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Review #1, by Adeline The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

9th June 2009:
I really like this. I like William the best because he's the nicest out of all of the Baker brothers, although he's kind of whipped by Madeline. I really like how you incorporated Moaning Myrtle into this and how Jasper secretly likes Tom Riddle. Edmund is the most typical out of the four, I think he relates to a lot of the guys I know. I like Alexander too, he's like the bookworm type, which is cute in boys. I really like your idea for this; its like Marauders minus all the clichés. I'm really intrigued by your summary and I can't wait to read more.

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Review #2, by Narcissa48 The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

15th May 2009:
hi Sara =)
i loved this chapter, i really like where it is going. I especially like how different it is to other fanfics eg. era, characters etc.
My fave person at the moment is Will cos he seems the nicest, but knowing me i will probably change my mind as the story progresses!
update soon!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much Em.
The updates on my stories are slow but that is because I am on a break xD and so. But I am trying to keep going.
Thanks for the review hun.

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Review #3, by marinahill The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

14th April 2009:
Hi Sara! sorry about the delay, I'm the worst procrastinator!

I really love the idea you've got here - it's refreshingly original and it's lovely to see a group of friends who arent the marauders or the trio. Bravo :) With a bit of work, this could be excellent :) I love the fact they arent in gryffindor - had you done that i think it would have really detracted from your excellent ideas, but instead you've taken you're own route and it worked.

I would, though, advise you to get a beta. I think everyone who wants to write should have a beta, it just helps polish and neaten everything up slightly.

Keep up the great work!

ps. - my favourite is Jasper ;)

Author's Response: Hi Marina, I'm sorry for the delay on replying to this, I just had a lot going on latley. And I do have a beta. I have a thing for slytherin students xD
Thanks for the review

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Review #4, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

6th April 2009:
Sara, I love it.
Looking past the odd spelling issue, I thought the characterisations of the boys was really good. My favourite, oddly, is Edmund. There's something about him that captured me but I can't pinpoint it.

I know you were worried about Jasper from TGS but I think he's okay so far. His inner thoughts could be developed a bit more, but the way he reacts to Tom is good. It doesn't show anything that he's feeling.

I liked Alexander and William, but I was much more drawn to Jasper and Edmund, personally. I can't put my finger quite on why, but it could be their diverse personalities and how you've drawn on that already, so early on in the story.

I love the way that the characters don't directly parallel the Marauders too much. I did wonder about that when I read the summary but I'm glad you avoided it.

The first paragraph seemed a little forced, but once you got into the individual characters' perspectives, I was much more interested.
So I can't wait for the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Wow Rachelle! Thanks < 3 and you like Ed huh? ;) Well I do like him to I found him pretty funny XD Ed is the easiest to write on and Jasper the hardest XD
Thanks for the review < 3

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Review #5, by Phoenix_Flames The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

5th April 2009:
Hello my dear!!

Wow!! This was very good, Sara! Your plot and writing in general was amazing. This was a superb fic that had me interested during every single word.

I thought the layout was a little different and the switching between persons and POVs was very confusing. But I got a hang of it. Excellent job!


Author's Response: Thanks < 3 :)
Confusing huh? oh well :P I'll talk to you later about it if that is okay, Maybe you could give me some advice for making it less confusing?

Thanks for the review hun! < 3

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Review #6, by Rose Wilts The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

4th April 2009:
Hey there Sara!

Yay, I'm excited. It looks like it'll be really good :) Just so you know, the story is called 'Baker Brothers' and on the banner it says- 'Barker'.

First up, I guess while it could have been the effect you were going for, I'm not a massive fan of the way you straight out desribed their appearances (although, they do sound pretty attractive). GOSH, that sounds just so mean, but.. well, what I'm trying to say is perhaps you could disperse the informaiton more?

It's an interesting starting paragraph, and I REALLY like the idea, I just think it's a little rough. Aw, I don't know how to phrase this without sounding like a total monster :( Sorry.

Anyhow, going on. I really like you're dialogue! It seems really natural and flowing, so I don't think you need any help on that. Props to you for that, because I always struggle with dialogue :)

You're developing some intensely interesting characters. I'm really liking them all already. I think I'm going to become a massive fan girl for at least one of them ;)

One thing you could work on a little is description. You've put some in and what there is of it is very good (thumbs up) but I just feel that there should be a little more. You know?

Perhaps (this will sounds so awful), but perhaps you could find a beta? Because I know what it's like to be busy with more than one story, and school and everything else. So a beta could help. I'd be happy to offer.

Oh dear, I hope I didn't sound too condescending or mean :( I really, honestly enjoyed that chapter. I really like the idea of this story so far and can't wait to read more. Drop me a note when you update, cause I'd love to review!

Author's Response: Oh my god Laura that isn't mean at all! because I know what you mean :) And if you want to be my beta for this story I'd love to have you! And I do know about the banner, It was made a long time ago and then it was supposed to be "Barker" and not "Baker" I just changed it but a new banner is coming along soon :) I am so glad you liked it! I'll tell you when it's updated though if you will become my beta you would read it before anyway ^^
Thanks for the lovely review < 3
Love Sara

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Review #7, by bewitched The most wanted blokes, The Baker brothers

3rd April 2009:
Wow. I like where this is going. Especially how it ties into some of the known period characters.

I wonder where this is going to lead ...
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: First review! YAY! :D
wow thanks < 3
love Sara

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