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Review #1, by spartacus025 A Safe House

20th June 2014:
Wow this is fantastic! I know I'm super duper late with this, but please update haha. Worth a shot. But really, this was great. Awesome plot, characters. You are a very good writer and I love your adaptation of JK's work.

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Review #2, by sb2009 A Safe House

18th October 2013:
This story is so good! Please update soon!

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Review #3, by rosemary A Safe House

17th July 2013:
good story, good plot, well written, please finish the story

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Review #4, by SD A Safe House

31st March 2012:
I really hope this isn't the last of it and there is an
Update Soon?

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Review #5, by rock Game, Set, Match

2nd February 2012:
I read the reviews from others and most of them didn't like Harry's characterization. I think most of them are reviewing on the basis that they don't like H/Hr pairing. And support H/G and R/Hr.
To be truth, even though you showed Harry and Ginny together, no where I felt any kind of closeness between them the way you showed for Harry and Hermione. Also between Hermione and Ron, all I could get is they fight a lot and hurt each other. I think both pairs had been together because it was expected. Ron does go for the mission to protect Hermione, well they are best friends.
And personally I like this fic mainly because you are showing H/Hr. I am truly a H/Hr fan. I just hope it would remain that way. No more H/G or R/Hr.

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Review #6, by Fan A Safe House

6th April 2011:
Update soon please, I have to know what happens!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #7, by Emily A Safe House

20th March 2011:
Please please please update! I have to know what's going to happen!

Author's Response: Glad your excited! Trying to get back to it!

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Review #8, by Lang Dalton A Safe House

27th February 2011:
Nice plot. This is one of the few stories where the characters retain parts of their personality without the story seeming like an imbecile vomiting parts of J.K. Rowiling's writing in all the wrong places.
Is the story abandoned though? Long time since an update. Or are the moderators being inordinately slow?

Author's Response: No they are not slow and no it is not abandoned. I have just had an exceptionally long postponement. I am trying to get back now. Thank you for the review and I'm glad you like it.

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Review #9, by ShePotter A Safe House

17th February 2011:
Your story is so exciting. Please update soon, I can't wait. Reading your reviews you say you have 27 chapters written? Ok, HPFF post them, please.
Thanks again for your writing.

Author's Response: It is not HPFF's fault at all. I have not been posting. I have chapters written but I have just gotten so downhearted about writing lately. Anyway I am trying to get back. Thank you for the review!

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Review #10, by monelf123 A Safe House

28th January 2011:
This is an amazing story! I am addicted. Your story is so well plotted, interesting, and mysterious. There are so many interweaving stories, I'm amazed at your organization. The depth and complexity of this story rocks. Not to mention the character development! AWESOME. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for the compliments. I'm glad you love the complexity because that's the part that is killing me in writing it :)

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Review #11, by HHrshipper A Safe House

24th January 2011:
It's all sad, but I'm lving this fanfic soo much!
It's been so long I've read HHr fanfics.
Update son.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you're back to H/Hr.

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Review #12, by SD A Safe House

24th January 2011:
Back Again

I wouldn't fear me not reading I have said that I will continue to read your story till the very end. most my critique is to get you to invest more into other aspects of your story so that even if they are minimal parts they fit.

I can say that Harry in this chapter is pretty much bang on Canon, well if you don't have Harry holed up in a Hospital bed at some point than your way off base.

I enjoy'd this chapter because now you have shown a couple avenues for bringing the other characters in and how all it could work out.

I did like the interaction between Bill and Kingsley about bringing Ginny in to let her know about Harry. I always have seen Bill as looking out for his younger siblings and it was on par, now I am interested to see if he really does listen or his thoughts toward family get the better of him.

I would like to see how Ron behaves now that he knows Harry is okay, will some of the doubt I have mentioned get to him about why Harry was exposed or what he saw before hand because he obviously was there before the attack.

Hr was a little too over the top for me but very believable considering what just happened.

all your supporting cast was spot on well done.

I wonder how a hurt Harry will view his time down or if he just jumps right back up. I have my thoughts but will see how it turns out.

Keep em coming

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #13, by spreaddapoo93 A Safe House

22nd January 2011:
Love the idea of the safehouse being a reverse-Fidelius charm! Oooh, what state Harry must be in ... that's quite gruesome. Sorry I can't leave a longer reply - my head's all over the place!!!
Absolutely enjoyed it; hope you update soon!
I'm still looking for a perfect Todd, (He's a hard one) but I'll get one, I sear. How old is he, approximately? And thanks for his background. Very interesting and explains TONS about the actual character! You really did think him through.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you like Todd. I sort of just wanted him to be a steady blah character, but then I decided to give him a real relate-able moment because hey everybody has been through heart break.

