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Review #1, by ines0803 Pretend

12th January 2013:
Hi! I love your story! Are you going to update? I'd really like that! :)

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Review #2, by Sam Pretend

18th October 2012:
Really good!!! You should spend more time on describing how the characters feel when they kiss :)

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Review #3, by Ms V Pretend

16th July 2011:
I love this story, but I was wondering, are you ever going to update it again? It would be great it you did!

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Review #4, by UnderPolyJuice Surprises

17th February 2011:
Hugo is sweet but he needs more depth, keep writing!

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Review #5, by UnderPolyJuice Reality

17th February 2011:
Loving this! I like how freaked out Hugh is.

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Review #6, by UnderPolyJuice Positive

17th February 2011:
hohoho, I smell a good story going down!

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Review #7, by Ms V Pretend

18th November 2010:
I don't care I'm loving the fluffly right now! This story has bin so much fun to read and now it's one of my favorites. I can't wait for the next one. I think the baby is going to be a girl but who knows? And hopefully Hugo and Emily will last for atlease a while so we can all be happy. Great job so far.


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Review #8, by : Pretend

22nd August 2010:
you never updated and you said you had half done already :| updateee

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Review #9, by a rollerball Pretend

9th August 2010:
amazing story, cant wait to see what happens next, please please please update soon (:

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Review #10, by hplover_15 Pretend

8th April 2010:
I had read this story before but I totally forgot about it until now! I loved this chapter! Please write more!!!

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Review #11, by dianap00 Pretend

26th March 2010:
Oh. Hugo Weasley says all the right things. I love that he is so earnest and candid about his feelings for her. She is so endearing with her small frown whenever he acts overtly kind towards her. It's a little funny come to think of it. That frown was putting him off doing the very thing she wanted him to do. Hermione and Ron totally saw it coming. I mean seriously, who wouldn't. I love that they've been playing house and that they have finally admit to each other what they've felt all along. I hope they can continue just as well as they've been going.

Scorpius Malfoy can do no wrong. Ron is adorable. I love him. I couldn't stop laughing at that bit. Oh, dear. Rose was pretty upset. It's funny how at odds they seem - they are so alike. I love this story. Sorry for being such a negligent reader. Know that this marathon of sorts was all sorts of fun only because the story is so good that I love to read it in one go. And let it be known that rereading it after such a time lapse was as great if not better than the first time round.


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Review #12, by dianap00 Reconnect

26th March 2010:
I love how sneaky Emily's mum is, she cares a lot. It's sweet in a funny sort of way. Natalie is really funny in an icky sort of way. Rose is hilarious in an endearingly self depricating sort of way. I think that Lily takes it though. Having second thoughts. She's so wonderful and confused and scared. I think that the girls had a pretty monumental weekend in all.

Hugo is taking it slow. Which is sort of totally ironic considering everything. I love that Emily is the one that everyone confides in. It cements the idea that she fits in. She has a place. That people care about her and trust her. I loved this chapter a lot. I like where it began and that even though it did end on the same couch, everything changed and so much happened in the time between.

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Review #13, by dianap00 Choices

26th March 2010:
Hugo is really great. I like that he knows what he wants. That undecided business was - well - suffice to say I was not overly fond of it. Heh heh.

James and Albus are ridiculous! They are such... men. And James is such a lovely husband. I like that Frank is so bashful. It is endearing to say the least. Lily is so abrasive at times and it's nice that she's with such a sweet guy. I love how she, completely inadvertantly, repeatedly witnesses moments in which Hugo or Emily are pining for each other. Oh. She is real great.

Rose! Huzzah. Scorpius is adorable but he is so wonderful that I'm sure he'll be such a great father.

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Review #14, by dianap00 Progress

26th March 2010:
Emily is so wonderfully baffled with her situation - admittedly, it is a rather difficult thing to reason through. Being half in love with the father of your unborn child would be confusing for most single women, one would think. I like that Hugo is reliable and kind. It's nice.

Natalie is awesome. She's so interesting and definitely comes of as a favourite. Is she the youngest, because she feels like the youngest. A bit flightly but incredibly loyal and caring.
Loved this chapter. It was encouraging to read a Hugo that I like again. It's a bit funny how I can get so upset with him for saying such ridiculous things but when he's considerate like he was in this chapter I love how Emily falling for him.

I don't think that he even realizes how much he likes her as Emily and not simply as the mother of his unborn child. cx

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Review #15, by dianap00 Mistakes

26th March 2010:
He-! Bah. He drunkenly confesses and soberly retracts! I am indignant. Gah. What an irksome fellow. Emily dated an older man. Hah hah hah. I'm sorry, it's funny. It reminds me of Annie Hall. What an awkward chapter. I like how she seems to be the reasonable one when she's the one that is going through hormonal imbalances. Hugo is infuriating. I love him.

The names. Oh with the names. I dunno. Naming a Weasley is a very big deal. It's funny that they keep throwing out names that neither of them are crazy about. And none of them have mythological connotations. Interesting.

I am so not over Hugo's big foot in mouth moment the morning after.

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Review #16, by dianap00 Burdens

26th March 2010:
Emily and her mother got into an arguement over the merits of a man she has never dated being the father of her child. Oi. I am sorry, but that was funny. I think that Emily has hormones on her side, but her mother is a little on the nutty side. I love Natalie. She is too lovely. I think that the Weasley dinner was very sweet. And I really like Melanie and Frank.

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Review #17, by I Luv James P II Pretend

25th January 2010:
I love this story.

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Review #18, by dannie joy Pretend

23rd December 2009:
please please please update

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Review #19, by sjs21 Pretend

15th October 2009:
Great work! It is really nice to see the two of them finally admit how they feel about each other. The way they talk to each other is very beliveable and natural, can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #20, by SweetSerendipity Pretend

12th October 2009:
aw...this has got to be my favorite chapter so far =]
i cant wait for the next one!

Author's Response: thank you! it'll be up soon!

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Review #21, by amber Pretend

12th October 2009:
all I can say is finally :)
lol. Amazing chapter, even if it was a bit fluffy. But hey every once in awhile it's nice to have a little fluff. Right?

Author's Response: hahaha yeah, i haven't really had a fluffy chapter like this. glad you liked it!!

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Review #22, by marieluz Pretend

12th October 2009:
Fluffy. Cute. Loved it!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #23, by marieluz Reconnect

12th October 2009:
Worst chapter ever.

Just kidding, just kidding. Sorry if that scared you.

It was actually quite good, I'm glad her and her mother have reconciled.

Author's Response: you scared me a little at first, i'll admit it. thank you for being such a consistent review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #24, by hplover_15 Choices

26th September 2009:
Chapter was great but I really want them to get together it's really bugging me since they seem ment to be.

Author's Response: patience is a virtue my friend, patience is a virtue.

Just keep reading!!!

thank you for the review :)

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Review #25, by marieluz Choices

23rd September 2009:
This must have been the dirtiest chapter yet -- but that's what you get for putting it in a man's POV during a stag party!

I liked it though, I like hearing what men say when they're drunk. Ha.

Love it! Next chapter please!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it!

thank you for all the positive reviews!!!

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