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Review #1, by Harry_Potter123  surpirses galore

16th May 2009:
I thought the chapter was short, but all-in-all good chapter

Author's Response: really, you thought it was short? i mean, it was no war and peace, but it was kind of a nice little pick me up seeing as i haven't had the time to write as much

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Review #2, by sim smooth as sandpaper

16th May 2009:
this chapter is really short.

Author's Response: i know, sorry about that, the next couple will be longer

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Review #3, by Alice what just happend?

6th May 2009:
One thing: Try writing without all caps when people are screaming. It would be better if you just said, "No way!" screamed Rose. Also, really look out for your grammar and spelling mistakes. IM talk is not appealing to most readers. That's probably why you don't have many reviews. Good second chapter, though.

Author's Response: yeah i know about the spelling and grammer mistakes, i made the mistake of not writing the first couple of chapters on word first, then putting them on clipboard and correcting the mistakes, thanks for reviewing by the way, your feedback is very helpfull

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Review #4, by Alice smooth as sandpaper

6th May 2009:
I found this chapter a bit short, and you definitely just kind of... jumped into things. I would also recommend getting a beta, seeing as there are a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Smoothing these things out will make for a nicer read. Other than that though, you're doing a good job for your first fic.

Author's Response: yeah, the first 2 chapters were painfully short, shorter than i realized in fact. i didn't mean to jump into things as much as i did, but it was hard to find a place where it would make at least a little sense, i almost wrote an introduction, but whenever i tried to start, it ended up being longer than i intend the actual story to go on for, and i thought it would be rather annoying to have a ridiculously long intro for a fanfic thats only going to be like 7 chapters long.

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Review #5, by CharmingRenagade what just happend?

21st January 2009:
will it let me review my own book?

Author's Response: how about responding?esfkjwfboiebqpibqwpe

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