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Review #1, by Ella CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

21st January 2013:
awesome story. please continue.

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Review #2, by Jessie CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

14th September 2012:
Really good story! Hope you continue writing this :)

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Review #3, by Malicia CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

9th May 2011:

I really like this story. The idea and the way you wirte it.
I really, really hope that you didn't abandon this story and that you'll update it soon.

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Review #4, by Corina CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

29th August 2010:
this is a great story...I'm looking forward to read te end, plese update!

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Review #5, by ShadowChanger CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

6th January 2010:
So. How about I think this story is pretty awesome? I wish you would write the rest of it! Of course, it would be my rotten luck that you've dropped the project or don't even visit this site anymore. :( Anyway, I'm anxious to hear the rest of your story. Even if you don't write anymore, please check out my ramblings of a story. Just search me, ShadowChanger.

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Review #6, by sama31655 CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

8th September 2009:
Please write more!!!

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Review #7, by Lotus_Kiss CH. X - Family AT Hogwarts; A Natural Disaster

3rd May 2009:
I like it!! All her nieces and nephews are there with her now.lolz, that's cute.

Author's Response: It was too good of an opportunity to resist- I have lots of cousins and i know it would definitely not be on my priority list to be both their idol and go to the same school!

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Review #8, by godrinkpinesol CH. IX - Complicated

7th April 2009:
ooo this story is getting good keep it coming

Author's Response: Glad you like, my internet is kind of wacky since we have wireless and it's not hardwired into my computer but I try to keep it updated as quickly as possible :^)

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Review #9, by DisabledLlama CH. VII - Questions

18th February 2009:
aww man... now i have to wait for the next chapter?


hey...? do you recon you can make the next chapter... longer?
longer chapters are always better. (^_^)

also, you made a mistake last chapter:
when Maria asked to borrow the HM notes, you've got written down '"Yeah, I guess so," Hermione said, still staring at Hermione.'


Author's Response: You'd think, that having read through this story bazillion times I would have caught that. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

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Review #10, by DisabledLlama Chapter I - A New Student

18th February 2009:
oooh goody goody goody!

someone with a dark past, fidgety habits... *swoon* I love dark characters. (^_^)


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Review #11, by 3s_hp_ CH. V - Little Brother

3rd February 2009:
Oh noo ! Why'd it have to end theree !
I so want to read the rest now :( Lol
goood storyy so far (:


Author's Response: HAHA! Cliffhanger! I'll update soon, don't worry. :^)

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Review #12, by Sansa CH. IV - Can I Trust You?

1st February 2009:
This is my first time on this site. I'm so glad that I picked your story to read first. I'll be eagerly looking for updates. I hope you are a quick updater. I will be looking forward to hearing what horrible things have happened to Maria in her life.

Author's Response: I think Maria should be offended! *laughing* Okay, well, glad you enjoy!

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Review #13, by forever_and_a_day CH. IV - Can I Trust You?

28th January 2009:
Love the update. Again, I like the ending bit. I dunno why, but your endings are always really good. Keep up the awaesome work!

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Review #14, by forever_and_a_day CH. III - An Unhealthy Interest

27th January 2009:
LOL. she has a stalker. dating guys shorter than her. I wish I was tall enough to have that problem. I have to go on tip toe to reach over tall counters! I liked the last conversation between Snape and Maria, it has a nice atmophere.

keep up the good work!

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Review #15, by forever_and_a_day Chapter II - Struggling

23rd January 2009:
hehe. goth clothes. love Maria; you've illustrated her nicely. can't wait to read more! & love the music bit too

Author's Response: Unfortunately, the goth clothes won't come in until way later. And I had to give Maria a musical side.

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Review #16, by forever_and_a_day Chapter I - A New Student

16th January 2009:
Hehe. Good start on what looks to be a promising story! I love the heels! God, I wish I was tall! I Wanna be tall! Anyways, love your OC, she's got and awesome personality (wearing an American flag and all.) Can't wait to see what you write up next!!

Author's Response: Maria is seriously one of my favorite characters of all time. I have rewritten this story I don't know how many times to get it right, and I just HAD to make her tall, 'cause my family's genes have made me short, so she's like the epitome of the body I wish I had.

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