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Review #1, by ILoveYohBaybee No 'WooHoo' Till 'I Do'

28th September 2009:
This story was hilarious, i could not stop laughing. I just want to congradulate you on this amazing story! I hope there is another chapter coming up? If there is, please contact me.

Author's Response: Sorry, no, there won't be any chapters anytime soon (note the Abandoned...).

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Review #2, by taintedgreenlove No 'WooHoo' Till 'I Do'

28th August 2009:
sooo i deffinetly think you should continue this story! Its excellent and i think there is so much potential!
If you ned some helps let me know!!
j.ryan 510 @ Hotmail

Author's Response: I'll be e-mailing!

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Review #3, by dracosgirl18 No 'WooHoo' Till 'I Do'

27th June 2009:
well then.that was hiliarious! I'm serious. lol I love the chapter and hope you write more soon. I'm gonna add this one to my favorites and keep an eye out for more and I wonder what Pansy has



Author's Response: Thanks! I\\\'m actually stuck (which I find hilarious, seeing as that was the first chapter). If you have any ideas, let me know...

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Review #4, by J_O_I_Rowling No 'WooHoo' Till 'I Do'

4th April 2009:
they are so cute! aaawww! and, as for hermione getting all flustered, and stuff...sadly, i get that way when my friends talk about stuff like that, too. i mean...harry and ginny...did it a COUPLE OF TIMES? i'm giggling nervously, just thinking about it. oh, way to give a girl nightmares...!

oh, and taking you up on your offer of reviewing...could you review my story The Way Things Go ? J_O_I_Rowling, you know.

thanks, and goodluck with the story! i will favourite it as soon as i port this review. bye!

Author's Response: I'll be sure to visit soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by rosie_sirius93 No 'WooHoo' Till 'I Do'

15th January 2009:
Ahahahahaha. ok first off loved the title of the chapter it had me laughing before I even started reading. Pure genius. I loved the chapter as well, you are converting me to Dramione (is that how you spell it??!!) Loved how you had them so out of it, and the pumpkin juice is always good value! My favourite part was the girl talk with Ginny very funny!

you so didn't have to dedicate it to me I was just telling the truth, you write great stories!

Author's Response: Lol! Yes, Rosie, you spelled it correctly! It took me forever to come up with the title, and I got it from a necklace one of my friends has! Lol. I did have to dedicate it to you! You're the one who got me to do it!

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