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Reading Reviews for Romantic movie
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Review #1, by Hermione_Malfoy_ Chick Flick

21st June 2009:
Tehe, chick flick... I liked it:) Well, I mean the story not the movie... The Notebook... ewww. Im a girl thats anti-chickflick, I likes me some crap blowin up! Any who, the only critique I have is that at the end you said evaporated instead of apparated.

Author's Response: i wasn't sure of how to spell it. thank you once i finish time travel i'm editing all my stories. thank you for the review.
Lily Times

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Review #2, by TWILIGHTER_101 Chick Flick

24th January 2009:
I like this story!! Guys need to reliaze "Chick Flicks" are not that bad! I loved that Draco started to cry. Waz the movie that they watched called The Notebook? It has a lot of similarities(sp)! Once again great story!!! : ]

Author's Response: Yes it was it's an awesome movie i saw it in the dvd cabinet abd decided to use that movie.thanks for your review.
Lily Times

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Review #3, by anonie Chick Flick

19th January 2009:
Guys at a chick flick movie. Total Classic! Draco was adorable though when he started crying and being the guy saying he's got something in his eyes. Nice job!

Author's Response: thanks.
lily times

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Review #4, by AussieAnatomy627 Chick Flick

17th January 2009:
It's very cute. The one thing is, you don't evaporate people, you apparate them. Great job!

Author's Response: THank you i wasn't sure how it write apparate.
Lily Times

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Review #5, by AlexavieraJRaven Chick Flick

16th January 2009:
Awww so sweet.Beautifully written and i like that he cried at the end.

Touching very touching indeed.



Author's Response: Thanks for the review i was going for the whole tough guys do cry in chick flicks.
Lily Times

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Review #6, by someone___1 Chick Flick

16th January 2009:
this was good! you didnt have any commas, and that bugged me, but it was still cute! cute, cute, cute... :)

Author's Response: thanks for your review. i tend to post my stories after only reading it once.sorry about that
Lily Times

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