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Review #1, by zaid Chapter Sixteen

18th February 2015:
pretty good till now


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Review #2, by Prerna Prologue

15th February 2015:
It should be an amazing read

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Review #3, by StormAngel_PAC Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th January 2015:
OMG my heart literally stopped with the fake ending! If people weren't sleeping I would've screamed! I'm so glad it ended on a good note though! FANTASTIC story!! I read it once before but it was before you finished it and I must say that I'm incredibly pleased with the way it ended! I absolutely could not stand Wesley or Miranda! I especially hated her. I hope you tried to make them the hated characters because you definitely succeeded for me at least! All in all an excellent story!

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Review #4, by dailyprophet Chapter Twenty-Seven

29th November 2014:
it is now 547am and may i say, i have never been so glued to a story until i ran into this beauty. i gave up sleep simply because i couldn't make myself wait until "later" or "the next day" to continue my reading. i was truly blown away. you are an excellent writer, and i wish stories like this could be made into a book because all i want to do is add it to my shelf collection and never let it go! HAHA! i can't think of any other way to phrase my love for this story other than it being a work of art. that first "the end" was traumatizing though. over all, splendid! i can't wait to read more of your work! take all the time in the world, definitely worth the read!

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Review #5, by Lily:-) Chapter Twenty-Seven

6th November 2014:
Still crying here :( make a 2 please please pretty
please ! I beg you please ?
Love the 1 buy the way

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Review #6, by Lily:-) Chapter Twenty-Seven

6th November 2014:
Still why did you have to end the most awesome
book in the world? Not happy not happy
at all but this book will be in my heart forever
crying that this book is over and I am not kidding
because there are tears all over my face :( this
the book that I will not fogert for the rest of my
life ever when I am 99 I will not foget this
BOOK:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) still crying

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Review #7, by Lily:-) Chapter Twenty-Seven

6th November 2014:
WHY,WHY,WHY why did you have to END the
book?!:( :( :( not happy :[

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Review #8, by Lily:-) Chapter Twenty Two

6th November 2014:
Love this story so far:-) I want to make my tablet
last for hours on end

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Review #9, by Tris  Chapter Twenty-Six

7th October 2014:
Yup. I read this two times and never saw the happy ending until my friend asked me why I hated it is much. Well this was much better and more to my liking. Ok now I like the story overall ;)

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Review #10, by Tris  Chapter Twenty-Seven

1st October 2014:
Ok so I read this story once before, but reread it because my friend was loving it. The ending is the WORST (I'm sorry the first 25 chapters or so are good) but really. It just makes me so angry! And now I have to go to bed feeling all empty inside because of this ending. Would you like to write and alternate ending... Maybe starting at the airport??? Where instead of cowering behind a plant or something Draco decides not to be a weenie and comes and declares his love and makes it all perfect and happy because this seriously upsets me so so much.

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Review #11, by lunede Chapter Twenty-Seven

9th July 2014:
Hi! I really love this fic, it's one of the best ones I've ever read. So I was wondering... I'm from Finland and I would love to translate this fic into finnish. Would that be okay? I would translate it in this forum: And I would obviously make a link to it's original source :) Thank you for the great story!

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Review #12, by papilio Chapter Twenty-Three

4th July 2014:
ive notice about 5 or 6 times that you have written brides mates :s little confused because im not sure if that what you call them from where you are from but I used of them being called brides maids ! im not going to repeat what the people below me are saying because they have written it so many times but( Europe?? and not hating your story I do love it as I have read this far but I think you need to do more research
into certain things so it sound more real xox


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Review #13, by papilio Chapter Thirteen

3rd July 2014:
I really enjoy this story but as being for the uk we don't have wolves here anymore, unless there in the woods hehe!! and some thing are a little silly in this story but I do really enjoy reading it as it funny plot and Dramione are my fav. xox

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Review #14, by Maital Chapter Twenty-Seven

19th June 2014:
I love this story but I hated Wesley so much even though he wasn't that bad I just hated it that Draco loved her and she didn't realize and Wesley barely even knew her and she was wanting to be with him for longer that I could even imagine. I dunno why but I didn't even hate Miranda that much, well I hated her because how can a ministers daughter be so cruel but I hated Wesley so much more than her. Honestly you nearly gave me a heart attack when you said it was finished when it was not and I got so mad that you would leave it on a cliff hanger so I scrolled down to write a comment saying how silly it was of you to leave it there and then I saw it wasn't actually the end, I felt so relieved then! Anyway I really loved this and you should write more story's like this they really at amazing

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Review #15, by maital x Chapter Two

