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Review #1, by bri_5_stars 

2nd October 2010:
Keep writing! I like where the story is going.

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Review #2, by Jessy 

16th July 2010:
This is a GREAT story I love it so far. Please proceed to finish it!

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Review #3, by Brooke 

20th June 2010:
Please update this.. PLEASE don't abandon.

Author's Response: I don't think I can continue this, I was rereading it earlier and the plot I had planned disgusts me, so...

And it was a bit too mushy.

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Review #4, by ScribbledTruth 

10th August 2009:
I am in love with this story. The description is amazing, the detail you put into it is really in depth and beautiful.

The traingle between Draco, Harry and Lily is coming more obvious with the increasing interaction between Draco and Lily though I do find myself liking the Draco interation a bit more ;)

I do hope you update soon because I look forward to reviewing.

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Review #5, by Alaina 

6th August 2009:
Hey, I really enjoy your story! Hope you come back and write soon! :)

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Review #6, by Lineria 

19th July 2009:
Well i really loved this chapter!can't wait for more.Please upload more plz

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Review #7, by hogwarts_witch Chapter 1: Welcome "Home"

21st May 2009:
"Death was inevitable, but mine wasn’t going to happen via choking on lemon-flavored particles." Haha, I couldn't help but laugh at that.
But, yeah, I love this story already! Definitely going on my favorites ;)

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Review #8, by jessicabbz 

26th April 2009:
i read all 10 chapters at 3 in the morning over here, whoaaa i've forgotten how amazing this story was! cannot wait for the next chapter :D

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Review #9, by MoonBuzzLeto Chapter 8: Undying Desire

19th March 2009:
I think you should write another chapter from Draco's POV (or at least part).. also my dear, your an awful tease with a title like that) I do like envisioning Draco as a Schizophernic.. wait till I tell Tom that. he'sll get a huge laugh out of that one

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Review #10, by MoonBuzzLeto Chapter 1: Welcome "Home"

19th March 2009:
It's your attention to little details that make this story so exquiste

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Review #11, by MoonBuzzLeto Prologue

19th March 2009:
That was probably the most well written thing I've read on this site. I think yu really understand the character you are portraying and great use of adjectives!

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Review #12, by shari_harry 

10th March 2009:
Awesome Story. You're flow of writing is really cool! I can't wait to hear more.

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Review #13, by Lorna 

10th March 2009:
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I give you a multitude of smilies and an urgent request to keep writing. Fast!

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Review #14, by Aubreyanna Chapter 4: An Unfortunate Occurence

8th March 2009:
I love the story... But honestly it's becoming a bit unrealistic. Why would Lily be so malicious as to pretend to be Harry's friend. And it's very very very very very hard to believe that if Lily goes to Hogwarts that she would have no idea who Draco Malfoy is... There's a reason why he's in every book... You need to watch how knowledgeable your characters are of the Harry Potter Universe because it's beginning to seem that she is sort of dense not to notice Draco Malfoy of all characters...

Author's Response: Hogwarts is a castle. Hogwarts is big. Harry and his mates know Draco Malfoy because Draco introduced himself in first year. At my school, every single day I see people that I have never before seen in my life.

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Review #15, by Rebirthing09 Chapter 1: Welcome "Home"

6th March 2009:
Love this chapter too! Lily has a wonderful sense of sarcasm that I can totally relate too!!! =]

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Review #16, by Rebirthing09 Prologue

6th March 2009:
I am so loving this and I have only read the prologue. I love how you got Draco's personality to be so precise. Love it!!!

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Review #17, by aimey Chapter 8: Undying Desire

2nd March 2009:
the suspense is killing me! i wanna know what draco was gonna say lol

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Review #18, by starrysoso88 Chapter 8: Undying Desire

1st March 2009:
I'm really enjoying this so far!

And I would pay ridiculous sums of money to see draco malfoy clog. Love it. Ten for ten.


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Review #19, by JJCBlackLB Chapter 7: Lucid Dreams

22nd February 2009:
i like your Draco. He's really cool!
cant wait till the next chapter :D

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Review #20, by endless_epolgies Chapter 7: Lucid Dreams

19th February 2009:
wowzers. i feel so bad for her mum going missing! im glad you had it that her mum did dissappear because i know its sometimes hard to make bad things happen to your characters!
i looove the way you describe draco it makes go all dazed when you do describe him.
i love your story so muchos!

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Review #21, by supernatural Prologue

17th February 2009:
its lovely however boring

Author's Response: aaah, but the trick is to read past the prologue =]

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Review #22, by PrettyatMidnight Chapter 7: Lucid Dreams

15th February 2009:
When are they going to get together, already??? I like Harry in all, but common, it's DRACO MALFOY! XD lol

I like this story a lot. This is my first time reading a stor where she can communicate with someone else in their dreams. Good job!

Anyway, I hope you UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! asap please!!!

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Review #23, by Dark_Angel123 Chapter 6: Pansy Parkinson

15th February 2009:
I really like your writing style, and can't wait for more!

The only thing that bothered me was that Harry seemed too free with Lily. I mean, I find it a bit weird that he would open up to someone he met over the summer and tell her all about Voldemort and his suspicion that Malfoy might be a Death Eater.

Yet, you have potential to be a great writer, and I like writing this story. You gave the pairings Draco/OC and I can't wait to see how he and Lily might pair up! :P

Keep updating!

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Review #24, by Mushii Massacre Chapter 4: An Unfortunate Occurence

2nd February 2009:
That is so sad!

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Review #25, by Mushii Massacre Chapter 3: A Lovely Evening

2nd February 2009:
the ending was super cute

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