and all characters should be real people in order to be taken seriously,

Also, Hermione is making it really complicated for herself, and this is unnatural. No one makes things this complicated, just to blame everyone else and ask themselves " what on earth happened to mess things up like this? " Let me tell you what happened, you didn't write him for a year and then you showed up being really rude and out of line and now you bring a date to the wedding of your best friend, even though you never broke it off with your fiance. You then proceed to kiss the date, tell your fiance that he doesn't matter to you at all (even though you love him). Seriously, this character is not hermione. Her name is actually mary sue, and you should google to find out what that is, and I promise you, it's not a compliment.

It seems like you swallowed a dictionary and spat out all the big words onto the page, because you're trying to describe what's happening here with words like "she extracted the juice from the fridge" and it sounds like she squeesed the fridge and made juice from it, not like she got some juice out of the fridge. You need to know what your words mean and when to use them. And if you're not sure, then you better not use them.

I would've liked the story, and I did at first, but then all the above got to me and I had to read to the end just to see if you got better, but you really let me down. Too bad, you almost had potential.

- Melanie

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Review #11, by Jess Chapter Twenty-Seven

15th January 2014:
Oh my goodness. I just about had a heart attack and died at the fake ending!!! I'm so glad it actually ended well!! Thank you so much for the awesome read, and keep up the good work! I'm excited to read more of your writing.

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Review #12, by Emma Chapter Twenty-Seven

10th January 2014:
it was really good maybe you should write a sequal#

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Review #13, by Corinna Chapter Twenty-Seven

30th December 2013:
Holy crap I was about throw my laptop at the wall once I read the first ending and then I scrolled down. :)

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Review #14, by tragicYETmagic Chapter Twenty-Seven

11th December 2013:
I nearly died when it says 'THE END" i was like ITS ONE OF THOSE STORIES WITH A HORRIBLE ENDING like someone dies or something. Those books kill me. I love this book thank you thank you.

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Review #15, by patronusgirl97 Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th December 2013:
Hello, I would just like to say that I Really enjoyed reading this fan fic, but I was just wondering, what happens with blaise, who does he end up with. I'm just curious because there was the whole line from pansy about his ex girlfriend, but then nothing. Please don't take this the wrong way I am not trying to criticize your story, I'm just wondering who he ends up with in the end.

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Review #16, by ilysarah8 Chapter Twenty-Four

1st December 2013:
Miranda. Can. Go. Die.

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Review #17, by ilysarah8 Chapter Twenty

1st December 2013:

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Review #18, by navina Chapter Twenty-Seven

17th October 2013:
loved it...
was awesome i actually read it whole in a night..!!

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Review #19, by Raging HpFan Chapter Twenty-Seven

14th October 2013:
Okay what the heck??? Shod want know if shoves him but she says yes to marriage??? That is bs!

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Review #20, by Katie Chapter Twenty-Seven

9th October 2013:
quick note for the future: you can't apparate without a wand on you xoxo

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Review #21, by Angels-heart1 Chapter Twenty-Seven

9th September 2013:
Loved the story. Had me worried a couple of times, but I loved it.

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Review #22, by Lilo Chapter Twenty-Seven

30th August 2013:
You never had Hermione say "I love you"... that was cruel and cold. Just cold.

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Review #23, by Meanie Chapter Twenty-Seven

6th August 2013:
Okay, I enjoyed this immensely but C'MON, you didn't clear up Hermione's 'I love you' declaration. I feel kinda unsatisfied that she didn't say that. I feel SO sorry for Draco and for the first time I feel he deserved better since he's been grovelling at Hermione for so long (Though I hate his relationship with Miranda) So as you can see your story was powerful enough to get my knickers in a twist. Goood job.

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Review #24, by Ju Hana Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th August 2013:
Excellent storyline! Love it!!

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Review #25, by Merkerler Chapter Twenty-Six

29th July 2013:
why is Hermione being such a bitch? I really hope you explain why she symotaniously says shes moved on and has a guy and then also wants to get back together...

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