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Review #1, by lilypotterfan123 The Potter/ Weasley Clan

8th April 2010:
Brilliant hurry up with the next chapter-this is aweome!

Author's Response: Next chapter is written it just needs beta'd and admited byt forum staff! Thanks for the great feedback! xx NN

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Review #2, by the girl who lived 13 years The Potter/ Weasley Clan

29th March 2009:
This story sounds like it is going to be really good!!!
Please update soon!! i'm looking forward to reading more!
just have to ask..who is rain's parents or r they just like harry's parents..not that famous or whatever??

Author's Response: Good question my friend!
Rain's father is a well known brromstick designer and he designed the 'Firebolt Ginevra' named after Ginny. But his mother is not anyone famous.

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Review #3, by flavia pulchra The Potter/ Weasley Clan

3rd March 2009:
really good
more please

Author's Response: I've not finished this one yet, i promise, i just have been focusing on my other fic at the moment.
I'll update when i write a bit more, i like doing long chapters.
Thanks for the review

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Review #4, by Emily The Potter/ Weasley Clan

11th January 2009:
This chapter is pretty good, confusing, but good. But maybe in the chapters upcoming, it will be even better. I think that if your starting out with writing, small mysteries like this one, are great. Because you never really want to dive right into the cool water, you just sort of want to ease in...

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice! bI definately took it on board as I wrote other chapters.

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