17th June 2014:
'your not wasting a penny Granger' WHAT IS THIS? I thought witches and wizards have knuts, sickles and galleons

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Review #16, by Lo_bo Chapter Twenty-Seven

27th May 2014:
I enjoyed this story very much :)

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Review #17, by Melissa Chapter Twenty-Seven

22nd May 2014:
I feel satisfied. This story makes me feel satisfied. It's so brilliant and wonderful, and awe inspiring. And it makes me want to read it again, and again, and again, until I faint from lack of exhaustion again, (I read it all one night, I fell asleep sometime around 5 am, but don't worry I finished up the last chapters this morning.) It's beautifully written, and honestly I can't stop and I think I am officially addicted

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Review #18, by Akirah Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th April 2014:
You ruined the entire story in the past few chapters. You never explained who that man Hermione bought as a date to Pansy's wedding was. And her & Draco's reunion and engagement is nonsensical. There is no rationality to how they resolve their issues, you present a jumble of emotions & angst but don't follow through with any of them. You leave so much hanging. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I enjoyed reading most of the story. But you truly made me dislike both main characters in the end. You left so much unsaid between them. How is it ok for Hermione to expect Draco to remain faithful to her during the year they were separated but not hold herself to the same standard? If she truly loved him so much?! And what happens in 4 months other than them just having sex? Nothing is resolved/addressed? And why would you make Hermione this lovable protagonist if she eventually turns into this cowardly, insincere, confused mess who can't seem to figure out what she wants?

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Review #19, by littletaty Chapter Twenty-Seven

11th March 2014:
Amazing fanfic! I must say that my heart stops with your fake end hahaha.

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Review #20, by Cassie Chapter Twenty-Seven

5th March 2014:
Make a sequel! Make a sequel! Make a sequel! PPPLEASE!

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Review #21, by annaconda88 Chapter Thirteen

22nd February 2014:
What?? Seriously? Its getting beyond ridiculous...
Wandless apparition? Hermione and draco without a wand?? You might have misunderstood the definition of an apparition point, which is for sure not a sparkling place where u can apparate away without a wand.. It should be a gathering point in some crowded areas where people get suspicious.. They could have just apparated in the woods or in the house or whateva.. The explanations bout the muggle hunter is just silly..
The story starts to annoy the hell out of me because of total lack for details!

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Review #22, by annaconda88 Chapter Ten

22nd February 2014:
Nice idea for a story... But a lot of flaws regarding characters and plotline..
Shacklebolts daughter could by no means be blonde and pale.. Further, he would never be part of those pureblood rich snobs and raise a spoilt brat like miranda.. Totally out of character and just she even shaebolts daughter?? Since the surnames change a couple of times within a few sentences!
Hermione has been to the manor a few chapters before and even slept in dracos bed since they stayed for the night.. Why would she be so amazed and surprised by a room she sah just a couple of days or weeks before? Just seems as if you forgot parts of your own story..
Further, even though I'm a few chapters ahead, I'm still not able to understand why hermione agreed to this wedding part.. Dont think that it is really understandable since she could just have apparated away in front of the diner.. Its out of character again that she would agree without further questions to a marriage! With malfoy.. Dont get it.. Maybe this part of the story could be improved and edited...
The newspaper articles could be improved as well... There are loads of repetitions in these bits..

Good idea, could be a nice story nonetheless.. Just pay attention to details..

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Review #23, by Dramione_love Chapter Twenty-Seven

15th February 2014:
Wow, wait. Is the fake ending the jaw dropping moment? OMGGG I was like F*CK NO when you put that fake ending there you scared the hell out of me you did. First of all I HATE Miranda. There. That's out of my system pheww. I also became REALLY F*CKING FRUSTRATED with Hermione but hey it turned out to be fine. Poor Draco :( I loved your fanfic it made me laugh quite a lot
"Blaise sent patronus after patronus to Pansys apartment, begging her for help, in fear that Draco would pop a vein and suck Blaises body dry of his soul. " this part especially hahaha well great story! Loved it. Could you write not a sequel but something maybe a one-shot or an epilogue explaining their lives later? Like if they have children and their friends and everything it would be amazingg! Love, dramione_love

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Review #24, by Hetkal Chapter Twenty-Seven

9th February 2014:
Many flaws like hermione never saying i love?

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Review #25, by RonWeasleyFans Chapter Twenty-Seven

4th February 2014:
We are sat in the college student lounge screaming right now. This is by far the best fan fic we'v ever read !!! So amazing !!! Loved it so much !!! sequel now !!! have you already written one? can we read it like now omfg!x

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