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Review #14, by HHRshipper Not Strong Enough To Break

21st January 2011:
Oooh, I've been waiting for this so long when it was in progress. But it's still. So looking forward to the next chapters!

Author's Response: Hey trying to get back to writing again. I got a little disheartened to tell you the truth. Thanks for the support.

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Review #15, by Araxia A Safe House

18th January 2011:
That was entirely too long a break. No more holidays or vacations for you.

Well onto the chapter. Was that our dearest Hermione using the F bomb? For shame! I found that pretty funny actually. Didn't seem like a whole lot was going on this chapter outside of some setup for the next chapter.

Good to see Ron show some emotion, even if it was for Harry. Through this all I am still a bit perplexed that Ron has shown concern for other people but absolutely none for Hermione. I know before you said he's staying focused on the task at hand, but even then you'd think he'd show some for the love of his life.

Ahh well. Keep them coming.

Author's Response: I hear ya. I going back and editing some things right now actually. I'd been taking a break from writing but hopefully I can get back at it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by Joi de Coeur A Safe House

18th January 2011:
I'm really not sure what to say. The chapter is great, but completely, emotionally draining. These three friends, no matter how far apart they might be from each other have this unbelievable bond and your story shows it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. That's such an awesome compliment.

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Review #17, by Emily A Safe House

18th January 2011:
Holy crap! You need update this now it's been far too long! You need to get Harry and Hermione together and reunited soon! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Working on re-editing some things and going back over some chapters.

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Review #18, by spreaddapoo93 Game, Set, Match

5th January 2011:
Oh, Hermione, what have you done?

Absolutely ACTION PACKED. Once again, you fail to show us something you CAN'T do, and once again, I fail to shovel my jaw off the ground as I bow down to Your Grace with an irreversible open-mouth-syndrome.

Absolutely brilliant! I just want tto knock Hermione's skull in - I mean, I get that he's the love of your life, Hermione, but isn't that promise to Salvatore infinitely more important? Now Harry's roughed up and you're dragged somewhere that could be anywhere! Sigh ... What a mess. A wonderful, beautiful, absolutely delicious mess.

Author's Response: I wouldn't necessarily call Harry the love of her life... maybe the love of her right now. Haha. Everyone seems to really be digging the action. It's about to get super dramatic and angsty again so hopefully it was a nice breather. I'm happy you find the story a "delicious mess".

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Review #19, by spreaddapoo93 Not Strong Enough To Break

5th January 2011:
Oh, I love Luna, I really do! "At first she of course thought it was merely a dream as lately her dreams had included bongos." Haha, gets me cracking like a firecracker on the fifth of November!

*Ahem* on a more serious note, I was heartbroken when I read the scenes between Harry and Hermione. I hate her for putting a stop to their beautiful relationshp, but I love her for it too, because everything she said was true.

If he can't tell Ginny and Ron, then there's no hope for the relationship! :(

And I am absolutely taken aback by the genius of putting a flashback of the kiss scene at the end of this chapter - like a huge, contrasting comparison between the end of the relationship and pretty much the beginning of it (or at least the acknowledgement of it on both sides). Like it shows the reader just how much there was, and how much is being lost by the characters' inability to be together.

Absolutely beautiful.

Finally, the quote that got me, really got me in this chapter was this. Simple, poetic and extremely powerful; a quote that puts me on edge. "They slept in peace. Blissful peace."

10/10, as always, and if I could rate more, I would rate to infinity for every beautiful chapter you wrote.

Author's Response: I always get chills when people quote my lines back to me. It's like the biggest thrill to know what exactly you wrote that really affects the reader! So yes I find your review exhilarating.

As far as the adjustment of putting the kissing scene at the end... well I have to say that I debated if I should even put one in there at all. But then I thought about it and I just think you can't not put a kissing scene in. I feel like that's cruel to every shipper out there.

But I wanted it to be poetic. I wanted it to be filled with peace and bliss, and yet also with anxiety and doom. So having that flashback at the end just felt right. It felt right to break them apart and it felt right to show what they could have. Plus it leaves the reader wanting more... something every writer always wants :)

But anyway thank you for loving this story and this chapter. You seem to be picking out all of my favorite things and all of the details that I worked my hardest on. It's so nice to know that people appreciate them. The little things Luna says, the way the chapter is arranged, the small lines. It's just awesome to hear that you saw it, so big thanks.

