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Review #1, by FriendofMolly Secrets and Seekers

16th July 2013:
I started rereading this, imagine my surprise when I discovered I hadn't reviewed this chapter. I'm going to check to see if it is the only or if I missed a few chapters. I'm enjoying this immensely. You nailed Ron and his introduction to TV. Arthur is going to be so jealous. All in all a wonderful chapter. Thank you for including a talking portrait of Fred. So many authors don't. I suspect that quite a few Wizards and Witches had portraits created just in case they didn't survive the Battle. Bravo!
PS I could hear Molly all the way here.

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Review #2, by b_lewis61 Epilouge

8th June 2013:
This was a great fun little story. Thank you for the great read!

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Review #3, by b_lewis61 Examinations

7th June 2013:
Good chapter and good story so far. I did want to point out that Polyjuice potion takes a very long time to brew (I forget the exact time but it was over a month) and so wouldn't be a potion they could test on in one day. That said, it is an easy enough mistake to overlook and the writing was well done so it was still an enjoyable chapter.

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Review #4, by brodie1 Quidditch, Questions, and Quarrels

7th November 2012:
It's nice to see the boys eager to propose to their ladies. Hard to imagine that they had to grow up so quick. Great story.

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Review #5, by brodie1 One Last Time

7th November 2012:
Very nice! Our heros are growing up!

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Review #6, by Brodie1 A New Life

7th November 2012:
Exciting stuff for Ron, and the dtory just keeps getting better.

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Review #7, by brodie1 Beyond the End

7th November 2012:
A great beginning and a tribute to Fred,

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Review #8, by Wands at the Ready  Trials and Balls

27th February 2012:
You have written the best fanfiction that i have ever read! You wrote it in a perfect way that is exactly how i pictured it. I am reading your story for the second time!!! You are an amazing writer and i feel that you should know that! This is the best fanfiction! I love it! Thank you for writing it! I am positive that Ms. Rowling would be proud!!! Love it!!!
Love, Lyssie May

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Review #9, by Mondas42 Epilouge

9th February 2012:
I enjoyed that. Well done

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Review #10, by bob Epilouge

15th January 2012:
Good story bro! I realyy enjoyed reading it! i loved it!

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Review #11, by alliesleeners Decisions

7th April 2011:
this story is so amazing and well written.

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Review #12, by HarryPotterLover Epilouge

3rd November 2010:
Amazing story!! I loved it!!

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Review #13, by GinnyPotter1986 Epilouge

25th August 2010:
I love this story! Are you going to write any more storys?

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Review #14, by domslev Epilouge

8th April 2010:
thank you for the story.
very enjoyable tale of the years between the battle and the births.

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Review #15, by Madbadger Beyond the End

20th January 2010:
Very good keep writing its a pleasure to read your work

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Review #16, by safa Forever

25th December 2009:
wait do u fast forwars in the epiloge coz ginny wasn't even preggo and the we talk about james
i am confused

Author's Response: yes the epilogue is supposed to take place years later, at the birth of Rose and Albus.

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Review #17, by safa Epilouge

24th December 2009:
gawgus aww pefect nowi hav that feelin in my heart aw

that was lovely

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Review #18, by safa Something Old and Something New

24th December 2009:
ok so i know carbbe died in the last on in he room on requirment but then why on earth did you put him in thpter where he has to go to germany and fight him

Author's Response: Sorry that might have been confusing. the Crabbe in Chapter 10 is Crabbe Sr. father of the Crabbe who died and also Deatheater and friend of Lucius Malfoy... once again sorry if that confused you.

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Review #19, by ASTONISHED GAL!!!!!!!! Clarity

24th December 2009:
wow have you considered becoming a author you are amazing i mean this fills yopur head wif so much inofrmations and really gives you a positive idea of how everything must have happenend thro the 19 years and can i just say it rounds up the epiloge wealy well well done my fwend

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Review #20, by safa To Live and Let Luck

24th December 2009:
so much susspence and u never let your readers down
well done 1
my heart nearly stopped when i thought ron might be death i was like NO!


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Review #21, by safa Long Awaited Moments.

24th December 2009:
aw the best chapter yet it is so nice and cute but the thought of evil starting out again sickens me i mean harry needs a normal life anyway great chpater and is the epiloge the last on may i just ask?

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Review #22, by crazymisscarly Beyond the End

22nd November 2009:
this is the best one i've ever read
i read this whole story a few months ago, kept the link for it in favourites on my laptop and my laptop got a virus!
so i have been trying to find your story for AGES and i finally found it!

i am doing a happy dance write now and my sister is looking at me strangely

well done with your story!!!

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Review #23, by Daniel Epilouge

5th November 2009:
Really beautiful story - extremely well written, and thoroughly enjoyable to read - thank you

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Review #24, by aurorofthelight Epilouge

26th October 2009:
Your story is, I think, what any true Harry Potter fan would have imagined would have happened in the years between the final battle & 19 years later! JK could not have done better! The right couples ended up together. Your story was well thought out and crafted. The engagements and weddings especially touched my heart. As a published author myself, I think you should be very proud of your story. In a word, it was magnificent. My only regret would be that it cannot be published in book form. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Review #25, by Dagmar Beck Beyond the End

24th October 2009:
well done
I cann't stop reading this

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