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Review #20, by spreaddapoo93 Paris et L'amour

5th January 2011:
Oh, Paris et L'amour!
So, so romantic! I love Jean, the absolute gentleman. It's quite awesome that you've incorporated such a friendly English-French relationship, because after a bit of reading, I saw that there's quite a bit of history between those two countries? But then again, it meshes in with the whole International Wizarding peace thing that Hermione and Jean are trying to support.
Your accents are truly impeccable! From Jean's very French one to the Italians to the different variations of the British ... and even the House elves!!! Wonderful!
I thoroughly enjoyed this one yet again. 10/10 (as always)

Author's Response: Thanks for saying that about the accents. I don't know if that is necessarily true, but thank you anyway for saying it. I try to do the best I can, but I know I ding up a few things. I'm sure I fudge up more than I actually think I do as well.

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Review #21, by spreaddapoo93 A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

4th January 2011:
Wonderful and very profound! I absolutely love that part about classification of relationships, which is so true but weirdly enough not as blatantly obvious as it should be! It was really clevely put in (and by Neville at that! Imagine ...)
Great job, I enjoyed every second. 10/10 as always.

Author's Response: Neville doing that speech with Luna right there just felt perfect. He is so wonderfully awkward and she is so surprisingly insightful that I love the two. They felt like the right people to mentor Hermione and guide her through her own thoughts and feelings. Arthur is another character that I feel is wonderful during those times. Any insight or revelation is normally brought on by one of three characters. They are my confidantes in the story. They drive the main characters thoughts.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Emily Potter Game, Set, Match

3rd January 2011:
I literally found this story as I was going to bed last night and stayed up in bed reading it start to finish. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, lol, but this story is amazing and I'll be checking back often for updates!
So update soon please:) pretty please

Author's Response: Thanks! That's awesome to hear. An update should be up shortly.

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Review #23, by spreaddapoo93 Pressing Encounters

1st January 2011:
Oh, no! Well ... Oh yes, and oh no!
Ginny's attracted to Todd, isn't she? And Harry and Hermione ... Wow, their love lives are pretty messed up, aren't they? And what's worse is they'll probably delve deeper into this mess (although, I do say the coupling is pretty terrific ... Todd seems nice and Harry and Hermione have always seemed good together) and that flash must be a camera!!! Ginny's heart will be chewed up ... And Ron's!!!

I love this chapter. It's like all those subtle hints in every chapter before this one blossoms; it's really magical!

Enjoying every moment, spreaddapoo93

Author's Response: Yeah subtly is kinda of my thing. I tried to give little hints and clues and awkward tension filled moments throughout the first few chapters to bring it here. And yet somehow people are surprised when it comes.

Well anyway... off to read more from you! Thanks once again.

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Review #24, by spreaddapoo93 Dusk

28th December 2010:
SPECTACULARLY MAGNIFICENT! It was touching. I am definitely moved by tihs scene (as were you) to be a bigger shipper of Harry/Ginny!

I love Ginny and I agree with her choices. She needs to go out there and live! Her spirit wills her to! If she doesn't, as she so eloquently put it herself, she would become "one of those wives that resents her husband ... children ... life she was given." Her festering vivacious soul would eat her alive.

For Harry to be that understanding, he's the noble character we have come to know and will always love. Beautifully portrayed! 10/10!

Author's Response: You love Harry's nobility now but I wonder how you'll think of it later. A lot of readers seem to be disappointed in Harry's character as of the recent chapters, so it'll be fun to see what you think.

I do have to agree with you though. This chapter I think is one of my finer ones. It's definitely the one I am most proud of. There's so much in other chapters that I wish I could change but can't because of how far I am, but whenever I look back on this one I don't want to change a thing. I love this chapter exactly as it is. It's definitely one of my favorites within the story. I'm happy to see you like it too. Thanks again for the reviews!

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Review #25, by spreaddapoo93 Lies

28th December 2010:
Awww ... heartbreaking scene between Harry and Ginny! Definitely necessary, but still really sad :(
Anyway, I love the idea of the witness!!! Absolutely genius! The plot just thickens and becomes more and more complex; it's WONDERFUL!

Author's Response: Yeah you'll hear more from that witness in the coming chapters. I'm glad you found the scene between Harry and Ginny heartbreaking.

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